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  1. BearRP

    Squad weapons.

    People can barely be trusted with bear traps and nades already in-game. Doesn't really make sense to have that level of military weaponry IG, given that we're 2 years + into it. -1 chief.
  2. BearRP


    Was just curious as to if there will be any plans on DayZRP as a community being involved in the soon to be "RedM", allowing players to RP in the wild wild west (For those unaware). This question is more aimed toward @Roland I know we didn't have a GTA:RP server, but thought I'd ask anyway!
  3. BearRP

    Weapon spawning mechanics change

    Make it Min:0 max:0.25. Make people have to collect parts to build the full thing
  4. BearRP


  5. BearRP

    Im back

    Welcome Dadd-- *cough* Diamond, nice to see you again chap.
  6. BearRP

    Interview With A Community Member: Mademoiselle

    Love it, Miss Hope with a brilliant insight.
  7. BearRP

    Server performance issues

    RIP all the Gear RPers, waiting for the "Increase item spawns back to how they used to be, I can't find anything" posts. For real, this is for the betterment of server performance as well as making it harder to survive in a world that should be hard to do so. GG rolle
  8. BearRP


    What I wouldn't do to go back to 2015.
  9. BearRP

    Remembrance Day 2019

    "Lest we forget" Sup lads, for those that aren't aware of how we do things in the UK, we have a day to remember soldiers etc. that served in all previous and ongoing wars, mainly dedicated to those who gave their today to give us our tomorrow but it also thanks the current force for their service. The origin behind the poppy was that a field of poppies would sprout above the ground in which soldiers had died, thus we remember them by wearing some form of poppy appeal (Badge, Lapel Pin etc.) Usually a pretty big deal in the UK around my area anyway, with a military march through my hometown, followed by speeches and prayers for the fallen as well as a two minutes silence as a sign of respect. Let me know what you think either from a British boy's perspective, do you celebrate it? And more importantly, what do the outsiders think of one of the biggest traditions that we celebrate annually. More info: Song(s):
  10. BearRP

    Veteran members appriciation thread

  11. BearRP

    Izak Dvorak (Hello...?)

    ...::: Radio would burst into life :::... " Don't be stupid, Japan got nuked numerous times, does that mean that it's no longer Japan? Idiot. As for Chernarussians, they're around, just need to be lucky. For some reason there are more wannabe soldiers than ever, it's a shock any of 'em are still alive. Good luck friend " ...::: Radio would fall into silence :::..
  12. BearRP

    DayZRP Story Time: Fae's Pet

    I thought you had that commissioned, you did that yourself? Genuinely impressed. Need more mate, do you do commissions? since we're on the topic
  13. BearRP

    DayZRP Story Time: Fae's Pet

    @Kordruga really drawing me in, acting is top notch.
  14. Daletski was always considered quirky growing up, as labelled by his older siblings. He only had his mother as a mentor and she was the one to teach him the difference between right and wrong having had his father walk out at an age that he can't quite remember meaning that when Daletski reached the point of adult, he would become the breadmaker for the family. All pressure hit him all at once the moment he turned 18, his mother would constantly inquire about whether he landed a job or not which slowly pushed Daletski away. He thought the military would be a good idea, there was soon to be a war between Chernarus and Russia which meant that they needed soldiers, right? Wrong, after inquiring, he was met with no response only to be left wondering. After months of searching, he had finally landed a small time office job, it wasn't much but it put food on the table. Finally making his mother proud. Less than a decade later, he's left with himself and his thoughts, he had a couple relationships but nothing that stuck or was worthwhile. His mother had passed away from unfortunate heart complications and in order to take his mind off of it, he thought that it'd be a good idea to head to Chernarus to further his education and gain some knowledge about the Civil War that had passed. He was sure it was safe since a long time had passed, perhaps they got over the war? During his study time, he was met with ridicule because of his Nationality, being called a murderer, the devil, everything you could think of. It began to chip away at Daletski but it was understandable, Russia invaded and killed more than enough people to send a message. Sirens would echo in his sleep, the TV static would grow louder and the same scene replayin in his head, almost on a loop. When he'd finally snap back into reality, he would be staring at a fire, the sound of cicadas covered any silence left, empty cans would litter the ground he sat on as the firewood crackles. Morning was upon him.
  15. BearRP

    Greetings Everyone!

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