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  1. No, do not remove, but make anybody wearing one fair game, as anybody wearing one is clearly insane or could be confused with a zed.
  2. Agree. As for me I just play DayZRP for the fun of it, not to win an Oscar for best picture and best actor.
  3. Taurus Feminam Bro. That's an awesome name
  4. Hurriedly, Svetlana kept walking. It was all she could think of doing to keep herself warm. Had she only had the time to grab a coat or jacket. But the fists had started flying so fast, so unexpectedly. Her screams and moans unheard amongst the noisy cacophony of male-on-male violence. They were crazy, just like all those outside, the "walkers" were crazy. Maybe this was how it went about, how the madness started seeping in, slowly developing into a hidden, secret bloodlust until the straw came that broke the donkeys back. Then again, maybe there were simply two types of monsters in the world.
  5. Thanks. After much fretting, I had figured it out and was now able to play. Still, the FAQ wasn't particularly helpful. A lot has changed in DayZRP since the last time I was here, and it was quite a lot of trial and error to get the game running.
  6. Is there a guide somewhere on what all needs to be done to get into the game because this is really starting to get frustrating. - Whitelisted - Found passphrase after searching a page without a passphrase forever - Subscribed Winter_Chernarus in Workshop - Subscribed DayZRP in Workshop - Created a character in DayZRP - Created a character in DayZ with the same name Still wrong version
  7. Same here, also returning member, can't figure heads or tails out. Had enough trouble finding the passphrase because it only generates in the rules once you're logged in.. now I subscribed the mod and still get a bad version match. And do I really need to fully define each and every character before I play? Beforehand, I used to develop my characters as I went along, as I mostly do in all RP. And I love to change characters, I like to play and Indian surgeon one month and then a hillbilly car mechanic the next. No information on how to proceed on the "Bad version match" issue in the FAQ.
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