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  1. Ron

    Nostalgic Group Videos Thread

    Never forgetting that laugh, meeting @Terra for the first time. Also @Jamie , remember?
  2. Ron

    Nostalgic Group Videos Thread

    I am sad now. @Stagsview
  3. Ron

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    For me the idea of a lore wipe leaves too many options to vote yes or no on this suggestion. I'd say yes under certain circumstances but no for just a "fresh start" etc etc. From my perspective it would be more specific if there was a thread in which people can vote from a pool of different scenarios of a lore wipe and the option no. @Hofer
  4. Ron

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    Create a nice lore between Chernarus and livonia and make a lore wipe but not facing day one of the infection but 10 years after. The environment of Chernarus nor Livonia allows the "yesterday everything was normal" - feeling. Take the arma 2 lore as an example but replace Chedaki/Russia with Livonia & their people. Could give it an interesting spark and options for nice lore events on s1 or s2 depending on which faction is involved and shit. but just a restart of the current universe will be nothing but the same as we have now within 48 hrs. Edit: ^ this way groups would get the options to write a "this happened in the last years and this is how we are today" part without being force archived.
  5. Ron

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    if there was no forum , I believe this community would not be around for much longer.
  6. Ron

    Aggressive staff

    Nah, I think everyone should set an example of how to get along in a community with a lot of different mindsets. Some people do some people don't, no matter if staff or not. To put responsibility regarding this only on staff's shoulders is the wrong way to go, imo. We can agree to disagree but I think we are not far from another on this one.
  7. Ron

    Aggressive staff

    no hard feelings for you neom - you know that. No matter if staff gave a stupid question/remark - it applies like it does for everyone in the community - you are responsible for your own actions. If you disagree, choose feedback, report a post or use private messages. If something is treated with points - let another staff make take a look at it in a ban appeal. Just because someone is showing a level of stupidity (like in your example above) doesn't mean for you to choose the same level. The answer to the quote above is: then do not give a stupid response back /the end. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ And for the rest of the thread - it is funny how things are always the same. Some people always whine or call bias or lack of professionalism after a limit was reached. We are here to enjoy a computer game. There are people here trying to help out in their free time. They are gamers. Ofc they have some friends around here. They are not qualified personnel constitutes trained specialists who get paid for this. Not all of them are meant to fulfill a voluntary staff position, even if they wanted to help out in first place. It takes patience and a good lead in the team to figure things. They want to be sure, they need things to base their decisions on - observation of community members, feedback, reports - all that. Latest changing of position within the staff team shows that. It is fucking sad if someone is not able to play within the rules of a gaming community. Take a step back and look at the rules. We aren't asked that much.
  8. Ron


    Tonight, I raise my gin to you, @StagsviewRB ❤️


    1. Stagsview


      That was quick..jesus enjoy ron xx

    2. Stagsview


      My correction. Ron and your roommate xx

    3. Ron


      What roommate are you talking about, I'll drink that gin on my own :^)

    4. Stagsview


      You evil bitch

  9. Ron

    My Mp3 wont play in character page

    This is a problem everyone has atm, I believe.
  10. Ron

    Aggressive staff

    Someone received a punishment & some ppl get mad and grab torches & pitchforks. Is it just me or are things always the same out there?
  11. Ron



  12. Ron

    Dr. River's Riveting Revelations

    Can't wait until you write something about the awesome livonian hero Olek , Dylan met
  13. Ron

    [Livonia] 89.1 - Kowalskis

    *Olek presses the PTT* Ah, Dr. ! Good to hear you are still alive. Iva ... that was her name, tak. She is probably with the scotish man who likes his coffee black. I am in town called Wrzeszcz. I locked myself in a house, there are lot of wild dogs I need to take care of before I can leave again. If you see my brother tell him to use his fucking radio instead of roaming around like a nicpoń! *the transmission cuts off*
  14. Ron

    Create Your Staff Team

  15. Ron

    Vanguard Media

  16. Ron

    Vanguard - [Livonia & Chernarus]

    Cp - invites are out, thank you everyone! also welcome to another familiar face @DarkStyle!
  17. Ron

    [Livonia] 89.1 - Kowalskis

    *a deep male voice can be heard over the radio - you are able to tell that the person's mother tongue is Polish* Grzegorz! Where the fuck are you? I lost dark woman and Dr. too! I was taking nap and now I wake up somewhere in fucking woods and everyone is gone, eh? Anyone of you around? Gówno, I don't know where I am , I traded map for vodka! *the transmission ends*
  18. Ron

    Vanguard Media

  19. Ron


    Did I do the profile theme thing right?

    1. Terra



    2. Hofer


      You did not

    3. Voodoo


      Still a great movie 😁


    4. Peril


      I dunno what Hofer is on about, this is the best episode in the original trilogy.

  20. Ron

    Pepole's thoughts on a viking faction

    This statement still appears close-minded to me. That is like saying only a Christian can role play a "true" Christian or only a Russian can role play as a "true" Russian. There are so many Scandinavian ppl in the community who are probably down to help with pronunciation of words & meaning of certain things. It is simply not about about displaying a nationality/religion/culture/whatever, knowing 100% facts about any correlation. But knowing enough, saying the fitting things so people believe your character is related to said cult/group/whatever . Immersive Gameplay, not re-phrasing knowledge . Not to drag this thread off topic: I think the research needs to be well done to pull something like this off correctly, so @Leik you can props find some people willing t help & interested in these kind of things in this community.
  21. Ron

    Pepole's thoughts on a viking faction

    People can read up on things and prepare a character and its mindset by working with the needed information for the role they want to create - no matter where from or who they are. That is called role play. _________________________________________________________________________________________ I think it is a nice idea, I have rped with someone pulling that off quite good a long time ago.
  22. Ron

    Livonia Lore (Temporary thread)

    Nadvor or Nadbor?
  23. Ron

    Vanguard - [Livonia & Chernarus]

    Ron & her legendary team
  24. Ron

    Vanguard - [Livonia & Chernarus]

    Welp, maybe Sofie is looking for a polish Livonian hero, who knows
  25. Ron

    Vanguard - [Livonia & Chernarus]

    Thanks for the kind words Husky! The general idea was indeed to make this group work on both servers with separate characters for Livonia and Chernarus. For now we do leave it to whatever people feel comfty with and what will make sense story-wise ig. The lore is more focused on Livonia atm , simply because we want to check out the new map. In case we turn back to Chernarus we will add a fitting lore part to the thread.
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