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  1. When you respond to an appeal with the first sentence being

    Hello Booty,



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      I'm oddly aroused by the concept of this status :ph34r:

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  2. tumblr_ordccqJXtq1vltklbo1_500.gif

                                                                ^Nishi^                                                  ^    @Nocheluz ^

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      Keeeek! No I'd never do that, can't break my pillow:P

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      Your not breaking it, just giving a nice little fluff.

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      Lol! Good point xD

  3. Thanks for the comments! I am done writing chapter five! I just need the voices and should be good! If you are interested in doing voices please let me know! I could very well add them. Send me a PM ill give you lines and you can even create your own that you think might go well.
  4. When Aiko gets initiated on...


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      What I think I look like when I PVP!


      What I actually do..


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    I miss you...

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      No anime for me huh? I see how it is Aiko-sama. :(

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      For you Nishi-Kun!

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      oooo! Pretty!

  5. *Harper nods at Jimmy, her hand trembling a little as she answers her.* "Ummm how about...uhh Black a few days from now...we will be" *You hear some talking from a man in the background.* "Yeah..ummm..what if she doesn't know where that is!" *There is more words in the background, almost like the sound of a exasperated sigh.* "What if she runs into the infected trees!" *The voice in the back is clear this time* "Harper....She'll be fine." "I... how do you...know...that...? few two or three...we can meet....and everything..." *There is a pause and she says quickly* "C-Careful of the infected trees!"
  6. *Harper blinks looking down at her radio, she looks to Jimmy for a moment seeming uncertain about responding. Hesitating even as she grab it, bringing it up to her lips.* "Ummm..hey Luina..its nice to hear from you...I uhh hope your doing ok..." *Harper stops again as she seems to be having a hard time with what to say.* "I mean! Its not like I mean! I dont hope your doing bad! I uhh! I am sure all is fine heh...uhh..I..don't mind meeting...really...uhhh..just depends where..." *Her voice has a slight strain and tremble to it, as if she were nervous.* " sorry your alone...I...uhhm..know that isn't easy...g..give me a moment to decided a place.." *Harper looks over to Jimmy again, as she shrugs a little.*
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      how do i down vote this

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      fuck u on about

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      On some high quality memes. 

  8. You're Welcome ;) 

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      Rebel Pado

      I live I die I live again

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      *quickscopes Pay Dough* //you ded

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      Rebel Pado


      *he would die and his body would turn into a GM title*

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    Best music I have heard in so long. Brings back memories...


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      Rebel Pado


  9. You can also get MVP for being in staff for a good amount of time as well. Like @Ark and @Bunny .
  10. /UnArchived upon request Good Luck
  11. VV Recently...we have been moving a's is to keep everyone safe...and protected. I am not upset about's just..that..people have been..leaving. Some..for good reasons...others...not so much..and..I can’t help but's my fault..or..they don't care.. “They never liked you..” “They left because you're deprived…” “Everyone leaves you…” Marshal...and Lincoln..they..were injured..and..they had to leave..and..maybe Lincoln..that is my fault. I..I should have tried harder to help him...Then..maybe he would have stayed...but..I know he missed Marshal a lot..At least..they have each other.. “Unlike’re all alone…” I-I have Jimmy...and he..promised.. “I don't wanna say i've moved on..” I-I know...he..wont ever be like that...with me..maybe..he simply pitties me..I..probably just some kind of challenge...I mean..who could...who just a replacement.. “Someone not right in the head…” “So pathetic…” “Even a dead girl is loved more than you…” All..of this reminds me of Ondrej..and what happened with him and the doctors. Really...its wasn’t just the doctors that got to was all of those he pissed off. He began to lose more...and more men..every time I stopped by..he lost two or three day..he..was alone...and it was just me and him… “He left you…” “If he cared he would have stayed…” “Ondrej..why..” It wasn’t like he had a choice...he..needed to rally more troops..he had to leave and it was too dangerous for him anymore. He..told me so many times...over the time we had...that he would do everything...and anything to protect me. He well..but he couldn’t anymore...his men were dead...and he..always came back with a fresh wound. Ondrej...he promised to come back for me...but with how he hugged me one last time. I knew...that was the last time I would ever..see him.. “No one wants you…” “After what you did...who could…” “If they knew...they would hate you..” why they always leave...because..even though I try so hard to be one of them. I try and get will happen. I..will dirty them...him..Jimmy..he..deserves someone much better than me. Someone like his Miranda...because..I am broken...I am a Depriver..a creature of darkness..that..ruins man Jimmy mentioned...Lucie… “He continued to completely listen to them..” “We...eventually had to...get rid of him..." “Gave him a slow death..." I..can’t..hurt them...I dont want seems to happen around me...even if I try everything. They always find a way..and then..I..will be alone again….with them… “We..will never leave you..” “You’re one of us…” “We will never abandon you…”