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  1. A no for me, @Genji. If you choose to text rp for whatever reason, it is on you to deal with the consequences coming along. If you feel like you are struggling with keeping a conversation up: practice to type faster. If you feel like creating an emote takes too long: a) read above and b) figure out the right situation for fitting emotes and ofc the way of emoting. A conversation with some people joining in and out, on the road might be better off with a short emote and compared to that the typical example of a campfire with some people remaining longer in a situation. Also not to forget:
  2. You should consider using the search function and read through some topics before you make a suggestion. There was even an official poll about the quality of role play people encountered in the servers made by @Rolle. I doubt the whitelist will change but I agree with you: there are indeed some terrible RPers running around.

    1. Oliv


      I like that tempo change up, never heard of em before.

    2. Ron


      they have a pretty sweet album out. go listen to them!

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    1. jason hunter

      jason hunter

      Ron! Back at it again with the high ground.

    2. Oliv
    3. Jamie
  5. @lukaszxe had a nice walk from Pustoshka towards Kabanino with you today. Too bad it got ruined, hope to see your character again!
  6. Hello James, this picture reminded me of your existence.


    1. Jamie



  7. Was interesting to see you & co at the GM compound. No no he was not scared at all. He was just careful... you know, women bitching at each other - you don't want to get caught in the crossfire, amirite @Elmo ?
  8. Just curious, I looked through the thread but did not get it yet... how would a PVE concept look like? Would there be no hostilities at all? Or like... hostage situations yay , firefight nay ? Sounds clusterfuck-ish to me.
  9. You should have posted this in the question section. I'm sure one of the Mods will move this thread soontm. Take a look at this, it might help you out.
  10. Team Chernarus
  11. tumblr_n39cgvaAac1qb8ello1_1280.jpg

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      You need to shave ron.

    3. Daddy


      It looks like his toes have some form of mesothelioma.

    4. Ron


      My hairy legs are the ones to the right. 

    • Kris
    • Ron

    Your music taste, I appreciate it, but male rappers are just better imo, ur profile song atm, i cant get over how much i can hear her gasping for air through verses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Ron


      gotta support ze females, karl. I think little simz does well.

      If you don't like her... maybe try young m.a ?




    2. Kris


      nah, the artist on ur profile is more my pace, but I still prefer male rappers, thats just me though, totally not being sexist or anything...