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  1. CrescentGent

    From Germany with love

    Hey there, welcome!
  2. CrescentGent

    Development Blog #3 - CHRISTMAS!

    So much more variety, praise the devs.
  3. CrescentGent

    Coming Back!

    Welcome back, I think the name rings a bell?
  4. CrescentGent

    Hello roleplayers!

    Hello there
  5. CrescentGent

    Add Back the Long Range Scope for the Mosin

    Voted no, Unless they also add in a scope rail for it, doesn't make sense as to where it's mounted.
  6. CrescentGent

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    Bro, I'm crying. 90 BeanZ.
  7. CrescentGent

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    Always worth a trial run, at least. Agreed +1.
  8. CrescentGent


    Ayy, welcome!
  9. CrescentGent

    [Open Freq]: Anyone copy?

    ** Nikolai takes shelter from the rain and grabs the radio from his backpack. He holds down the PTT, a Chernarussian accent can be heard ** " Don't bother with settlements, stick to yourself. That way, only you can get yourself killed, ano? Live off the land with livestock, eat edible tree bark, boil your own water. If you are insistent on being betrayed, killed or worse, Chernogorsk and Grish. Good luck, I guess ... " ** He releases the PTT and cracks open a can of beans **
  10. CrescentGent

    New Features/changes you'd like to see in the mod

    Would love to see something like this, an actual strap that clips onto the weapon and allows you to holster it. Right now, it just sort of sticks to your back whereas with this, it'll make sense RP wise and mechanically of course.
  11. CrescentGent

    Base Building is the biggest waste of time yet.

    I mean, we've gone 5 years without base-building. I can wait until the flaws are ironed out.
  12. CrescentGent

    Hi, Hello All Members

  13. CrescentGent


    That's a lot of RP experience, welcome!
  14. CrescentGent

    A Call For Help [Open]

    ** Nikolai reaches for his radio and holds down the PTT, a Chernarussian accent can be heard ** " Want survival advice? Stick to yourself, don't trust anyone but yourself and you'll be fine, couple of libraries in most towns, ano? That should get you acquainted with the country you're currently residing in, I wouldn't bother with road signs though, head out to the middle of nowhere and set up a camp. Foreigners haven't been giving me the best impression lately but good luck nonetheless .. Sorry for your loss. Final tip .. Always save 1 bullet for yourself, dobroh nots " ** He releases the PTT and sets the radio down at the bottom of his pack **
  15. CrescentGent

    New here looking for team!

    Damn, 200 hours? Makes me rethink my life choices. Welcome!