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  1. CrescentGent

    DayZRP Mod Update May-June 2019

    Big pog, loving the update!
  2. Errr, this thread is male toxicity. Jk, boys rule, girls drool. I can be a good door guard to make sure no girls get in.
  • CrescentGent

    Human Meat

    Darn, alrighty. Thank ye. I fuckin love you dude, lmao
  • CrescentGent

    Human Meat

    Real quick question : Is there any other way of obtaining human meat other than skinning a human corpse, or is that the only source? I wish to obtain the laugh.
  • CrescentGent

    Loud pop followed by burning smell from PC

    You best hope that your PSU had anti-surge lad, or whatever your PSU connects to may have gone bye bye too.
  • CrescentGent

    Expand night time.

    Pls no, night time is stupid dark, even with flashlights etc.
  • CrescentGent

    Stan, are you still out there?

    .::: Morgan would grab his radio from his backpack, turning on his gas lamp and holds down the PTT :::. " H-Hello? I am looking for a person who g-goes by the name "Stan", If you hear this, I wanted to let you know that I am still around. I hope you're doing well, I spent some time alone wi-with freeman, the teddybear you gave me to -- cope, ya kn -- " * A loud, repetitive banging can be heard on a door in the background. A thud is also heard as his radio fell from his hand, he can be heard mumbling to himself before it cuts to static * .::: End of Transmission :::.
  • CrescentGent

    The Time.

    Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Love it, good luck with this!
  • CrescentGent

    Dual Monitor Question

    I'll let ya know, quick ass response too. Love ya It's not detecting it at all when I click "Detect Displays" - Gives me no extend display option
  • CrescentGent

    Dual Monitor Question

    Lookin at em right now, appreciate it!
  • CrescentGent

    Dual Monitor Question

    I run with an RX470, it has 1 HDMI 2.0 and 3 HDMI 3.0's, do you know if I can just connect the HDMI straight to the motherboard or does it have to be via the GPU?
  • CrescentGent

    Dual Monitor Question

    Right, here we go. I have been using a lil 24 inch TV as a monitor for awhile, does me exactly what I need and I don't plan to change out of it until I get some money in. I dug up an old monitor, an Acer X203H which as a quick Google search will tell you, only takes VGA input. My lil TV takes HDMI but only has 1 HDMI port on the back. My question is, is there a way of going dual monitors with one monitor only supporting HDMI and the other supporting only a VGA. I've tried it but no image on the VGA supported monitor. Pls send halp. P.S. Never had dual monitors, I'm new to the scene, don't judge. Kthx.
  • CrescentGent

    A Banger of a Laptop

    Laptops are ancient devices, I kid. MSI and Dell are typically a good brand for gaming, obviously a PC is a better bet, I'm sure you have your reasons. https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Inspiron-15-Quad-Core-Thunderbolt/dp/B0794BZJDJ/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1546892445&sr=1-8&keywords=laptop+gtx+1060&linkCode=sl1&tag=chipstore-20&linkId=a8f7365d8442bbc95864755252ab587d Compact 1060, came out not too long ago. Can't go wrong with an i5 and 8GB for your multitasking needs.
  • CrescentGent

    DayZ Update Thread

    I am dumb ass excited for that belt shit +30 to my RP.
  • CrescentGent

    Real life picture Thread

    I physically felt this caption. +1 for suffering, you handsome chap, you.
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