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  1. Jamie grew up in south west England in a small town just outside Plymouth. He had a very normal up bringing. He enjoyed going to a shooting range and hunting with his farther. When Jamie left school he studied at Bristol university in film. He found steady work filming for ITV news. In 2017 he was asked to travel to the Cyprus to help cover the story of the RAF involvement of bombing Isis positions in Syria. After 3 weeks, it was time to fly home. Sarah, the reported covering the stories had seen footage of a Russian Helicopter landing in a base in Northern Chernarus. After reading the comments of the video Sarah read some strange accounts. She thought this could be her big brake. He managed to convince Jamie to pack up his camera and come along for the ride. Instead of getting on that flight home, the boarded a boat headed for Turkey, Then onto a coach to travel north and a Final boat heading for Chernarus.