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  1. Ron

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    Dobře, jdeme! Glad to be part of this finally.
  2. @Sleepyhead & @Jamie - short encounter but the accents were sexy. To the people I rolled with yesterday: it was a pleasure to clean the streets of kab with you. @PatZ @Unknown Entity @Pebbles @Asriel (your pp is tiny)
  3. Ron

    new to rp

    Hello andreyQ, Stick around. I think you will make great gm one day.
  4. Ron

    This is odd

    I've had my disagreements with streamers in this community, I've experienced a white name wave, also in my staff time. I mean he is getting payed to drag new players. Maybe we could agree on that some GM's/ Admins sit down with him and go through the rules one bye one explain certain things over scenarios / examples of situations? So he can show off what will be expected of players within this context in a better way. Would anyone of the GM or Admin team want to offer their time and do that? Would be appreciated much.
  5. Martička grew up in a small middle class Family. Her mother stayed home while her father was a sergeant within the Chernarussian Defence Force. Martička had a well protected and quite average life. Following the lead and wish of her father, Martička decided to visit the Policejní akademie Dobkovicy. It was always what her father had in mind for her, either serve the state of Chernarus on bases of military services or joining the Police. In her first year as a student she met her boyfriend Jarek, he was a vojín of the CDF at that time. During the civil war in 2009, the 19 year old volunteered along with other police students who were in the 3rd year of their training. Their area of duties and responsibility mainly included anything that was needed. From supporting man power of troops leaving the base to weapon maintenance or supporting civilians in need. She experienced the bloody face of conflict between the Movement of the Red Star and the Chernarussian Defense Force and the risks that go along with that. After serving a few months she was held captive by soldiers of the chedaki. They did not kill her but used her to set an example by humiliation and abuse, to intimidate the ones not following their communist ideology. Eventually she was liberated by some CDF soldiers who secured the area a few days after. When the country slowly started to recover and rebuild roughly a year after the civil war had started, Martička and her boyfriend tried their best to get back into normal life while grieving their losses of family members in the conflict. The made experiences changed her views while she struggled to keep following her fathers expectation of his daughter becoming an officer. She dropped out of the Policejní akademie Dobkovicy. While her parents died during the civil war, the one family she had was her boyfriend Jarek. He stayed within the CDF while she chose her own ways. Martička ended up working in multiple smaller security services for different companies. With the age of 24, Martička became part of a private security service at Miroslavl' airport. The young couple moved into the city in 2014. It did not take her to long to make contact to several colleagues from different areas. Shortly after starting the job, she understood how to make some extra money within her company. The guys from the customs of the airport were always nice to chat to. As time passed by it became daily routine for Martička to pick up different bags with a little extra tag and transport them to certain areas without causing any attention to it. When Jarek found out it caused a big fight between them. He started to threaten her with handing all information to the police. Before the couple was able to work anything out, Jarek was called in to move to South Zagoria in June 2017, while Martička had to support officers in Miroslavl'. The police had to face waves of civilians trying to escape the country via the airport, followed by waves of infected. The chaos hit them off guard and the mess started to spread all over the city. The bombing of NATO, Russian and CDF caused a big wave of infected heading towards Miroslavl' and the northern province of it. People disbanded their positions and duties and started running for their own lifes. The Airport was still full of thousands of people when Martička decided to leave for her own good. From this day on she got used to the idea of never seeing Jarek again. She roams around South Zagoria trying to find like-minded people or any fitting way to survive within the country. Interests: - Self defense - - Secure own survival - - Little to no hope to find X - - Find a safe environment to live in - - Trustworthy social contacts - Dislikes: - Chernarusskiy Dvizhenie Krasnaya Zvezda / Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star - - Russians supporting communist ideology- - Bragger/ big mouthing - - Drug Abuse - - Big groups of people - - To indulge in memories -
  6. Ron

    Hello I am Jannik

    Ahoj jannik
  7. Ron

    One Group

    I'd love to see that one, wasn't the right time for me back then either but would have loved to take part in it. The idea behind it was fucking great.
  8. Ron

    One Group

  9. Ron

    Ingame name

    @Jackfish check the settings, like it is explained here: Should work if you change it. Guys above are talking about this here I believe.
  10. Ron

    Starting Clothing

    Kept thinking about it ... why not try and find an agreement for both sides and like... give the option to choose ONE individual cloth for the spawn? So people can choose between gloves, face masks, hats and stuff.
  11. Ron

    Starting Clothing

    I agree with @Mexi. I mean the new tools and shit are pretty fucking nice but if I spawn with the clothes I want, it will change certain things. Not only trading but player movement in general. Move through different areas because you look for a certain item ooc - create an ic reason for it which you can role play out during the way. If you already have what you want, you probs just move to the hot spots... Idk, I think that is not a good idea. Another thing is that if you meet someone who owns what you want it motivates you to create an enjoyable ic reason around it to take it from that person. I see a risk of decrease of role play/ interaction itself. my 2 cents.
  12. @Sam Fields thanks for the company, my chernarussian krajan.
  13. We've made a nice deal today in VMC. It was fun and I really enjoyed the rp of you guys, nice set up. Thanks for that.