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  1. Love You All

  2. Emil's stream

    Emil is my new best friend. Enjoy the streams lad.
  3. [GAME] How old is the person above you?

    Correct sir. + BeanZ
  4. The Heathens Media Thread

    Bruh, simon has seen some shit. Nice screenies here lads, keep em coming!
  5. social experiment for S2 - ideas thoughts?

    When there were 3 servers, the third server was made public and PvP was allowed. It reached a population of 7 people, like Elmo said, a nice idea on paper but It won't take off.
  6. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the community lad.
  7. lack of general humor within the community.

    I've been here for nearly 2 years and I've personally noticed the decline in both humor OOC and RP in-game which is increasing for me at least. Yes, I'm a no one and my word isn't going to change a thing but people need to lighten up, It's the internet, not a physical object that will fly out of your monitor. Sure, dark jokes can be pretty fucked up but it's a joke nevertheless, again nothing will change no matter what I say but "All good things must come to an end" and that includes this community. I love this community, I really do, but you know that the words I speak are true.
  8. Hellraisers MC - Media Thread

    Media from Hellraisers MC shall be posted here
  9. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    I'm hyped for this and will probably get Tanoa just for this, but my question is. What about the people who can't buy it? Surely this would result in a lower population for the server, it has great features I agree but not everyone can participate.
  10. Beyond .62 patch. Beta?

    Constant hotfixes recently, bringing us closer to 0.62, just can't wait for the new animations to be honest!
  11. The Lore Wipe

    I'm so hyped for this!
  12. New Survivor

    Welcome lad, always nice to see a new face!
  13. Group name help

    Cheers for the feedback, we're working hard as I type this and hopefully this takes off as much as the pagans did
  14. Hi once again

    Welcome back, my lad.