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  1. This. So enjoy Chernarus and chill. -1.
  2. This is sooooo good!

  3. #2 My body hits the wall. A numb pain in my face. I open my eyes and things start to get dizzy. I see Oliver. The look on his face is pure fear. I take a deep breath and stand up straight again. My eyes scan the room, I hear voices from all around me. My ears are ringing. There are peoples shapes in the hallway and the sound of steps down the staircase. I look into this guy's face. He is standing in front of me. For a second he seems surprised that his punch did not put me off my feet. He glances to his side and raises the gun in his hand. The tip of the barrel comes to stop at Iva’s temple. Her skin looks shiny from the tears running down her cheeks. I look up and down on her. Her body seems tense and to be shaking at the same time. She holds this old knife in her hand. He speaks to her with a grin on his face while his eyes look at me. She shakes her head to his words. I push myself away from the wall and stumble towards them. It feels like I am moving in slow motion while I hear Oliver begging for this guy to stop. His voice slightly cracks. I take the gun out of his hand. He easily lets go of the handguard and steps back. I hear Iva sobbing. My hand strokes away some tears of her cheek. I feel good. The cold disappears and the smell of wet concrete and the rotten apartment around us, along with it. Before I speak, I look through the open doors towards the staircase. The noise of all those steps change into a clumsy shamble. I cant really say what it is but the sound seems familiar. I look back at her. The words I speak to her appear to be in my mother tongue. She doesn’t tell me to be quiet. She doesn’t tell me to hide where I come from. She looks at me while I tell her it will be fine. I raise the gun in my hand, place it under my chin and pull the trigger. ____ Kurwa, the dream repeats since it happened. I wake up to the noise of this gun being fired. Like a shock going through my body. I don't know if she notices this. She seems to be in a deep sleep but it doesn’t seem to be relaxing either. The stitches sting. I don’t know how to place myself in a comfortable position, so I get up. The painkillers Eva gave me seem to do somewhat of a job, the rest is done by the left over vodka. I feel like walking around is the only thing that really helps at the moment. I feel like I spent the night with hookers and cocaine - like a truck hit me. I see the people around me. They stand together but seem to walk around on their own when it comes to their thoughts. Some minds get sore and overwhelmed with a situation like this. I don't exclude myself. I used to be good in calming things down. Every time I hear someone whisper I need to hold myself back to not lash out and scream at them.
  4. I like to tell apart between facts and opinion here. There have always been people going around with the main focus of being a trader at different places. Those created rp for all kinds of groups & people. Not sure about this one. I mean, if so then we could see this with any AI ig atm. Animals might cause some rp relevant fear to people in forests and as a food/pelt source. But if you look at the infected running around, i disagree. At the same time I think if used correctly to show off a big force in a lore event it could work.
  5. I really enjoyed the encounter with you guys. You role played the goals you are focusing on very realistically and it felt like an actual discussion & chat about how life in Chernarus could work. It was actually a new experience to me to meet a some what hostile group whos main goal simply seems to be peace. There are different ways to reach that goal , you made that pretty clear. Gave me a bit of RAF Vibes. Very interesting and well done.
  6. Alerta, Alerta - Anarchists in Chernarus.
  7. giphy.gif

    1. Terra


      Take A Bow Thank You GIF by Iliza

  8. Thanks to some very nice rp with @DrMax, @Terra, @Lucky Luke ... and the saviors @Dr Bradley & @Jack Tennessee! Also @deadhorse (sorry idk who of you was involved) Last time I had hostage rp was like before lore wipe on Livonia. Really, been a while. I had a lot of fun. Even tough it was a bit confusing at times when everyone spoke over each other - it was an exciting encounter and you guys did a good job
  9. I agree with @Roland. It is funny how different things are brought up in different times. I think the topic of big groups facing each other can't be handled with a simple yes or no question. Imo, a try to put different ig dynamics on topic could be what can be healthy for the server - healthy being meant as a role play encouraging and focusing factor. Yes we do have big official groups at the moment. We also have small dynamics and lone wolves. If you feel that too many people facing each other ig make it hard to focus on role play and hard not to end in a fight, I have a crazy suggestion: If you still want to go hostile (we need hostile rp ffs!) Then try to create tension without initiating. And even if it means you play on the loser/weak side for a moment, consider and comply. Boom. I said it. If you dont reach what you are looking for ig, change routes. Same as for people crying over destroyed bases or small groups who felt like they did not stand a chance in the past: deal with it ig. If zerg army too stronk, be creative and try something else to reach whatever it is you are looking for.
  10. Rule should be removed for text rpers only. Suggestion doesn't make sense. You can have a laugh oocly in discord while playing. Just dont communicate ic information for ic advantage. -1
  11. this looks very nice. I hope to get to rp with you guys
  12. Hello, this looks & reads very good. That Yakov must be a great character.
  13. I see what you did there, very clever 😉 

    1. Ron


      I did ze pvp. 🙏

    2. Para


      I meant this


    3. Ron


      what a funny coincident- also a joke gets always better if someone explains it 🙋‍♀️

  14. Ron

    KoS Pushta

    Yakov Zima POV: My Discord goes crazy, so I log in since it was called out on in group comms that once more, people are attacking Pusta. Being in Discord, while I load in, I hear Realize double mic'ing his Initiation, yelling at people to put their hands up and step onto the streets. Good thing, I spawn in a few houses away from the one that was being met with explosives. I run towards the action, I hear multiple shots, I decide to flank around. Hearing my group members calling out a guy to have stopped complying, I spot him running around behind the green house. Taking cover, I take a few shots at the shed he was hiding in and then kill him as he tries to push my position. We exchange a few bullets and he dies. Yelling some initiation (see text) next to some other houses more towards the center of town, I then proceed to clear single buildings here and there in town. Yet, I did not find anyone else besides the hostage who finally gave up his position after being told to come out of the house multiple times. Alongside some other people he is brought into the barn to start some role play with him. He is beat up by me and given a few things to remember for the future. Knowing that the person I killed had some identification on his body we did have some things to try and spark up some nice hostage role play with. On the radio there were some allies called in to confirm the hostage identity and progress some role play for everyone's groups. Very much at the end of the situation we are letting the hostage go and tell him to stay away from our town. Additions: @Mak , I don't know about the other members from my group but I am happy to offer you a chat with me & staff in discord about the situation if that helps.
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