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    Question about Badrp Verdict

    Questions are regarding this verdict: 1.) Since both accused are pretty new to the community and since they received a 5 day ban (I believe?) - Did their whitelist get revoked? I had that one wrong in mind. Thanks for answering @Zanaan. 2.) It is a known thing ig that if a player drinks alcohol he directly goes into animation of vomitting. This circumstance was clearly used by the accused to fuck around with the op- how come this is not seen as trolling? 3) Was the verdict done with other staff members involved or their threadnotes?
  3. Ron

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    A small rp montage for you guys: When you have a serious Chedaki chat but Nivek tries to get down with a woman in Vybor.
  4. Ron

    dayz is a full release game with no bugs

    https://plays.tv/video/5c61ad530d64426bd1/mach-das-auto-aus- The car magnet with scared german commentary. "Mach das Auto aus!" = Turn off the car/ engine!
  5. Ron

    What's the funniest RP experience you've had.

    I did the verdict on that one. God the amount of times i had to watch the video. I get flashbacks pls stop. A funny experience I have had yesterday for example was my friend @Elmo initiating in very... creative way. We had a good laugh.
  6. Ron

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Good pain & hostage rp right there, it has been a while Jack! I really had fun. Not sorry for the knife, bratr.
  7. Ron

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Since you reported them you should leave it in that exact area of the forums and not use this thread to point out specific people, simply dosen't appear to be a good sport. You did your part to deal with it - no need to turn this into a vent thread. Back on topic: I agree with your general statement that some characters being put up are questionable, an encounter should be enjoyable for both sides and that a tougher white list might support the quality of rp.
  8. Ron

    Favourite TV Show Growing Up

  9. Ron

    Funeral Parlor

    Nice to have met you in Pustoshka just now. I know you from a long time ago when @Jamie was still a member. Good luck with this.
  10. Ron

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Terra, stop scaring the support pls. Also yes: Make the whitelist more tough. I mean one can show some effort if he or she wants to play on the servers. Otherwise we will be left as survivors of a plane crash stuck on this Russian island.
  11. Ron

    Twitch staff Q&A questions

    Question: if it was put on you to change a rule out of the current rule set - which one would you change & why?
  12. Ron

    Plays.tv is being a bitch

    This is solved. Plays.tv pushed a new update today which fixed my issue. fyi you guys. Check it out if you had trouble.
  13. Ron

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    You're right he did not bring a knife. He brought role play to a gun fight. __________________________________________________________________________ I am not a fan of the situation shown in the report, nor about the fact that the verdict basically states kill rights > role play. Dusty counted on the wrong people and noticed too late that he fell for the story he was given to by scars allies. He looks around and values his life by trying to get away in the darkness. Here the back and forth starts and ... I don't mean to insult anyone here really ... I think that it was pretty sad. You see big dicking by the individuals involved and both sides don't initiate. As a GM I would've asked myself: Why wasn't there an initiation being dropped to lead the way to a hostage situation? Any interpretation would end up sounding like an accusation, so I leave it for you to think about it yourself. Dusty tried to leave which shows value for his life. He did not spray his gun into the group of individuals "trying to take some people down with him, accepting his characters death". The punch in the end was a risky decision. It is a hostile act. Not a life threat but a hostile act , just like stealing someones belongings for example. But what I find annoying in this whole situation is ... there is two experienced members who should have been focused on furthering the role play ... but the discussion is all about nvfl, rule playing, kill rights, attacker rights , defender rights, bla bla bla. I get tired of it, sorry. Stop being picky about the "but in real life someone with a gun...reeeee!". Think twice about the role play impulse given to you. Yes, Dusty could have chosen to do something else. Maybe even emote "*pushes him back*" or whatsoever. If you have back up right behind you, you can take a single punch even if you get knocked out. Further the role play instead of insisting on your damn kill rights. This is not how hostile role play works. At all. The situation abruptly ended, because "kill rights" and the person making the first hostile move/ the punch was irritated by it and used his right to call in staff as a neutral third party. Learn how to role play with each other in such situations, then you don't need staff to get involved. my two cents.
  14. Ron

    Group requirements revised

    This appears to be far from any focus on the dynamic process of role playing.
  15. Ron

    Twitch staff Q&A questions

    Question: What is your impression/thought/opinion of/on the ongoing or better said repeatedly upcoming discussion of the quality regarding hostile role play?
  16. Ron

    Looking for someone with knowledge of the Eastern Orthodox faith.

    Hey I read up on the topic while having the idea of making a chernarussian guy who was involved in community services. I did not want him to be a professional but more of a witness of certain things while being raised in Chernarus along with the most common religion there. This is what I used for planning to rp the character, ofc it depends on what you are looking for. As a deacon you need to have way more information. All from google search nothing more or less. https://www.patheos.com/library/eastern-orthodoxy/ritual-worship-devotion-symbolism They stand during divine service. They pray next to big pictures of their idols most of the time framed in gold. They use incense. Not much but maybe it helps out
  17. Ron

    Plays.tv is being a bitch

  18. Ron

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  19. Ron

    Add guitar to the item shop.

    As long as this does not turn into a "pay to get your m4" - kind of thing , I think" rp" items are an nice idea for the shop. This can get roland some cash to keep this running.
  20. Ron

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    This thread is about "what would help" the rp in the server. It is not about anyone's sexuality / sexual actions in any forest. Maybe try and contribute something to the topic.
  21. Ron

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    1. Para


      makarov too stronk


    2. Elmo


      Those actually do look like his hands wtf

    3. Ron


      I know, but he wears different rings.

    4. Para


      Mine are silver :^)

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    1. Craig


      This looks like dead batteries internal RP.

  23. Ron

    Dead Batteries {Heavily Recruiting}{Active}

    We will be nice to them. Promise big times?
  24. Ron

    My character die...

    You can also get shot, it won't matter. It is your choice to kill off your character or maybe play out an injury.
  25. Ron

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Some group concepts never get old. Have fun boys, looking forward to meet you ig.
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