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  1. Hey all, so I've recently had an urge to RP again and so It's kind of like re-discovering DayZ all over again. New mechanics, additions etc. and I've run into a common issue, is it just me? I'll start off normal and as I'm going about my regular looting spree, I'll top up on food and water etc. as I go but when it comes to needing more food, it never shows? Every building I check, every piece of clothing I check -- Not a scrap of food and has been the cause of my death the past 3 times over. It sucks and is rather de-motivating as I can't even get to RP since I starve to death constantly.
  2. +1 It's client side tweakable. If you don't want the Headbob or Motion Blur, turn it off. At least the option is there for those who want it.
  3. You're in a good community. Any questions or help will be answered and with a timely manner! PC can be daunting as it's a whole different ball game when compared to Console but you'll get it soon enough. Check out the Discord as there is a help channel there, you'll typically get quicker responses but if you don't mind the wait, hop over to the help section here on the forums. Good luck on your whitelist, and welcome!
  4. Did not expect to run into Chedaki, not in the slightest but loved it none the less. Glad to be back. @Jackfishand Co. @Mysterion RP is top notch, not sure how new you are to RP in general but colour me impressed
  5. I was never really a fan of people running round calling people the N/R/F/A/B/C/D/E word and I'm glad to see homophobia, racism etc. gone but extreme violence? That part will need a little clarifying, torture RP can really mould a characters future and hell, GTARP allow it so why not us? (That's if TortureRP is getting the yeetus deletus). I'm currently playing a cannibal so I hope this won't affect my RP personally.
  6. Hey there, welcome! Get the rules down pat and you'll be fine!
  7. -1 Won't fill up, be a waste of a monthly/weekly fee.
  8. I felt this awhile ago which is what made me do a Cannibal character for the first time. He's just a regular chap to any normal person but as you spend more time with him -- You notice something is off. That's how Cannibal RP should be.
  9. -1 Will get shoved to the back as neglected mod that we took the time to add. Supposed to be an apocalyptic wasteland, not gangbangers trying to make a pretty penny.
  10. Feels weird seeing the word "Dosser" as it means a lazy person in English slang. Either way, good luck!
  11. Welcome! 10 hours base game time is to ensure you understand the fundamentals of DayZ and such. Shouldn't take long at all! Welcome!
  12. So you've been taking all the good to trade shit, you're the gremlin
  13. To preface the post, this is about the Namalsk map. 2 points; I remember a post that mentioned that Namalsk had an abundance of guns or just weapons in general and needed to be toned down. On my 15-ish hours (?) on Namalsk, I've come across an SKS and a Golden Deagle -- That's it. This is after I've searched 15 military-esque buildings. Secondly, I've encountered 1 person since playing on the map. Is this just me? This has been at a time where 30-40 players are online. Am I doing something wrong? Thank
  14. When I first joined the community, it was something new and fresh but now I've grown up and played it for 2000 + hours, I find myself with not a lot of time and well, the RP going stale too. This community has been going since 2012 after all. Same groups that have been done 1000 times too. It's either NATO, racists, gang members, cannibals or campfire peeps.
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