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"Apprentice and bride. Which one should I take seriously....?"

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    3. Pepe Jones

      Pepe Jones


    4. Kattica


      Ruh roh.

    5. Squillium


      Gonna give it a no 

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      Mr. Blue

      I might get some backlash, but honestly from the look of things on my end, I don't see why there's such a huge fuss. The RP looked very trollish from what I could see, and the only thing I can see that probably should have happened was maybe talk it out in TS. But the RP seemed kind of illogical and crap, plus them claiming false report when there was plenty of witnesses. Maybe there was some things that could/should have gone differently with how it was handled, but overall I'm with @Aiko.

    14. DustyRP


      The backlash is because as a staff member, you NEVER touch a report that you have anything to do with. Never.

      Every staff member knows this.

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    Lmao that looks biased as fuck

    1. Jasper


      Because it is. 

    2. Aiko


      Rolle will handle it in an appeal simple as that.

    3. ExoticRP


      You and I both know that he is not letting any permd players back

    4. LouieRP


      That is without a doubt biased. I feel that the evidence should have been brought forwards and let everyone places in their POVs before a decision was made and to even go to the extent to permaban them Is just utterly disappointing.

    5. UndeadRP


      dawg even if he does shouldnt like there have been some discussion about it not like. Hey i choose these 4 dudes to get yeated , and hey now only the server owner has anything to do with it personally. Idk man feelsbadman

    6. DustyRP


      Yeah no, that shits not ok. 

      Whatever happened to standard procedure? 

      Lastly, look at the state of the community. Perma banning people should be one of the last things to be done in this community. We need as many people as we can get. 

      R4’s, perms and final warnings shouldn’t be handed out like candy. They should be last resort type things.

      Like they say when it comes to RP; killing should be the very last resort. The same should be true when dealing with people here.

    7. Terra


      I think @Aiko you did a good job, as controversial my opinion may be for the others who dont agree. ¯\_(ツ)_/

       Well done. <3

    8. Ellie


      Hi, I do too. I would have not bothered with the report itself and use admin discretion, talk it among yourselves and make the R4 decision. But regardless <3 ;)

    • JoffreyRP
    • Aiko

    Yeesh, that was heavy.

    1. Aiko


      They will be unbanned if it was unjust. They will appeal in emails, and Rolle will decide.

    2. JoffreyRP


      Right on

    3. JoffreyRP


      Not saying it was a mistake yet, but if it was.. we all make 'em. It's all good in the hood. People should give ya a little slack.

  1. Hello, As an admin here on this website I will be using the following rule: 4.1 Administrators are authorized to use any means necessary to catch rule breakers as long as it does not affect the community, gameplay, role play or community image negatively. Administrators are authorized to override any decision made by lower staff ranks or community vote. 4.2 Administrators are allowed to punish players for actions not covered on this rule page, as long as they consider the action or players behavior to be damaging to the community, gameplay, role play or community image. 4.3 Administrators have the final say in all community related decisions. Community leader has an amendatory veto over administrator team decisions. 4.4 An administrators decision can only be appealed by contacting Rolle directly through support section of the website. You must provide a clear description of the event along with an explanation of how the decision made was incorrect. From what I saw of your rp all four of you, I will be using rule four. Going as far as to say that I am falsely reporting you! You may appeal this by contacting emails and appealing to Rolle directly at [email protected] I will give him all the video evidence and let him be the judge of the rp that was given to us at that time. Accused Permanently Removed from the community.
    • Para
    • Aiko

    Don't think i've seen you report somebody for a LONG time... must be serious :thinking_emoji:

    1. Elmo


      No Para, it wasn't serious, that's exactly why it was reported. Smh, learn2readkid

  2. Server and location: S1: Severograd to Sevtlojarsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2/19/2018 01:14 Your in game name: Harper Kennedy Names of allies involved: Jimmy Estacado, Francis Williams II, Jack Lexton Name of suspect/s: Egwu Mugabe, Uwae Moka, Magunta Okeke, Mongo Okeke Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Bus Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): In process of being uploaded Detailed description of the events: So I and my group are trying to get more known with the garage services we offer, and my thought was to for the day give free rides to people in a bus we had found. Then later after dropping the people off, we were going to tell them about what all we offer and so on in the future. So we travel to Severograd and meet a lot of people! Which I am fine with and they proceed to file into the bus and I begin to drive them and ask where they want to go. This is where it starts getting bad, one of the people jump out of the moving bus and dies. We stop so we can see if he is ok and rp it out. While I am stopped someone thinks its a great idea to take out the glow plug of my Bus. This is annoying as I have so many people on the bus and have no idea who took it. That is ok, as I have a spare on me! Like any good garage person would have spare parts on them. I get out of the bus and as I am getting out Mongo Okeke decided to get into the driver's seat and proceeds to say that he is the captain and that it is now his bus. So ok I am like fine we will try rping this out as best we can. I go to try and pull the battery of the bus out, but I crash. That is seen in the logs as well, as one of my allies mentions it to them. Instead of waiting for me to get back into the game, they drive off with the bus heading to Sevt. As both me and Jimmy have to log back in as he also gets glitched and relogs. Meanwhile, my other two allies are on the bus this whole time. I myself can't say the rp during that time, but so far it has been bad. There was no reason for them to take the Bus and instead of trying to rp with me the owner of the Bus they just take it. I log back in and begin to run to Sevet with Jimmy, and during this, I hear that the rp in the Bus consist of nothing but screaming of he's the captain...and that he knows de way. Referring to the meme, as they also began to spit and so on. This part is recorded through steam stream as the person playing had no recording software. So one of our group recorded the stream and it will be uploaded as soon as it can be. Anyway, I am told that they attempted to drive the bus into the water. Which failed, and by the time I got there they had finally managed to push it into the water and blow it up. They congratulated the captain and that he did a great job, and celebrated it. After that, they all ran off...and logged...I am guessing. Overall this was some of the worst rp I have seen, they didn't even bother to rp or use the Bus! When that Bus was part of my rp and my group business. They did nothing at all to progress the rp, and it was all just troll in my honest opinion. The potential combat log simply is that they stole my Bus, which I think is a hostile action, and thus logged out shortly after having destroyed it. Which, I was there for along with my group.
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    AIKO! :3


  3. BeanZ WAR

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    Say goodnight...

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    Aiko-chan! Watashi to tatakau!


    • Aiko
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    You know, I think you would make a great staff member. ;)

    1. Ron


      I heard you must like anime to become staff. Sorry, i just can't !


  4. Music in posts

    MOSHI MOSHI! KAWAII SUGOI ADMIN AIKO DESU! You can no longer put songs on a profile post, which sucks I agree, but you can use sound cloud or youtube. If that isn't your cup of tea you can always link it to puush, and then add a graphic to what ever your doing. An link the puush to that. But most link a youtube or soundcloud to their posts now.
  5. Bad RP Situation

    Since @melkerornberg has been on since called in, he will be temp banned until he posts his POV.
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    1. Brady


      Leave aiko alone

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