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  1. Aiko

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks for not shooting me I enjoyed the walk and the talk. Maybe Ella can run into you again.
  2. Aiko

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    Moshi Moshi! I agree with you this verdict is bad, it's not right at all. For instance, I have read many reports that mention punching and so on being ruleplay if the one being punched kills the attacker. I will link one below. Above is a report that isn't too different from the one in question. A man punches someone, and because of this, they deem they had kill rights because of the punch. As you can see in the report and the verdict that they were hit with rule play. Because quite simply, it is. It looks like rule play in the report Dusty posted as well. Rule play: Obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations. This means that you should always try prioritizing roleplay over the rules, instead of killing Dusty he could have put up a fun little fist fight. There was a lot of potential in this but it was lost because someone was trigger happy. The rest of the verdict is also ridiculous in my opinion. For one how is that baiting? That is simply roleplaying asking someone for help from some creep who is bothering you, and pestering you. There was some back and forth sure, but what I find crazy is that much more back talk happens when someone is a hostage. I have seen WORSE backtalk from people and yet why are they not getting hit with baiting for back talking? Regardless of who did it first. If anything there is a question there too, why was the accused not hit for baiting as well? Following someone, asking them where they are going and in general being a pest can very well be seen as baiting. I have seen it verdict as such before, where someone follows the OP for a good while. Even when the OP shows ALL signs of wanting to leave, and not get involved as Dusty did. He might have asked the people to rob the accused. Yet how is this seen as baiting? This is just ROLEPLAY, from someone who was tired of being harassed by someone. So they took it into their own hands. I would advise @Roland and the other admins to double check the report. Because I think it is not right. Edit: My bad he didn't get hit with baiting but NVFL? That is silly too. Just take a second look at the report regardless. I AM TIRED T_T
  3. Aiko

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    Had a fun time with you all last night hope you enjoyed as well.
  4. Terra

    • Terra
    • Aiko



    @Ender @Lyca @Oliv @Roland & everyone else ❤️

    1. Roland


      End me

    2. Oliv



    3. Terra


      Awww @Oliv

    4. Oliv


      and I meant every word of it too ❤️

  5. Aiko

    Interview With A Community Member: Aiko

    @MR Pussywhipped He is not allowed to be in jail with me. Thanks everyone!
  6. Aiko

    Another Queastion

    You can, but you don't share attacker rights with the whole group you are with.
  7. Aiko

    Another Queastion

    That's not how that works, you need to read the rules again. You have to Initiate or staff will simply reject your white list. Just because its your characters way, doesn't mean you can do as you please. Without regard to rules. For example, a cannibal character can't go around killing people just because his character is a cannibal and has to eat.
  8. Aiko

    Another Queastion

    For the group thing, you can say you help people. But regardless, unless you know them recently as rped with them or they are in your group. You have to initiate on the people holding up said random person you want to help.
  9. Aiko

    Another Queastion

    In the end you HAVE to initiate on them. There use to be a rule called the good summeriten rule. But that was taken away a long time ago. As it results in kos, and misunderstandings. It would not lead to good rp, only senseless killing. Its much more interesting to initiate and see where it leads.
  10. Aiko

    I need a doctor [Open Frequency]

    *Andy listens before speaking again a hint of a smile in her voice.* "Ano, mám ráda slyšení i jiných krajanů. Je smutné říci, že nebudu v táboře, jak jsme nedávno měli nějaké problémy. Stále jim pomáhám, jak můžu, ale prozatím jsem potulný doktor." *With that she pushes the button off again, setting it to the side once more.*
  11. Aiko

    I need a doctor [Open Frequency]

    *Andela pushes the button on her radio after hearing both messages. The responds to it in soft spoken Chernarussian.* "Naděje a její tábor vám mohou pomoci. Jsi k ní blíž než já. Jdi na sever tam je tábor, letní tábor. Ona a její lidé tam žijí. Pokud nejsou k dispozici žádní lékaři, můžu to udělat, ale trvá déle, než se tam dostanu. Zůstat v bezpečí." *With that she release the button, and slumps back against the wall. Setting her radio close by.*
  12. Aiko

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    It's late to post this as I had to pass out earlier. Thanks for letting me come to your island today @Eagle @Cookie @BrianM @ItzTyler and @DK_Major Though the rp was cut short I enjoyed my time there, and hope the good doctor can come back.
  13. Brady

    • Brady
    • Aiko

    Happy Birthday!

  14. Aiko

    S1 KOS AOGM baiting 2019-04-10, 20:16

    Andela Jelinek POV: My time on the Island started when I gave Stefan(Eagle) a ride in my car so he could back to his home, the island. We chatted a bit on the way, and he offered to let me come over and see it. As my character was a bit curious about the people who lived over there. So I and he swam across and I spent a good while over there talking and rping with the inhabitants of the prison. I was asked to watch over Emma, as she was a girl who got out of control from time to time. So I said sure and sat in her cell with her to keep her company. It was around this time, that I began to hear shouting outside at the bridge and saw a man. As seen in the video, he called them thieves and other things. This back and forth lasted MUCH longer than the video shows. I was in the cell a few minutes prior to the video starting recording. So I will tack on about five more minutes, before the start of the video that this man stood outside the prison. Taunting and doing his thing. So that was about ten whole minutes of this man simply wanting to start something. When honestly the people inside weren't wanting to do anything. It was after this as you can see, that they began to shoot at the people inside of the prison. This lasted a LONG time, and I attempted to keep Emma and myself entertained as my character isn't one to shoot. While Emma character didn't have a weapon. It took some time, but the people in the prison came out successful and came back to rp with me and Emma. All seemed ok for a while as I stayed with Emma and we chatted still. It was a good long while before we heard more gunfire and scrambling started happening. What was odd about this, is that the gunfire that was happening was INSIDE of the prison. Which would have been impossible to get into. That is unless someone logged into the prison after having logged out prior, and from where I was I didn't hear any initiation of any type from inside. Just a bunch of gunfire, and soon after I and Emma were approached by a man that I hadn't seen before. And we were escorted off the island. While on the way out we asked him a few questions, which include if they killed the men on the bridge. As we saw some dead bodies, he said no. Those were his friends, and then we were made to swim back onto the mainland. In my opinion, it was very baity and according to logs. Shows that at least two people logged in after the initiation was dropped, which is said in the video before the time stamp and before the first hit. As almost ten minutes of them taunting was rather unneeded.
  15. Aiko

    • Aiko
    • Cookie


    Hi Coco heh, was fun running into you. I will be back >D

    1. Cookie


      Can't believe you made me sing ingame.. I hate singing.. :c It was fun though! 😄❤️ You better come back, big sister ❤️ 

    2. Aiko


      ANO! It was fun! I am glad you sang it made me happy ^_^ Yayyy I will be back. With some medication 😉

    3. Eagle



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