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  1. Well Fil, I will say that if someone is doing this to you, then you are free to gather the evidence and present it to us (The Admin Team.) We will look at it and determine if what the "said" people are doing is harassment or not, and if so then they will be punished according to our rules. 1.1 We demand all of our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times. In other words, don't be a cunt. 1.2 You are not allowed to insult, bully, harass, troll or provoke other DayZRP players. This goes for all kinds of communication and medium, not just messages sent through DayZRP services. So for everyone please remember we do uphold these rules of harassment, bullying, and so on. So if its brought forward there will be consequences.
  2. Moshi Moshi! ADMIN AIKO! ANIME DESU! Anyway there are rules in place already for this, no one can force you to perma unless you give them permission. If permission was granted then after you are killed and by all right dead, they can do what they wish with the body. This is a unique situation for you and all, but if it happened they you allowed perma death rights. Then even if you wanted to come back, you couldn't its against a rule to come back after you perma. In all rights just as they thought they permed you, they can do what they wish after. Some great rp came come from perma deathing, I think I heard someone perm and the people ended up chopping him up and eating him after words. So I mean its allowed as long as they were granted that perma death right. So my answers are no one can force you to perma death unless you give permission, even if they pressure you and what not you dont have to. If you do perma and actually give them consent to do so, they are allowed to do what they wish after your dead.
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  5. Willow Beasley

    Willow was born and raised in good ole Georgia, and like any girl raised in the south, she was raised as a proper southern lady. Sure she might have been a little rebel from time to time, doing what most country girls do. Yet in school she was nothing but an angel, getting straight A's and in her high school, she was valedictorian. Her life wasn't all butterflies and rainbows, at home, her parents were always fighting and eventually divorced. In school it was ok, but she was teased for well-being smart and a nerd in a sense. She wasn't one to try out for sports, she didn't really even join many clubs at all. Willow could be seen as your typical picked on girl, who really didn't have many friends. That didn't really seem to stop her from pursuing her education further and became interested in helping others. Enough so that her education turned toward humanitarian aid, taking three years to study Political Science and getting a Master Degree in Social Work. Willow was much the good girl through her life in college, she didn't take much time for herself to have fun. Having one or two boyfriends here and there, but they all seemed to come second in her pursuit of education and helping others. She soon after graduating joined the United Nations, as a Humanitarian Aid officer. Having traveled to many places, offering aid where she could. Through this, she has learned so much, and soon became a team leader for the group of Humanitarian Aid Workers. It was a big step for her, as she had never been the team leader before and it was something new. So she was sent to Chernarus to try and help the people, and help the already stationed Peacekeepers. In hopes of making if just a small difference.
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  7. [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for Flame (Dragon Flame! HAHA!)
  8. Staff Agenda v.2 August 2017

    Hello Ramon, What you are asking is a @Rolle thing. There is no way for us to stop people from simply writing (Backstory, backstory, backstory.) Simply report it and it will be taken care of simple as that.
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