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  1. Andreas Rosenquist is from the southern reaches of Sweden. His mother died when he was eight or nine years old, as did who would have been his younger brother. His life was fairly uneventful. He went to an IT course in high school, but bailed and started working early in an electronics retailer, where he slowly got promoted to the store manager's assistant. He won a company raffle and an escape from his 9-to-5/behind the counter job by way of an all expenses paid trip and two weeks of paid leave from his work. Because of a historic interest, he decided Chernarus would be a prime location. Lot of fancy castle ruins to explore and remnants of the civil war and the like. He met up with a large group of Scandinavian tourists in Malmö, travelling to Chernarus by bus, just a few days before all hell broke loose. He rarely sat still, and when not on a planned tour he'd be hiking about on his own or with acquiantances amongst the other tourists.
  2. Dicey

    LoreMaster Progress Thread

    I don't think that's the point. The concerning message here to me is that your community is undergoing a large change, and one of the changes that will see the biggest impact on the players here, you haven't even glossed over from what I understand. Instead you say out of nowhere that if you don't like it, you'll scrap it. Essentially, what might happen is the LMs have wasted time and effort, that could have been prevented if you had spent a few moments a day being part of the process, following it along and correcting mistakes as they happen, something that doesn't sound terribly out of place for the founder of the community to do. Now, I trust the messages above that this is probably an extreme assumption, and that it is very unlikely that it will be scrapped, but my concern comes from that you've allowed this to be a possibility in the first place. It shows a certain carelessness, I think. It may sound harsh, but it's with the intention to expose a possible problem that it may be prevented in the future. I apologize if I have offended anyone.
  3. Dicey

    Make DayZRP great again

    On points 1, 6, 7, I have no strong opinion. On points 2, 4, 5, 8, I agree. On point 3 I disagree. I very much do not like the idea of having my hand forced into a group, be it player made or a lore one or what have you. Just feels like I'd be getting myself shoehorned into a box. Sure, I can pick which cardboard box suits me, but then that isn't really much of a choice, is it? What happens if I feel like my character doesn't fit in anywhere? Do I not play? That doesn't seem right to me.
  4. My character was briefly part of a group that fished on the coast and provided this fish for trade, but also for free if someone was hungry and didn't have anything to give for it. So I enjoy the concept. Best of luck!
  5. I remember you. Weren't you a Fangs person back in the days of Solace?
  6. John, Sebastian, Abraham. A+ RP. Glad to have run into someone who may even have done business with the Roamers in the past. You proved to Thomas and Mark that their search hasn't been entirily pointless! So they're enthusiastic about continuing further investigation.
  7. So now we've been playing for almost 4 hours. During this whole time I have been avoiding anything that could remotely make me sick, the sick status has not been showing, but I still get the red "I feel a rumble in my bowels" messages and my hydration is still draining faster than normal. It's still draining so fast that if I keep drinking to maintain bright green, I end up getting stuffed and puking. It takes a while, but always happens, without fail. Well, we ran into a few friendlies who offered me antibiotics, so I took one. 45-60 minutes later of no puking, and maintaining bright green hydrated, and I still seem to be sick. I wonder if I've just managed to glitch my character to be permanently sick or something.
  8. I was recording at the time, so I'm going to go ahead and review the footage. I thought it wouldn't be Cholera, but some sort of blood poisoning. Back in the mod, zombies could give you Sepsis, which is the medical term for blood poisoning, and as far as I know, zombies can do it today in SA too. By the time I managed to get into a building I had taken a good 10-15 hits, and colour was starting to drain. The last hit got me bleeding as well. I bandaged with worn rags. The next time I opened my inventory I was still not sick. Eventually FreyZ came up to me and I started eating cooked chicken, and drank my water bottle. I honestly can't remember where the bottle was filled, so might be pond? Either way, I leave the building, and start looting with FreyZ, still not sick. A grand total of 4 minutes after I drank the water, I'm checking something in the front seat of a car, and I'm not sick. Two seconds later I'm checking the drybag in the trunk and THEN I'm sick. Is it normal to not get sick immediately after drinking dirty water?
  9. Has anyone figured out how to beat sickness in this patch? First @FreyZ caught it from wolves, and even though he was trying to maintain statuses (He couldn't quite keep bright green energized) he ended up going from "Everything seems fine" to "I passed out" to "I am dead" in the space of a few minutes. @EddieTheBurr then had it as well, from wolves I think, and he died as well. Now I, in my infinite genius, decided it was because they just didn't really pay attention- I think being red sick drains your blood, and then your health, at a rate that is faster than dark green regen, but slower than bright green regen. That coupled with that you can go from bright green hydrated to dehydration in the space of 10-15 minutes, I think red sick is a very lethal killer, if you're not paying attention. I think if you're sick, you'd stay home and rest, and that's what I'm doing now that I also caught it from the wolves. I'm still fine, so far, but I'm noticing a lot of stupid stuff. For example, I need to take a swig from a bottle every 45-60 seconds to maintain bright green hydrated. This means I am tethered to a nearby pump if I'm not healthy. Also, even when all I do is drink water, the stuffed status takes longer to get better than hydration runs out, so no matter how I deal with it, I end up drinking until I puke. Now I've taken to carry a gas can filled with water, and now I might be able to travel again- But I don't want to risk it. As Murphy's Law would have it, this happened out in the middle of nowhere, so there's not really any RP to be found either. The road to recovery is a boring one.
  10. Dimitri (Spelling?), Jessica, Delano. Outstanding bloody RP. I'm glad @EddieTheBurr was less skittish than I was and actually convinced me to go up and say hi. To @EddieTheBurr and @FreyZ, thanks a lot for meeting up with me today! Lots of character development for Thomas happened this day.
  11. Ran into so many people today, so in no particular order.. My friend @EddieTheBurr, whom I have infected with the DayZRP bug. ilu <3 The Liberation Front? Met you guys up northwest. Was fun to be approached by so many people, and not be in for a robbing. As someone who tries to be realistically paranoid about anyone with a gun you guys have no idea how scared Thomas got with so many guns around him. Some Brady character (@Brady?) IC, you sketched Thomas out real bad. Like, to the point where I felt like if I didn't appease, shit would go down. I like your style! Sort of insane, but not unreasonable. I like how me and Burr got on the fly recruited to be extra guns for you. Tension abound. OOC, the RP was fun, and I'd like to have continued being friends, but sadly my pillow is calling my name, hence we snuck off under the cover of looking for that other guy that disappeared. Sorry!
  12. I wouldn't say punish those who use it- The server has it on, and that's the end of it. Your only option would be first person only servers- Which as many others have said have been tried already, which is a shame. I'd argue most of the defenses people make for third person in most games are bs (Even in this thread (Dyslexic's video on first person in Arma 3 is good,)) but things like "I like seeing my character" I can't really say anything against. That's fair enough, and I respect personal opinions. Personally opening the inventory is enough of my character's ugly mug, but to each their own, you know? On the other side of the coin, a third person enabled server does not mean third person mandatory. I keep myself to first person most of the time, because I feel like I get much more immersed then. There's nothing holding anyone else back from doing the same. Best of both worlds.
  13. Dicey

    Important security announcement!

    Heartbleed 2.0, anyone?
  14. Dicey

    Sanctuary [Active] [Recruiting]

    Enjoyed the RP today, thanks a lot.
  15. I was there as Thomas Wesker. You hear me ask if Freyz has a red backpack, to which he responds no and we conclude there's another person there. I was probably within 50 meters but not line of sight when it happened. I didn't actually hear the shot myself. I didn't confront the shooter, instead running the opposite direction, as I didn't remember I would have KOS rights.