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  1. Hinrich was raised in a poor family with dozens of siblings. His father worked continuously and his mother worked in a nearby school for children. His older siblings taught him more about life and how to fend for yourself more than anything. One year his family had a bountiful harvest on their farm and decided to take a vacation. His parents both agreed on the beautiful country side of Chenarus. Upon arriving there were heavy checkpoints filled with armed guards and they were forced through and weren't allowed to be let out of the region. The hotel in Chernogorsk they were staying at was the first spot hit the heaviest with infected seeing as how many people stayed in Chernogorsk. His siblings were slain right off the back and his sister sacrificed herself so he could make it out alive. Hinrich or "Hanz" as his friends called him now roams the countryside seeking vengeance on any and everyone.
  2. Bartholomeo was a lone man. He lived in the mountains of Tennessee in the states. He was an only child and his father passed away while he was a young boy due to a car accident. He was only left with his mother. After that day, the day he lost his father, he vowed to help people as much as he could and would do anything. Thus, Barthy became a paramedic. He studied long and hard and endured all of his tests and passed them all with flying colors. Since Bartholomeo was infatuated with the news and knew who needed help where, he began noticed the broadcasts on television. Seeing the gruesome fighting between Russians and Chernarussian forces, he told his mother he was needed elsewhere and set his sights on Chernaurus. He hitched a ride on a passenger plane to Turkey, once he arrived he mad his way to Trabzone. From there he hitched a ride on a shrimp boat to Novograd. While it wasn't legal, he slipped a couple dollars into the Captains pocket to insure he would make it in one piece. A couple days had passed, he began helping a nearby hospital when an EMT unit never returned. That's when decided he needed to partake in EMT runs considering that was what he trained for. On his first run, a run to Sevrograd, it was a man that was emitting a clear liquid from a head injury and was covered in rashes which also secreted this mysterious fluid. Upon arrival, the victim seemed to be in a state of unconsciousness. He had a pulse but he wasn't responsive at all. Barthy loaded him onto the gurney and shoved him into the back of the ambulance. He gave his best regards to the family insuring that he would come out in good health and they set off back towards the hospital. Halfway back to the Hospital the man began moving sporadically thrashing and growling, he broke from the gurney restraints and lunged at Barthy making him fall into the front seats of the ambulance. This startled the driver and they swerved off the road tumbling multiple times. The blow from the wreck killed both the driver and the rabid man. Bartholomeo severely injured, used the last of his strength to hobble to a coast town that was barely hundred meters away. There a nice younger lady clean early twenties discovered and brought him back to a farmhouse that was owned by her family. She nursed him back to health. The next day, he was suddenly awoke by clashing and clanging downstairs. When he descended the stairs he discovered blood coating the walls and the generous lady that helped him laid on the floor tore apart by what seemed to be wolf. He heard footsteps coming from the kitchen and the door swung open to reveal an older man showing the same symptoms of the rabid man the ambulance. Barthy dashed out of the house into the woods. Little did he know situation he just encountered was bound to get a lot worse.
  3. That is not a really bad idea with the mud from creeks
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