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  1. Whip

    Blackwake Thread

    Finally i won't have to play this by myself anymore . It's kinda sucked playing in the alpha and beta with nobody i know having the game Catch me on the port side calling out broadsides ya dig?
  2. Whip

    Dusty's dank Avatars/GIF avatars/Signatures thread [Open for requests]

    *He would hold up a gun* "This is a nice place you got here" *He would knock shit off the tables and walls * "You stay out of the business of Gif avatars , Or else "
  3. Whip

    Desolation Redux direction poll

    Tanoa isn't the only map available on full launch. Its just the best map for us at launch. Trust me I'd Rather start on lingor. its a more open map with more enterable buildings. Redux will launch for chernarus, altis , and Tanoa. and the tools to make it available with other maps. As for preparing another map , you'd have to set spawn locations , and what not . I assume that it won't be too terrible , but something that will take time. Plus we don't have a set dev for it so that's an issue to begin with.
  4. Whip

    Desolation Redux direction poll

    Ill play either way But Here's my personal opinion based on the last version. We need a good lore from the start for people to base their characters and groups off. I suggest using the base horizon Islands lore that is already written, Maybe adjust it slightly and add in the whole infection bit . Start it a week into the infection and let it go. I voted for light rp , and there's a reason for that . The last round was light rp , and it was awesome. I was part of a Huge group and we made it our point to help and RP with everyone. Even taking the time to create a beautiful compound and process survivors. Other people made groups to oppose us , Starting light skirmishes and the open wars. That's when people starting the whole "Is this Bad RP" thread business because they were upset that they couldn't steal vehicles when we were ofline. It sparked a huge salt war and everyone got pissy because the rules kept getting interpreted in different ways and eventually killed all the mood to play. Both groups were at fault and instead of talking things out and actually Working together, it turned into "---- Pokes you""Nice Rule breaks, see you on the forums" and "Fuck you , the rules are plain as day Report us then" until my group decided it was a chore to play and left the server , in effect taking 30 people out of the mods player base and killing it This time , If you make a group to directly oppose a larger, better armed group, people need to understand that things most likely are not gonna go your way. If someone has a helicopter or plane, They will be more powerful and hard to stop, and if you blow up their vehicles in their base while they are offline so they respawn and you can take them, Expect there to be some fallout ingame. If you do this to me because you mad or jealous that I have something you want, I will hunt you down and raze your base. I won't bitch or moan on the forums, but I will make it my mission to make sure you think twice about pulling that shit again. You earn what you take, SO if you take it from me in an ambush or in a siege, Then all's fair . but if you wait till I'm offline to pull some scummy shit dont expect me to respect you afterwards or just ignore it. that being said If we start with clear base and vehicle rules, with helicopters in mind because they will be an issue im sure. Then there will be no issues . Make the rules clear and set the standard from day 1 oh and TFAR TFAR TFAR TFAR TFAR TFAR TFAR
  5. Whip

    Bring Back Desolation

    I believe the pre alpha test isn't until saturday the 25th they are struggling to get emails sent out and Im still fucked without one
  6. Whip

    Bring Back Desolation

    *checks email for super secret invite* *see nothing but spam and nonsense from blizzard* well fucck lmao looks like I got boned for the first round, Sucks since i was one of the first people to sign up Maybe the next wave i'll get in and be able to check it out.
  7. Whip

    Bring Back Desolation

    Being 4 years since its release this december , and being owned by Bohemia , a giant in the game industry with Arma under its sleeves. this isn't an excuse anymore Early in development is for games that have yet to be released to the masses , not polished turds that somehow manage to get prettied up every 6 months only for them to revert it back to a stinking pile of shit 2 month later with a hotfix. They add new things that make people happy like weapons, and sounds, But they are literally reskins of Arma 3 models and Sound Updates intended for Arma . Its a sham, they need to release it to modders and be done. they are wasting time and they know it. and all it is doing is killing the player base
  8. Whip

    Bring Back Desolation

    See you in the jungles johnny
  9. Whip

    Bring Back Desolation

    Well thats unfortunate, ill have to color my berets red with the blood of those who do not support a free tanoa, We will not be free as long a foreigners dictate our rules and laws. Through conflict , Tanao shall rid itself of these unnatural rulers,
  10. Whip

    Bring Back Desolation

    Oh the footwork has already been laid and i've already begun work on the ideals and my character . assuming we are using the background lore for the Horizon islands , Which can be read here http://iiwiki.com/wiki/Horizon_Islands A tldr , It was a free island taken over by the dutch , Fought over by the imperial japanese during WW2, Hence the bunkers and trenches. The japanese almost won the island but were defeated by the dutch and rebel forces on the island. Dutch remains in control and uses the islands as pretty much their version of australia. the group I want to make will be Based loosely on the FALINTIL of East Timor, Fighters who want freedom from the Dutch , and have to fight with less than acceptable equipment and their small numbers make them have to use the jungles and blend in with civilians in order to successfully make attacks. The Tanoan Liberation Army (TLA) shall reign supreme under Tendaji , Tanoa will be liberated.
  11. Whip

    Bring Back Desolation

  12. Whip

    Bring Back Desolation

    It hasn't been released yet, all updates are as always available here. http://desolationredux.com/forums/index.php?forums/announcements/ Fist they release prealpha on their own servers for testing , bugfix and Then they release the files so anyone can host Once it's released as Rolle has stated we will have a server up and everyone will be notified
  13. Whip

    Joffs Dramatic Readings of Posts Ep. 3

    im dead b
  14. Whip

    Bad video games with Whip

    there might have been an update , Ill get with mamba and see what's going on
  15. Whip

    Bad video games with Whip

    The thread has been updated with current Server IP info and is currently running the "All The Mods" Modpack version 1.10.2 which is available from the Curse launcher for ease of access. as joffrey's post above shows, We will do small pvp event and build events every so often , but otherwise people are welcome to come build , create and survive as they see fit.
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