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  1. FireMatt

    Scotland is pretty!

    Wait, you found the pretty parts of Scotland? Shit, we need to step up our game of keeping it all looking terrible and covered with rubbish. Oh, and make sure you watch out for the wild Haggis'. They can be really rowdy around the end of Winter time.
  2. FireMatt

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    Rude. Only messing please don't kill me also check skype Telling me they still haven't been implemented yet?! smh, it's disgraceful! On Exile though, I'd be pretty hyped to try it out. I've only played on Altis with Exile and that was with a few mil-sim friends, so I'd be real interested to see an RP avenue for it. (Also tell me there's not just base ArmA male models. Gonna be real annoyed if there's no female option)
  3. backpack looks ok, I just wish we could have an option to hide the backpacks on the player model (I just hate having to see a big backpack on my character) Guns look pretty nice, shame I'll never be using the FAL. Glock is a possibility though I suppose.
  4. FireMatt


    With the recent track record of DayZ? Oh this is going to flawless and perfect in every way.
  5. FireMatt

    New staff recruitment system

    The temptation is so strong :troll:
  6. But we played Scottish characters? I fail to see how its irrelevant? Meh only Scots can do Scots properly to much built up anger from hundreds of years. I can confirm this as a Scotsman.
  7. FireMatt


  8. Nice to see the warm welcome back, glad there's still a bunch of people I recognise around the place. Suppose I'll have to see what the game's like nowadays though
  9. Certainly been a while since posting something on here. Been a while since I've even been on. Guess it's time to see what's new and who's here now. Also,
  10. That's what happens whenever I log in man. The server wants to emulate Scottish life as closely as possible :3
  11. Who the fuck are you? :troll: 5/10 for pure unbiased review
  12. God no. Nobody likes dying, nobody likes getting timed out from something they enjoy playing. Hell, I haven't died since I started playing regularly and I am the least PvP oriented person anyone will ever meet, and I still think it's a terrible idea. If I did die because I was being held hostage and some idiot was being trigger happy, I would be even more pissed that I would have to wait before I could play again. This was discussed in the mod, and it was shot down immediately. I really don't see the difference here.
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