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  1. Oh god, I am glad you did not become a roadkill, roman. Was worth the action, all for the rp . Seriously tho, get like one of those orange vests or something.
  2. I swear, dont let me drive. I am KOS'ing people by accident. Edit: Livonia - Drift - ofc. Skills, nothing else to see above.
  3. Server running without issues so people can rp vs. people crying over gear loss on discord / the forums.


    1. Eagle


      Stop having fun, I lost my nukes I stashed in a super tall concrete bunker.

  4. Yes but only if you figure Lore & Story of it before people are jumping in. Give it a frame and some story depth to make a good start role play quality -wise. Lore as orientation.
  5. b3cd1c9eb0.png

    Remember this?


    1. APositivePara



      We had so many good times in the wolves

  6. Ron

    Olek's Eyes

    This album shows the many things and people Olek sees during his travels in Livonia.
  7. The issue is that the council is meant to give feedback. With this lack of transparency people don't get the whole picture of a base, the feedback becomes meaningless. People can't judge what they don't see. Bringing a base to the server you should care to show everything and listen to what other people have to say instead of keeping things secret and just show off certain parts of what you planning on bringing into the server.
  8. Somehow the issue is fixed. Thanks anyways guys , this is solved
  9. Actual normal civilians as in not a super soldier who lost his squad and was molested in his childhood, not a really bad guy who gets offended by a single word like a 13 year old puberty monster, not a drug dealing mercenary who doesn't know moral because his mom never loved him. Just simple people who don't have to be extreme in every way but cause an actual immersive scenario.
  10. Anyone knows what causes this? Out of the now where the game crashed while being ig - after this it keeps crashing with this notification.
  11. 20c4519eff.png


    1. APositiveElmo


      it took me a bit to realise the gif wasn't a still image

    2. Ron


    3. Roland



      Other things just keep popping up, I'm sorry.

  12. official role play for the bandits from now on.
  13. You know what does not create role play? Gear. And people hoarding it in bases.
  14. Ron


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