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  1. Ron

    Ladies Night Visits Stary

    Hello there. That is quite a shit joke. ____________________________________ Looks like a cool little event you had ladies, I will try and join in, next time it happens!
  2. Ron

    Chip's Shop

    How is your ear doing Chip?
  3. Ron

    Suggestion: for crafted Backpacks & Bags

    can a Mod + please add a Poll to this? Yes & No - Question: Would you like to have the option of making self crafted bags out of jackets & co - ig ?
  4. Ron

    • Ron
    • Terra

    You forgot to put a cool quote underneath the lines of your verdict. ❤️

    1. Terra


      will do!


      Its been so long, i forgot...

    2. Ron


      You should apply for Ch again.

    3. Terra


      Nah... how about dev?

    4. Ron


      Maybe media team?

    5. Terra


      I am fine with legend to be honest 😏

  5. Ron

    S1 BadRP & NVFL - 20/05/2019 ~ 19:30 Servertime

    Alright, I reacted in character. So my character reacted to a female dragging infected towards him and his friend. I did not only insult you in a high pitched voice and ran off, like you did. The roleplay took a hostile turn for a reason. We stopped and role played with you, told you that you owe us, gave demands and asked your name. You had two people approaching you. I was good to drop the report after an honest try of you to explain the situation or offer you a chat in discord. But instead of figuring out what went wrong, you try and fire back at me. I hope staff puts more focus on the "What could the suspect have done better" parts in verdicts, so whitenames being let in get a chance to actually understand the rules they skip through. These experiences are reason why I argue to put in a harder whitelist on these servers. F11 in the woods without someone being there and change models. Just because you want a diff. player model doesn't give you the right to ruin someone else's role play experience and trying to get you killed. That's sad and an annonying attitude. The role play attempt you made was pretty disappointing and the value for your characters life non existent.
  6. Ron

    S1 BadRP & NVFL - 20/05/2019 ~ 19:30 Servertime

    Thanks for the explanation @Pawek Panotzki. I understand that the game can be a bitch and sometimes it doesn't work to start with the character model you were planning to. I would never have reported you if it was only that. What were your intentions with that "role play" attempt, saying "remember my asshole bitch!" ? Also did you really think you could run from two ak's in an open field?
  7. Ron

    Suggestion: for crafted Backpacks & Bags

    I've been playing on a diff modded server and saw these. Idk shit about developers work but i thought it might be a nice impulse. Crafting a bag out of a jacket seemed pretty cool & survivor-ish to me.
  8. Ron

    S1 BadRP & NVFL - 20/05/2019 ~ 19:30 Servertime

    Not sure if GM's saw, I will point it out so it gets mentioned anyways. While you watch the video keep in mind that it's suppose to be this character. So I also assume/report that @Pawek Panotzki spawned as the wrong player model and decided to spontaneous play a "character" without lore which is a big no no.
  9. Ron

    S1 BadRP & NVFL - 20/05/2019 ~ 19:30 Servertime

    Server and location: S1 - Rogovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): roughly around 19:30/19:50 Severtime. Your in game name: Vadim Hora (textrp) Names of allies involved: @Terra Name of suspect/s: No clue really, logs will show. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5ce320a8b48f721e5c/what- Detailed description of the events: Me and Terra met up around Rogovo and saw someone running from some zombies. A Male voice yells for help as the situation goes on the voice switches to high pitched / trying to act as a female. AS we saved the person we start to role play and try to build up a situation with the suspect. We asked for payment , he says he has nothing because "he just spawned" - okay happens. If it was only that...mistakes happen to all of us ... but the story goes on. As Terras character Branka Betka asks for his name and explains that she will remember it, the suspect answers : "You can remember my asshole, bitch!" laughs and runs off. Nothing much to say. We both initiated and killed the suspect, since he kept running and did not follow the commands. The "rp" was senseless & utter shit and trollish. To run from 2 AK's in an open field is NVFL imo.
  10. Ron

    S1 Stary Sobor 20-05-2019 21:10

    You were told to leave and decided to move into the house right next to the hostage situation, loot a dead body for gear and sneaked around with a gun out as far as I now. My recording is fucked since I had to restart the game & re-log multiple times because of the menu bug. POV: We took traders and friends hostage in Stary and held the hostages in the church. After a while we were attacked by a rescuing party which then was killed by us. In the process of the situation we decided to let a hostage go. He was told to leave but decided to loot a dead body, grab an AK and sneak around as you can see in Janniks video. As the OP confims: he should have left but decided to stay and ended up being killed by assassin nyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooom.
  11. Ron

    German bush man song

    idk what I just watched. But it makes me kind of sad to see the DayZRP tag in the corner of the vid, since it means this actually happened within the servers of a ... let me quote: "...community created by mature people, for mature players."
  12. Ron

    Server sure is welcoming ............

    5 Hrs of ig time and you already speak about "sticking to a community" or not. Don't throw the towel that fast and give it some time. Don't make a whining thread but speak to staff or create a report in the right section for it. Or even try to find out who it was and maybe try and talk to the person to understand what was going on.
  13. Ron


    Wipe the server within a certain time frame - like 4 weeks or so. / solved.
  14. Ron

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    Just don't be a dick and stick to the community rules. Imo, it is not that hard. You can call out bullshit or someone being in the wrong without flaming him. I agree that it is questionable what is defined flaming by staff in some cases but it mostly has been solved over appeals - if it was discussed. Mods & Co have to work out a feel for it. It always depends on who is part of the discussion. You can only gain experience discussing and working it out. Some decisions may seem point hungry but as a Mod you are told to moderate the forums , if you have the feeling someone is going too far, it is you fucking job to deal with that post - also if you are alone and no one is there to discuss. If others decide it is not point worthy - that is fine , we got the appeal section for that - but in such a case a Mod did his/her job. Handling of third party conversations, screenshots, & spontaneous rule 4's are a different topic, imo.
  15. Ron

    Compensation for Unjust Bans

    It is about motivation, experienced people & about working together. Punishment or compensation wont help the process, imo. I think it needs an internal get together for the staff team to discuss how to handle any tasks in the fitting time frame. Who keeps an eye on thread notes missing for a case to be dealt with? Who can keep an eye on pending appeals/reports piling up? What can be a motivational factor for the GM's or Admins to get to work? A workload they deal with in their free time to support the community. Is there too much workload for the team to deal with in the current tasks? What is effecting the quality & quantity of verdicts? Is the discrepancy in quality of verdicts a topic of a ranting community or is it worth bringing it up in an internal GM/Staff meeting/chat too? How can one improve as a Game Master/Admin? What can help a Game Master/Admin to improve his skills in judging situations case by case? Is the given system of protocols & rules supporting the work of Admins & GM's? How can the staff team provide the chance of a second review of a case within the given time frame? I get that people grab torches & pitch forks because they have been treated unfair. I think it is worth to take a look at the bigger picture while figuring out a possible change for the current situation. I also think it is important to figure who exactly wants change.
  16. Ron

    Combat Logging

    If you do the crime, stay online. Big +1 from my side. Let hostage log out and don't annoy ppl who always have been okay logging after a situation which was forced upon them.
  17. Ron

    Community opinion

    This thread is tactically unwise, Jack. Create an appeal and start a discussion when that one is solved.
  18. Ron

    Dead Batteries [Selective Recruitment]

    I am excited how it will go guys. I doubt Sebastian will be a good king.
  19. Ron

    Group Feedback Suggestion

    This is simply causing more restriction to another thread. -1 for me. It wont change shit, imo. Salty people will still put a template around their nonsense and people who don't give a fuck about your feedback wont start giving a fuck just because you put a format around it.
  20. Ron

    Groups Represented by Spongebob Screens

  21. Ron

    Looking for Officer Elmo/Almo

    looks like casual dead batteries rp to me right there.
  22. Ron

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was good to get ig a bit. Internal raider rp is always fun. @Stagsview why pick me for the fight, I wasn't ig for ages! @Majoo your outfit sucks. @Bot Elmo Jesus you really need to stop white-knighting. @Kordruga We need to kill Sebastian, my Russian brother in crime. @Craig you always knew, Vadim is a gangster. @AndreyQ Nivek should get some face paint to hide away better in those bushes. @Aiko Thanks for the fight, you are a worthy enemy - not sorry for the snake move. (looking at our characters body index, it must have looked weird)
  23. Ron

    Hostile RP Observations

    This thread reminds me of @Mamba (rip) Echo's guide he made once. I always thought he made some very good points. Take a look. Also I think staff could start and link more rp guides to verdicts.
  24. Ron

    Impact from groups

    Why is there any need for special group impact rules or anything like that? It should be a common fucking general goal for any group in this community to create something good and cause impact on the ig lore through their role play. If groups/ people break rules that is the only area where staff should get involved. Don't cause yourself more restrictions guys.
  25. Ron

    Impact from groups

    Well but who judges if groups have a good kind of impact in the server ? Can't be handled by LM's only. I also sense a big chance of bias.
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