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  1. Well I guess then just message him back, saying you wont bpick him up since your characters dont know each other and would not know their locations - if that is the case.
  2. This could have also be posted in staff questions. Also discord #help channel is a good one for this. Tell him to leave ooc things aside. If it is a simple "where you at ig? I wanna rp" - something that stays between you both , i would not worry. If your characters know each other they can be in contact via radio. If he gives you ooc hints on for example: i will initiate in a second, get ready - on steam , without saying anything ig - that would be metagaming. If you act ic on ooc knowledge that makes you a guilty too.
  3. I had the idea that maybe a bit of content addition would freshen things up ig. I looked a bit through the workshop. Dunno much about mods, I tried to check for somewhat recent updates & no copyright fuck ups. More Melee https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2445422689 Leather Drying Rack - Dunno if really needed but I'd like to see some survivalist things ig. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2382476310 Diff Color Plates, Bags & Co - Fuck the ghillies tho. https://steamcommunity.com/shar
  4. Indeed you are not allowed to go back. Try and lose your focus on gear. If you have to gear up after dying from whatever - it will keep you moving. Moving means eventually meeting people , means eventually getting involved in new encounters. Also there is really one thing that doesn't help with annoying ig deaths: vent threads.
  5. I am not sure what the purpose of this thread is. Is it like a community call to get torches and pitch forks to fight for better rp? I see a lot of "i wont call out names but some people ... " posts which wont help. imo, if you want things to change for the better - maybe come up with some suggestions @Aron73? Im still not sure what the topic of the thread is. RP state? Wild Warning Points? PK's?
  6. Ofc goals is what keeps you going ig. I agree with that. I know there is certain limits to a game with a repetitive context and if you want to play a nationalistic group there will be some beliefs that might be the same. But what you listed seems like what the last handful of chernarussian/russian groups did, literally. What you stated above doesnt suit the ooc goal of the group you listed yourself. How will it be different? Is that to be seen in unique goals? Different kind of lore background? Something else? If your style of nationalistic rp on the server will be different ,
  7. It was fun, thanks for having me! A very different approach on Chernarussian history with nice potential, imo. Use that damn LM reputation boost option!
  8. Ah nvm, I should have read twice before yelling at you. If it is small house somewhere and not castle walls like ig bases these days- then fine. Still the "pay for ig advantage" just has a bad karma - imo, leave me that to whine about.
  9. Creating a group is not unfair advantage. Creating a group is work & effort and contains ig role play to reach an achievement for example a group prefab . Maybe consider that a rank-prefab is something small? A limited version of a group-prefab? So this achievement consists of some ig work doesn't become a simple perk to be bought.
  10. I dont like the "pay for ig advantage" at all. Either way, it is your call what to do on your sever. One question : Is the rank-prefab set up under the same requirements as the group prefabs? Speaking Item numbers & such? Also group prefabs are judged by staff & council - will that still be a thing for rank-prefabs?
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  12. After speaking to a french fighter, I now understand how SCAR-H's impact fight dynamics. I think it might not need to be removed but restricted to give other firearms more of a stage and make firefights last longer than two taps. make 'em spawn on choppers & with smaller mags. People who like these guns will still have a small chance to get them, others get back to the good ol' KAM.
  13. o7 to one of the strongest groups since lore wipe. Much respect for you stinky @Hofer to make it happen another time, along with the support of many great role players. The amount of shit this group got was unreal but you still pulled through. Thanks for making an impact on the server. Im curious to see future projects.
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      'You be kinda hot, ngl. Wanna link up?'

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