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  2. Ron

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @MrsSunshine & @Skeeterbolt shout out to the random encounter which turned out to be a lot of fun! Also the crew of new dawn @Hofer @Brayces @Dino & Co - short but had fun!
  3. Ron

    Blocked means blocked

    I think features like block/ignore/mute are essential for an online forum. Yes you can simply ignore someone but when you can still get tagged / quoted you will receive a notification and find yourself being approached with content you dont want to see. So yeah, the ignore-list is already top and a lil fix for the tag/quote thing would be good. +1
  4. Ron

    Disband the DayZRP Council

    It is just great that you put your mind on improving a group concept like a council or start a discussion about disbanding it, when you are clearly not able to simply respect another community members wish brought towards yourself in specific. I think the council should be seen as an option for group leaders to speak to each other, an option not a requirement. Discord would be enough , I doubt there is a forum section needed.
  5. Ron

    Disband the DayZRP Council

    So the "first post after a month" makes it look like you are trying to say leaders of groups did do not shit, on your thread here. Bullshit. Look in discord. There is a council channel where leaders of the group discussed topics & impressions between each other along with staff.
  6. Ron

    Fae Williams

    Nice read here & they layout is sexy.
  7. Ron

    Chapter 2 [Recruitment open]

    Good luck with the group everyone!
  8. Ron


    To ensure the enjoyment of our player base and the community as a whole is literally the responsibility of & required of every single member of this community. 

    1. Ron


      @Xehara ↑ (sorry forgot the tag).

    2. Xehara


      Change has to start somewhere. Just trying to find some sort of path to improvement. 

    3. Terra


      And change should involve every single member of the community...

      What exaclty is it you want & see the need to change?

    4. Ron


      Maybe add why change has to start to your council thread  - don't get me wrong I think it is great that you put your mind on improvement 🙂 

    5. APositivePara


      @Xehara we have group feedback pages for groups that are causing issues, in which @Roland and other admins are actively weeding out problematic groups (in their opinion). Why is there suddenly a need to dictate what RP happens OOC?
      We already have certain groups being held back by the rules. I agree change does sometimes have to happen, but having meetings OOC to discuss the future of the groups goals etc. seems folly. 

      I also disagree with the notion it's all our responsibility to ensure everybody has each other's best interests at heart. Fundamentally this is flawed, we're never going to agree on what "their best interest" is. Anyway to avoid a larger wall of text feel free to DM me about the matter. 

  9. Ron

    Building your Character (A Picture Guide)

    puush is a temp. upload - you still got the images saved somewhere?
  10. Ron

    Building your Character (A Picture Guide)

    *bump* can you please update the pictures @Phoenix ? I'm looking for character guides to be added in the newcomers guide.
  11. Ron

    Whitelist improvements

    I added some paragraphs regarding different kind of communication, IC /OOC, Third party TOS, playing a role. I think a short explanation how to start with a new character a link to some guides & different kinds of rp depending on the individual character are still things which are needed in the guide. As well as "in game consequences aka help I got shot". Anything else I am forgetting about? Let me know what you think.
  12. Ron

    Question about RDM & KOS

    So I checked this verdict here and I am a bit confused. An official group initiates on people, some comply, some fight and a compliant hostage is killed by @Jason b- from what I understood of the nice lil' recap @Phoenix wrote up. Now what I struggle to understand is this little paragraph: How do you know if a hostage is compliant if there was no interaction? My point is: there was. A pretty clear initiation by an official group. She heard it and complied to it. There was interaction. The kill was invalid, I agree 100% with the GM's. There was RP - the initiation, she heard and reacted to. What makes her a hostage? She complies to given demands aka an interaction. She complied so the kill was invalid, making it RDM - imo. From my understanding KOS is something like killing someone on sight without making contact / interaction before. The typical "But he looked like someone who was hostile to me earlier" scenario. RDM/ Invalid Kill (role palyed) or whatever it is called these days is when you interact with someone and then kill them without any granted rights. Question is why did you decide to doom this as KOS? Is an initiation not seen as interaction - if so since when? I ask the GM team. Edit: Just seen there is an appeal up, ofc I'll wait. Question still stands.
  13. Ron

    Child RP

    It is fucking sad/a shame that you made such experiences Brayces, especially on an ooc level. If the protective area you expect from playing a younger character is your way to deal with things that is completely fine. I agree , everyone has individual experiences. To me it sounded like you'd have to play a child character - even though you might wanted to play an adult- because of the things that were brought to you icly & occly. In times where so many people get banned for shit talking others over third party media - and times where you can record/screenshoot basically anything on the internet, I struggle to understand it sometimes. I find the info that you did speak to staff and there was nothing done about it shocking. I don't really believe that someone experiences something uncomfortable ig, goes "//I feel uncomfortable with this, please choose a diff. rp-route ", the other person goes on with the uncomfortable stuff, and then Admins @DrMax @Zanaan or GM's don't do anything about it. Same counts for situations when you blocked someone and they still sent you shit over steam or whatever. Back on topic: I am pro child-characters if done good and worked out well. I think one should not restrict themselves because "character model" or whatsoever. We need this rp -diversity if done right.
  14. Ron

    Child RP

    That is because you are scary af, ngl.
  15. Ron

    Child RP

    Sorry Brayes but I call bullshit on this statement. If you are not comfortable with any role play brought towards you, you can always let the role players around you know via : // I dont feel comfortable with this kind of rp. If people still go on you can report their asses /solved.
  16. Ron

    S1 Attempted RDM, CL & BadRP Altar Hill 11/07/2019 ~ 02:00 server time

    Server and location: S1 Altar Hill Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 11/07/2019 ~ 02:00 server time. Your in game name: Vadim Hora Names of allies involved: @Neom-kun @Conor @Aiko @SquirtleKitty a lot of others from the district. I believe @Jackfish & @OxeN started shooting at the suspect, Idk who did hit him in the end. Name of suspect/s: juggsdayzrp Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): // Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Sadly I did not record but there might be others who recorded the situation. Suspect did make a stream clip of the situation. Detailed description of the events: We met up at Altar Hill. It was a group meeting between Vultures and District. Basically we were standing in a circle discussing many things and suddenly someone tosses a flash grenade into the masses. Without any interaction. No initiation, nothing. People got stunned, some took damage (@SquirtleKitty) I believe. The thrower was spotted and some people started shooting at him and sprinted after him. Some, including myself stayed at the meeting point - not sure what was actually happening. My rp mood was pretty much gone after this, so I logged out. The whole meeting was not only distracted but the role play was ruined in the end. I don't know what sense it made to throw it - other than to annoy people who were role playing. Oh yeah and streaming such action for the kek's.
  17. Ron

    Adaption of 'Combat Logging'

    I read this for the first time ever. Did I get something wrong?! To my knowledge the combat log timer has always been a time frame of 30 (15 min in the past I believe) min. You did not need to ask anyone after that time, you were allowed to log out. No matter what you wanted to do afterwards which is simply ones own fucking business. No one ever had to wait 2 hrs.
  18. Ron


    Old but gold - rip echo ❤️ - very important these days.

    + I feel like these days we might need an additional guide ... thinking of a titles like:

    • "Ron's guide on how to react in character when dominated by/ in conflict with another group" 
    • "Ron's guide on how to accept you've lost in character and how to go on role playing from there"
    • "Imagine dealing with in character things, in character"
    1. Aisling


      Ron's guide to separating IC and OOC - please! lmao

    2. Craig


      Ron's guide to being a pvp god.

  19. Ron

    Fix the looking at map while running

    looks pretty nice ig.
  20. Ron

    S1 BadRP/Avoiding RP - Novy Summer Camp ~ 18:30

    We spoke to @Ghostbacsi in discord and want to drop the report. We don't want to see new players getting banned. Staff please give him a lil' advise what he can possibly do ig if he is overwhelmed with a situation & where he can find support if he has questions. Thanking you.
  21. Ron

    S1 BadRP/Avoiding RP - Novy Summer Camp ~ 18:30

    @Ghostbacsi contacted us via DM. He is unsure how to deal with a report / answer in it and so on. I am awaiting an answer from in my DM's / Discord. Please don't throw a verdict out 'til then, GM's. I will let you know asap - I consider dropping the report if the situation can be cleared up.
  22. Ron

    S1 BadRP/Avoiding RP - Novy Summer Camp ~ 18:30

    Hey @Ghostbacsi thank you for the apology. In the video you are clearly to be heard in the first seconds making a noise over your mic when @Terra speaks to you. After wards you even answer in chat and then state your name and some other things via voip too. What do you mean by what I quoted above? Also in your POV confuses me a bit. Me & Terra logged out from the servers and the rest of our group left the area to my knowledge. We did never meet up a 2nd time, nor did we become friends icly. Can you claify to me what/who you mean?
  23. Ron

    Lore wipe and map change?

    Is it the time of the year again in which people claim everything will be better in the servers if there was only a lore wipe? -1.
  24. Ron



    1. Malet


      Shit, this makes me want to listen to Anti-Flag more again ✊

  25. Ron

    S1 BadRP/Avoiding RP - Novy Summer Camp ~ 18:30

    Video Evidence additional:
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