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    what a trashy weeb... hm....

  1. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    And now....I know why you guys think it be a BAD idea to let us have access to that.... But for the record.. >.> I am not Rolle....
  2. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    No I am not in hostile mode, as you like to say simply annoyed that out of all @Hollows mentioned. Which, I find a good portion of them to be good reasons. The only things you commented on were the community fails. Then you also commented three times how bad staff were. When Hollows mentioned only once how staff have been supposedly bias in a way. To me, it just seems you have something that you wish to say or have noticed. I than proceeded to tell you how to proceed in such a manner. Maybe you could have went into more detail about other things Hollows mentioned, but again, from my perspective you seem hung up on staff.
  3. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    Why do you make it seem like I am going to be spawning things left and right? I never said that, I simply said it make to game fun for everyone, and why the hell would I abuse it? That is why its only given to the admin team, so it isnt abused in the first place. In fact, in the past, I am sure staff get in trouble for spawning stuff for no reason than just to get the upper hand on others. I like how this has turned into a nice discussion about the game and how it needs progress, to a STAFF IS BAD discussion. If you have a problem with how things are ran within staff, and that we admins are lousy. Maybe you should bring it up to Rolle personally with valid proof of how unfair and lousy we are. As that is the only way he will know about it, and possibly do something about it.
  4. Longer Nights?

    MOSHI MOSHI! ADMIN AIKO DESU! SUGOI KAWAII ANIME DESU! I will just leave this here: Last time we had a thread like this, it was the opposite, everyone wanted more day than night because of how the night fell more people ended up ONLY having night. Most want it this way, unless it has changed since last this was brought up. EDIT!!! I found the original post and poll:
  5. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    MOSHI MOSHI! AIKO DESU! SUGOI ADMIN! As most say, to me its not he community its mainly the game being well boring to me. Most are wanting/waiting for that beta to hit. When, hopefully, they will have the base building the loot tables we can mess with and the spawning of thing. To make events and what not random and more fun. Despite that, recently, from looking at it from my side we been getting a good influx of new whitelist as can be seen from the home page of new white listed users. There are others still needing to whitelist and are waiting to be reiviewed. I dont think its dying really, just at a slow time. Honestly I am excited to get mods and spawning things! Just how much fun that could be!! Makes me all hyped hehe.
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    weeb scum

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    Hmm your catboy profile is acceptable.


    1. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor

      You should of seen the old video

      I almost died for it

    2. Aiko


      Everont says the same about mine. ^_^ Its how I keep people off my profile, it seems to work.

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      You mean nazi profile?

    4. Aiko


      My profile isnt that Rolle!! Its a weeb profile! Which you have now changed sides and refuse to embrace your weebness! HOW DARE YOU ROLLE BAKA!

    5. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor

      oh noooooooooooo

      I dont know whats worse out of those two replies tbh

  6. Aiko

    Ooo Yay for fanxy Text names!


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      Our new toy to play with!

      Image result for Stitches tokyo ghoul gifs

  7. Underage Black List Appeal

    Sorry this has taken awhile to respond to, Your account has been cleared of its blacklist, as you have confirmed what we needed through Email. Appeal Accepted
  8. Underage Black List Appeal

    Hello, Please use the following template and rules: If you fail to do so in 24 hours, your appeal will be closed.
  9. D: I read enough whitelist! Why must you torture me more Onion! </3
  10. [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

    I agree, I think they gave up! WE WIN!
  11. An interview with Rolle

    Needs more weeb, should have added a SUGOI! Somewhere TBH. I like it! Great job @Rolle & @Syff !
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    What I am going to do with the 100 bucks you keep asking me for.

    1. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor

      put the server up then give me the remaining 99