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  1. It is probably a lot more simple to come up with someone who is not born in Chernarus / Livonia when it comes to knowledge of lore and language. I started to like playing a Livonian and multiple Chernarussian a lot. Yes it is more work but I feel like it creates a realistic vibe.
  2. You still say why it is a shit move for people to move between servers "role play wise" - you don't explain what we gain from your suggestion. What is a solid reason for a group to move? Who defines solid - staff or maybe the people involved in a story line? I expected the "icly it does not make sense for people move there" - point. Sorry but how the fuck did it make sense for people to stay forever in one area of Chernarus, called South Zagoria? It is a video game which is restricted to certain maps. Of course people want to play the new map and of course that certain area will be on topic ig. When wolves &bears were not ig for a while - no one was mentioning it, they are back in for a while now and on topic. Same with the cars/trucks which come back and go as developers fix them - suddenly people search for cars , which they did not like a few months ago. Dont get me wrong , what you criticize, I agree with to a certain point. People who travel between maps should have a somewhat realistic reason icly - we had a discussion thread about this a while ago. A restriction doesn't fix that people come up with good reason role play-wise. If they communicate a shit & unrealistic reason like " I came over with a private jet!" , we already have a rule that covers this. I feel like this suggestion not neutral.
  3. I've just read your OP post again. I'd like to know what you think, we achieve with restricting groups to one server? For what should there only be one character per group member per server? What do we gain from it? You don't state anything like that beside "it doesn't seem right to you" and "good reason". So please some more explanation on that matter , so i can understand where you are coming from
  4. It has always been like that, it doesn't matter if there is two different maps. People are allowed to have multiple characters and they are allowed to choose and play what/who they like to play. It doesnt matter if same group or not as long as it is different characters. There is no said "loophole" since 1 person is able to play two individuals in Livonia, in Chernarus or in both. How many people did create a second character to take a break from another character and still related it to people they knew - that happened all before Livonia was even out. If there is a cheap character twin or metagamed information or an unrealistic travel between Chernarus and Livonia - we have rules that cover this. I don't get why you're asking for more restriction tbh.
  5. I like the suggestion , lucky. A nice survival touch. I think mod suggestions are to be posted here https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/334-dayzrp-mod/
  6. Better watch your mouth, you will regret it. @Wolfen
  7. I just saw Iva in the background Great job, Derrick! Next time put fucking Olek in there too, wtf!
  8. come, role play with us. We need someone to bully!
  9. no for me ... unless there is c4 being added which is a too high risk of collateral damage ... so again , no.
  10. He was hunting bandits with us 2 days ago
  11. Some heroes don't wear capes. Said your name was Wolf. I hope we meet again.



    1. Wulf


      My exploits in the land have clearly inspired a new generation of heroes to rise up lmao

    2. Ron


      I found out who he is 😉

    3. Wulf


      Well that didnt take you long haha

  12. I haven't been a hostage in ages. Thank you guys for the rp - it was great and I really enjoyed it. You pulled off the bad guys pretty fucking nice.
  13. If neutral groups were actually neutral they would not need people to stand up for them because you know ... they are neutral. You do not have to be the punching bag if you step up for it. Generalizing the fact that hostile groups WILL abuse you seems unfair to me and pretty much not focused on what hostile role play is good for regarding development of stories and characters. If something doesn't go your way icly it is a poor decision to try and find the solution in even more restriction for everyone. If you want someone ig to defend your ass, work for it icly - that should never ever be a reason to change rules. Why not? We did have a Safe Zone in the past & the project failed. Imo it caused rule breaks & even more unnatural role play dynamics.
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