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  1. CrescentGent

    Off amnesty benefits

    I like the case to case basis, I know what I did and I'm suffering consequences and I deserve to. Even though I don't use the status updates, other people who are/were on amnesty do.
  2. CrescentGent

    Odd people

    I'd suggest recording / streaming it, windows 10 has a recording system installed providing you haven't disabled it, I believe it's Windows key + G? I can't remember, otherwise it'd be difficult to make a report, just gotta pray that you get it recorded. As it's mentioned above, it doesn't seem to occur all that often tbh, at least for me.
  3. CrescentGent

    The mind of a Schizophrenic on paper.

    Today has been what I'd call a tame day, I hope for more of these as they make a change from the usual. I did my usual town runs, gathering primarily food but some odd tools here and there, nothing too out of the ordinary. I'd check my radio every now and again, always tuned into the frequency that Constance had given me, just hoping that I'd hear her voice come through -- Unknowingly verifying she was okay. While I was looking for basic medication, I ran into a gentleman named John, he grabbed my attention from a distance rather than making me shit myself, I appreciated that -- It's the small things. He's a fellow Brit which is the immediate thing we had in common, I wonder if he'll be around to stay or another temporary friend. A little later, I finally heard Constance's voice over the radio, my mind became settled and we had a back and forth, we met up and I introduced her to my new travel companion, they seem to get along well, only time will tell. A lot happened after that but the more memorable moment was how this asshole made assumptions -- I haven't taken another life in a long time, granted the first time was an accident, but I hated that he did that to her -- Prick. It surprised me a little that she said she wasn't happy, but another part of me already knew. She finds the best in people and puts on a smile for those around her, but I can see right through the guise.
  4. CrescentGent

    Suggestion : Remove kuru?

    Kuru within itself is incredibly rare, even in places where cannibalism is fairly common such as Papa New Guinea. The laugh doesn't affect me personally but if it does get removed, keep the tremors and shakes in as this is one of many symptoms of cannibalism but is subtle enough as to where people would have to pay attention to see you shaking or jerk.
  5. CrescentGent

    Dredgens [Open Recruitment]

    Good Lu-- Wait. Let's get it!
  6. CrescentGent

    More Ambient Sounds?

    Hello there! I've been thinking about the sounds IG, typically at night and it seems eerily quiet despite the occasional sound of garbage can hitting the ground and sometimes crickets. I was wondering if it'd be possible and if it's voted for in the majority, to add more ambient sounds. One of the more notable and more favorable types of sounds is that of what used to be in the mod on the map of Namalsk. Every now and again, alongside the sound of rough wind, you'd hear a scream in the distance (For those who haven't experienced Namalsk).
  7. CrescentGent

    Ammo and optics for M1 SOCOM?

    This ^ Judging by the latest Experimental patch, they've only just re-added it to the loot table, I could be wrong.
  8. CrescentGent

    CrescentGent Media Thread!

  9. CrescentGent

    The mind of a Schizophrenic on paper.

    We have always lived in a world of judgement and hate, it's impossible to make everyone happy, mankind will always find something to hate as it's something we do best. We judge those below us and those above us for some reason or another, someone is better than someone else -- Whether it be for the race you were born as, the religion in which you choose to follow, mental illness you were hindered with, hell even the clothes on your back and the money you earn. People hear what I have or even witness it first hand in some cases and they turn the other cheek, not wanting anything to do with me because of something beyond my control. As stupid as this is, I haven't quite lost faith in humanity, despite all of hatred that mankind has demonstrated -- I still believe that there are people out there that I would consider special, superhuman even. Since my emergence from the woods, I've often found myself afraid to socialize with others, once again worried that people would judge me for being "insane" or calling me a "psycho" despite not knowing me in full, people are quick to judge. "Why don't you conceal what you have" -- Sooner or later, they'll know what I have, I'd much rather be honest and upfront and if they don't like it, they can take the high road. A day or two goes by and I finally gain the courage to enter a town that goes by the name of Stary Sobor as I'm later told, I do my usual checking of buildings for supplies and as I head out, I hear gunfire. I typically ignore it but this time felt different and as I turn around I notice a girl stood atop a vehicle, fending off the infected and me being curious, I investigate. Nerves kick in as I get closer but I finally opened my mouth and began a conversation with who I assumed was another person to judge me but I was wrong, I got to know her and felt comfortable after awhile, she understood who I was and what I go through on an almost daily occurrence without the proper medication. She was one of those super humans I mentioned, she takes me through it in "baby steps" as she calls it -- It doesn't fix it, but I haven't felt this good in a long time and I'm thankful for that.
  10. CrescentGent

    Is Lara Croft done for?

    Welp, in that case, an instant 2/10 on Rotten Tomatoes.
  11. CrescentGent

    What do you listen to ?

  12. CrescentGent

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    4/10 Seen on the forums every now and again.
  13. CrescentGent

    Is Lara Croft done for?

    If she doesn't give an ounce of a mention to "Swiper, no swiping" -- I'll leave the theater enraged.
  14. CrescentGent

    Dayz Name change

    When connecting to the DayZRP server, use the DayZ Launcher. Under Parameters, enable the name box and enter the name as you see fit! As so : Edit : The reason why your time wasn't logged is because the name you had in game didn't match what you had on your character page.
  15. CrescentGent

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Congrats lads! Best of luck
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