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  1. Hey hey, take a look at this here, I believe you will find answers! Especially in Chapter 8 & 9 but also 6&7. Feel free to shoot me a DM on discord if you have questions.
  2. I'm sadly out of beanz but I think this is a nice idea and good chance to put depth into storylines.
  3. You know which faction to join. Good to see you back Vandy !
  4. This. I get where the idea is coming from but that looks WRONG!
  5. Olga Novak grew up in a big farmer family in the northern parts of South Zagoria Chernarus. While some of her brothers and sisters moved out to explore the world, Olga stayed home. She supported her parents in running the farm and all of the different task coming along with it. The bloody conflicts of Chernarus did not mean harm to all natives. Olga and her people experienced a lot of support since their business supported the local society with needed food supplies on the different markets along the northern highway. Staying home the Chernarussian woman learned a lot about agricultural work and how to process fruit,vegetables & meat. The Novak family has always been known for Novak Zavařenina , a marmalade made in a traditional Chernarussian way. Olga spent a lot of days, picking fruit, processing and cooking it to then sell the jars of self made joy on the local markets in the area. Her cousin Daniel even took some with him on his regular trips to Russia. This was all before the lock downs happened. Especially in times of the first flu waves in which people were only allowed to leave their houses for desperately needed supplies, the Novak family gained much on reputation. Delivering fresh food with the family truck made them known faces on the roads in the area. After the sick people started to turn and everything became chaos Olga did her best to reach out to her brothers and sisters. She did not really succeed and when her parents started to show symptoms they kicked her out. In fear that they might suffer from behavioral changes they told their daughter Olga to leave and search for shelter in a quarantine camp or try and make it south towards a town called Berezino, relatives of the Novak family have been settling there in the past and might pick her up.
  6. Time to get the CLF News out there. I'd like to dedicate this one to the gamer @groovy patz.
  7. In 2010 the Desatník Andrej Lanik fell to Russian forces in the bloody conflict of the civil war in Chernarus. He left behind his 20 year old wife Jasna. After burying an empty coffin, I buried the thought of a happy life in my home country with it. The Chedaki force was too strong. The Russians … they arrived and they were staying. Like parasites they spread around the streets. Socialist Republic? It all appeared like a nightmare to me. Though, I had never been the woman to not speak my mind about dog pigs, I had to keep my head low. I had opened up a little shop in the streets of Chernogorsk. When I spoke up, they came - the Russians, the Chedaki - RAC Rats & dogpigs is what we called them ...They always left my place of work in a mess. “Preventive measures … searching and collecting information about old parties of Chernarus” ... They threw things out of the shelves, stole and destroyed anything in their way... Oppressing those who rightfully tried to live their life in peace around that area. It was our home, not theirs. I remember the day when a man entered the shop. Not a guy of many words but I directly noticed, he must have been born in the area. It was a quick chat. His accent was noticeable and it brought a little smile onto my lips to speak to a trustworthy soul. After he bought a pack of cigarettes, he left a little note at my counter. I went after him to return it but he had disappeared already. I looked at the folded piece of paper in my hand which said C.L.F. Thinking back I’d call this the first day I had contact with what I call family today. Since that day it did not take a long time for me to get involved with the liberation front. I started to reproduce information papers and gave them to other supporters of the cause. It became my cause so fast. Finally people had the courage and strength to claim what was theirs and fight back the communist parasites. It reminded me of how Andrej used to speak. For him it always was self-evident task to protect our home. I needed to keep going - to keep his memory, to keep what was left of him around. Growing bigger came along with becoming more capable. With RAC roaming the streets, trying to silence any little left over of who once kept our motherland safe - we needed to be able to protect ourselves, we needed to be able to strike. Spreading information on little notes became spreading words to known brothers and sisters. From there it went to little hidden meetings, receiving different tasks, receiving different training - different targets. With more strength we were able to take down bigger targets. We took chances to state examples as a sign to everyone that there was indeed a good amount of people in Chernarus, willing to fight back. Groups of the RAC were standing in my shop, not knowing about the hidden drugs, the hidden guns … the boxes and printers in the basement. So often I wanted to just blow everything up, sending them to hell but my higher ups had different plans and the consequences of the flu seemed to support it very well. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.
  8. Better than most PR I've seen - since I am here. Very nice & thanks for all the work you put in, Staff Team.
  9. These are questions I only can answer when I experienced what the new lore wipe pushed for everyone in the servers.
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