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  1. Ron

    My new character

    Looks good. Only thing I can see, skipping through it is "Finally, he joined a group of people that were going to Moscow in a plain and asked them to leave him at Chernarus." It is "by plane" , not "in a plain". Good job , have fun developing your character in game
  2. Ron

    My new character

    No problemo. I understand it this way around , now you've explained it. Visiting your grandparents as a child - you should mention the civil war 2009 and how things were then maybe. Just a suggestion. You character was around 10 years old - maybe there was a break in the regular visits and worries if your grandparents survived - maybe they were even part of the military, defending their home country? ... It is an important chapter in the lore if your characters family is native. https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Chernarus#History
  3. Ron

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    a lot of good suggestions but please dont turn this into a pay for advantage/ pubg - server.
  4. Ron

    My new character

    I find the last sentence a bit confusing. You first say he came to Chernarus to visit his grandparents , traveling with some survivors who went on to Moscow.... then the last sentence says he left off to Chernarus because he wanted to go on an adventure? Was that during the Outbreak or before or...?
  5. Ron

    My new character

    "Alexander ended up in Chernarus because he is half russian by the descent from his grandparents, and he used to visit them , not so regularly, at Stary Sobor when he was a child " You mean half Russian or half Chernarussian? If the grandparents were born and raised in Stary Sobor , they are Chernarussians. Chernarus is not Russia.
  6. Ron

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    Idk guys, why ask this way around? Such negative focus. Why not ask what would be refreshing to be seen within the servers these days ... after so many things have been there. I'd like to see people risking rp confrontations to gain rp and a great experience, something their character grows with as an individual in the general lore. Travel & Interaction. I am tired of running around not seeing anyone but a cowboy with 2 bags on the NW airfield.
  7. Ron

    Staff Feedback: Samti

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: The written verdict seems rushed. It appears to me like your work lacks motivation. It is full of mistake. I doubt it has been read a second time. Suggestions for improvement: @Samti, first off please read what I left for @Derek Steel. Additional, Please keep an eye on your focus during your work as a GM. Maybe activity is/was needed but don't just rush verdicts. The one linked above could have been so much better. I am not speaking about a massive text wall but wording/spelling, grammar and so much more. Simply take your time and make sure other GM's actually read the things you wrote before you put in their tag.
  8. Ron

    Staff Feedback: Derek Steel

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: / Feedback: As a GM involved in a report, you find yourself in a position same as the person who writes the actual verdict. Reading through it (linked above), I find it questionable if you actually read what @Samti wrote. I know English is not your mother tongue but Jesus fucking Christ that verdict is a fucking mess if it comes to spelling and grammar. It appears like you just through a "signed" underneath some text and don't really care for quality but activity. Suggestions for improvement: If you struggle with English and it is only you checking through a verdict maybe ask someone additional to check through it again+ also take more time. Writing a rushed verdict is one thing... but you were the one who needed to have @Samti's back on the verdict he/her put together and tbh, you let him/her down.
  9. Ron

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    Oh, that did not take too long. Role play rights for the saviours of chernarus!
  10. Ron

    Base Building Limitations

    Remove base building and let staff build some bases which people can fight over ig if they want to? idk if that makes sense... just thinking about alternatives.
  11. Ron

    Give Loremasters Admin Tools

    Give LM access to admin tools when they announce an event & need it for prep and take it away during the time of no events.
  12. Ron

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I had a lot of fun ig yesterday with @groovy patz @pijkaCZ @Grimm-chan. I am curious how this group will develop! Also thanks to @Craig & Co. It was a nice standoff from a different kind - nice speech from the old man , lets see where it goes @Yevgeny Shevchuk we put you in a tough situation on the airfield, I was impressed by your lore-knowledge. I had the feeling you were a newer member, hope you had fun. @Random/ Unkown Guy between Vybor and NWA - thank you for going along and creating a nice situation. I did like the pain rp from you in the barn, maybe you get revenge someday and a chance to beat the shit out of that bitch with the knife!
  13. Ron

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    Ahoj bitches, let's save the world in Chernarussian.
  14. Ron

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    It was so much fun at time times I made it ig. Stay exactly like you are, the server needs raiders, bitch.
  15. Ron

    Allow Members to View New Whitelist Applications

    -1 on publishing people's details. To see how far we've come ... is to be seen within the servers. If you're thinking about improving the white-list you should check this thread:
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