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  1. Hey guys, I know this section is not to discuss reports. I am not here to discuss the handling or outcome of the report linked above. Something caught my attention and I simply wish to clarify it. The OP's party deals with two dudes. One person dc'ed and as stated in the OP's POV ( " ... we told the guy in black to talk over his radio and to tell his friend if he was going to wake up, he needed to put his hands up or he'd die.") and in the video evidence ... the OP's group then proceeds to initiate on the guy in black and tell him to tell his buddy (the one who dc'ed) on the radio that if he comes back he has to put up his hands or die. So a group initiates on one person who is not in the server at that exact moment via the radio of his ally, wanting him to comply as soon as he connects to the server again. I'd just want to know GM's & Admins opinions (you are not relevant @Jamie) that it is all gucci like that or should things have been handled differently?
  2. No one:

    Literally No one:

    Group threads on DayZRP:


    1. Woodzie



    2. Wulf


      I always laugh at the fake positive feedback that always comes in during negative feedback... Usually something like

      "Really good RP today guys, you lot are the bestest at the ArrPee's"

      Sounds so disingenuous 😂

    3. Ron



  3. thanks for necroing this, bae. ___________________________________ If anyone feels like there could be additions / more topics - shoot me a DM.
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      diy flamethrower GIF

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      it is truuuuu

       valentines day flirt GIF by NewQuest

  6. Played yesterday for a while. In groups from 2 to 10 people. Outside and inside prefab compound. Drops went form 60 to 10 fps outside of cities. No crashes though. Edit: I know the poll is closed - just wanted to share that for me the performance is getting worse again.
  7. started this eve while like 25 people were in the server until now 42 / 100. steady 60 frames - in a group of mostly 5-8 people within a compound and around it - including the use of different firearms against a bunch of zombies. No crashes tonight.
  8. Thanks, happy to be here. Last few days have been a lot of fun. Let's see where this goes
  9. Work in progress indeed. Does this mean I am allowed to say n-word & f-word - and so on, icly? In a none-trollish manner ofc. Or do I get it wrong? I do think there is some nice progress. I still question the traders being implemented at all but I am still willing to try out for a longer period of time. The role play I experienced the last week was really enjoyable. I think the progress you & the team are making is nice. Thanks for putting all that effort in once more.
  10. Ron

    'Green is a safe colour'

    @Oryx - You really pulled this off and went with it. I was laughing my ass off in Discord.
  11. You don't have a feedback thread and since we have been speaking about it before I decided to leave it here. 

    Link to the situation:

    Any supporting evidence or notes: b8cc2b862b.png

    Feedback: In my opinion (so my personal impression - I'm not here to discuss right or wrong.) some of your forum content appears really unnecessary and pushing quite a bad mood and doesn't not seem to be really constructive. 

    "Same Ol' Whitelist" - Oh I'm sure now it will change. /sarcasm.
    It was not only an unnecessary and off-topic post but also to me it appeared like a whining post. Similar to: dayzrp is ded or #bringbackmod. The White-list can improve yes but it is a slow process that needs effort next to many other things. It has been topic many times.

    Suggestions for improvement: Take the time and read comments and also your answers twice before posting. 

    1. Ron


      *does not seem to be really constructive. 

    2. Whitename


      I don’t have a feedback page because I don’t accept criticism 🙂


      Jokes aside thank you for the feedback, you definitely have a point. I could have just brought it up elsewhere because it looks like I’m trying to dogpile by posting anything there 😄

  12. Ron


    why is this not handled within the report or in a dm but on the group thread page? You are inviting to a discussion regarding an active process of a report with this post. Would it not make more sense to speak to the leader and/or put a warning within the verdict? Looking at the fact that there is some revenge thing going on at the suspects party ( was you can see from before the edit of the post) just supports my thought about this being spoken about in the report and not here. Are you aware that staff can read this even though you edit it?
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