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  1. Great! I was looking for loot, that i didn't find because of the new update... But then i entered in a room, being followed by a zombie, which broke my legs somehow, I pulled my axe, but because of the server lag, the zombie killed me somehow. So okay, not a big deal, ill just run back there... But then i respawn, and i respawn in a rock.... Like literally in a rock. (Probably because of the new update) So i had to wait like 40-45 minutes to die of starvation, but still it was so annoying. I hope it doesn't happen to you guys. Good luck surviving!
  2. sbsuper5

    Tamaster's thread of making stuff for standalone - #cantwait

    That would be awesome if the Dev's could add that into the game Howell, definitely cool!
  3. sbsuper5

    Jeoffery's Kingdom idea.

    It could be nice on some ways, but it really depends on how the roleplay is going to be and what the kingdom is going to do.
  4. sbsuper5

    Upcoming items - .54-.55

    I am really hyped for the land mine and the bear trap, because they could be a big advantage for pvp and "base building." I don't know when the truck is going to be released, but it also looks really good. I know that the new items in Dayz are going to be really cool! Good job Dev-Team!
  5. I have been to the island a lot lately, and it's fun. Yes, of course there is a lot of loot that attracts players. But hey, don't you want to go there and experience some sick and fun adventures. I certainly do. But you guys should go over there and check it out for yourselves. Have fun!
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