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  1. Ron

    Ammo Loot

    I find all of it pretty easily.
  2. U're wrong. It spawns ig and can be grown on garden plots. Not possible to smoke it yet, I believe.
  3. Ammo spawns like free condoms in gay parades. Everyone carries big ass guns. Stop crying, use them.
  4. 'Other' yea okay. With the requirement to connect it to backstory to prevent trolling. More than that? No.
  5. How many were they? Chernarussains you say? Are there more people who were attacked by them? If so how can I reach potential other victims? Maybe make a radio call? Should I go around that area next time? Maybe I check around a trading spot and ask people if they made the same experience? Maybe I can gather people to grow and be able to defend myself? I could be more careful next time I meet natives? Why are they so angry? Is there a reason behind all that? Maybe I find someone who can explain that to me? Are they only operation in that area or elsewhere? Do they have Enemies? Did I manage to see what they looked like? Am I able to identify them next time? Did they use any names? Are they part of something bigger? What can I say next time I meet them? Should I prepare? Do I need to warn people about them? It is role play. Don't be close minded.
  6. It is Chernarussian and we actually put effort into our roles and accents, thanks for not appreciating that the slightest bit. It is frustrating to read this one from a guy who introduces his 2D character as a "lone wolf" with the surname wolf. A) Stop valuing a vest over your characters life. B) Just say no. Make people initiate on you and give you some nice role play. Definitely C) Stop crying about gear. Okay this is sad, we actually role played with you for quite a while and thought it was interesting. Before you start making whining threads maybe report if you think a rule was broken or dm people and leave them some feedback. I'm waiting for you. Bring it. :^)
  7. german panic.


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    2. Terra


      German panic part 2

      @Ron tries to kill me!


    3. Ron




    4. Terra


      No one, ever,  believes you that!

  8. nice to have met you guys before the fight.
  9. Yes I was indeed hit by a zombie, the last time I noticed it. But my clothes/ other items did not take any damage. I find that a bit weird.
  10. So I noticed, when I pick up different rifle & pistol suppressors and put them in my inventory, they change condition without being used. They were most of the time pristine when picked up .... A bit later, I look at them again and they are ruined without being used. Anyone had the same problem? I thought maybe they take damage when one gets hit by zombies or so. But it happened to me like ... at least 8 times now. Is that a bug? Does anyone of you guys experienced that too? Shoot, ty ty.
  11. Ron

    Bullet damage

    I took a SVD shot without wearing a vest from 5m distance and was left with 1/3 health. Imo that's not too bad. I do have the feeling that dmg comes and goes with server performance.?
  12. Moon above New Paris. Misleading peaceful. ?
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