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  1. An extraordinary businessman in the old world, now misplaced in between chaos and ruin. Fredrick always enjoyed solitude, peace and quiet. So it didn't really surprise his family or the few friends he had, when he announced he's moving to Iceland. To get away from the states, and start a new life. Not that he really had much to bring with him, or even much to change in his life. Fredrick has lived his life very secluded, but it has always been by choice. He had a good childhood with many pleasant memories, both his father and mother had been with him during his upbringing. Went to a good school, and got himself a pretty good education, which did make him strive towards a good education, since that is what both his kind mother and father had. But at some point in his adolescence he started questioning his life path and purpose. And so at the age of 23 he made the choice to move to Iceland. The process of moving was in no way a painful one, at least not for Fredrick, moving away from everything he's known for solitude and spiritual comfort. It was there he would meet his muse, Sonia. Sonia was from Chernarus and had moved to Iceland for volcanic studies abroad for a year. They had the best year of their lives together, and Fredrick couldn't let it stop, so they decided he would follow her home to Chernarus. She didn't make it for very long after the outbreak, she had gone out the front door just to take a smoke one morning, and she never came back in. Fredrick had assumed she got taken before he even woke up. And now he's stuck here, but at least he got his solitude.
  2. I'm so furious that I couldn't participate today, I'm at work watching the stream, but OMG violin man, whoever you are I demand we meet up IC and jam, I need that.
  3. I'm so angry that I couldn't participate today, I'm watching watching a stream from work though. And whoever played violin I need to meet with you IC and jam with you!! That was surreal.
  4. Kyle Here.. I just came to GM and saw that they had "captured" the two people inside with the truck. I started asking what was going on, and after that I moved the truck. Then people started shooting while I was in the truck, and when I got out I saw that one of the people from inside had gotten killed. They then "swapped" backpack with the last guy and he left.
  5. BlueBerryJ

    Bad RP and NVFL

    I can agree that there was a point where I over rode an order from Doyle, it was the first time for a few of us initiating together and we have since discussed how to make it run smoother. I did say over TS to allow me to give the orders since I started the initiation, however it is easy to get ahead of yourself when in situations like this. We were telling you to move to the corner so we could have space to revive your brother, I believe I asked Blaine to bring him back IG however must have said it over TS, my bad. Regardless if you looked at him rather than standing there insulting me and refusing an order to get in the corner so we could begin RP both of you will have survived. We were giving hostages commands to move them to the safest place for us to RP without being shot by outsiders. We ignore the request to settle this like men as we wished to find the truth in what you were saying and if you had answered our questions and both given a straight story then you would have both left unharmed. We were not going to give you a chance to fight or run by fighting us in a fist fight or anything - that would be foolish. After watching the video I realize there was some lag between what happened on his screen and ours. For example when I try hitting him with a bat I had just heard him call us a coward yet again and when Blaine shot him I recall he was standing and insulting us. Anyway you still were knocked out and revived 3 times, each time getting up just to continue insulting us and make little effort to get into the corner as we demanded. I apologize for any sloppy RP on our part, however it is difficult to RP when you are met with nothing but insults from a hostage. I do not see any reason for me to post further in this report unless requested by staff. I just need to say that I think this whole report is unessesary, since we did RP, maby not as well as we could have done it. But there was nothing wrong with it. And you did everything according to the rules. This feels like a waste of time, not for me but for the game master. You don't need to defend yourself from anything I'm saying in my POV since I'm not accusing you of anything, and I'm not even trying to defend myself since we did nothing wrong. You told me to shut up, if not you would kill me, I did not shut up, so you killed me. Simple as that.
  6. BlueBerryJ

    Bad RP and NVFL

    Kyle Cooper MY POV: Me and my brother Wayne (in game) was at GM earlier the same day when a man came up and told us that the reapers had taken his wife and was going to hurt her. We went down to the summer house/camp right beneath GM, to hear a lot of gunfire and screams. So I tried to get closer to see if we could get in, but they seemed to be to many so we just stayed to see what we could hear. I then hear that someone gets shot and the girl starts screaming and crying, it seems like they killed her boyfriend. We then retreat back to GM and she comes there shortly after, explaining that she got captured and he got killed. Later a few guys sounding like the ones in the cabin come back to GM, so we back off and start getting out of GM with one new friend (don't remember his name). We see someone following us so I hide under a tree while they run away, and the guys following us stops right next to the tree I'm under. Starting to talk, saying that "no one fucks with the reapers" and "they are aiming straight at us, lets' go get them" without any possibility that they could aim since they where running away. They then start chasing my brother and our new friend across the field and i try to follow and lose the track. I go back to our meeting point where we parked the truck before we get to GM, and eventually he comes and they had taken our new friend. We now go back to GM to see if they would return, and to see if the girl is still there. We sneak up towards the gate to see if they had come back. We see one man standing outside the gate so I try to get him to come over, to see if he knows if they're around. He starts backing off into the compound saying I'm suspicious, I start to explain the situation that we're looking for reapers, and wondering if they've seen any around, or know where they might be. He says he does now. And I spot another guy on top of the tower at GM, so I ask him. He stays quiet for some time (guessing to radio in some friends) and says he does not. They then starts saying we are suspicious for sneaking around and spying on them, and I explain that we are expecting reapers around and that we don't want to get run over by 4-6 guys. They still say we are spying on them and one is telling me they remember seeing me at the summer camp at the shooting, and I start to explain our side of the story. Again they where asking us what we where doing in the bushes, and I've already explained it several times, so my "brother" starts saying we where doing "brokeback mountain", to imply that our answer is just as stupid as their questions since they're not listening. This is when another guy shows up with the same beige outfit as these two, and shortly another guy with the same outfit, and starts getting close. They tell us that there is a reaper in the building, which we do not believe. So we start talking about getting out of there, i am no starting to suspect them being the reapers that chased my brother. This is when they tell us to get in to the compound, when we refuse, they tell us it's not a request and that they will kill us if we don't and to put our weapons on our backs and get in. Wayne starts getting annoyed and calls them cowards, and request to settle this like men. They do not pay attention to his request and keep telling us to get in, which we do. They strap us up, and tell us to go the the other side of the room, while Wayne keeps calling them cowards. Our captor then tells him to shut up or he will shoot. Wayne keeps calling them cowards and gets shot. What I see is 2 shots to the head, and I'm 100% sure he is dead. So I start freaking out, calling him to get up. Our captor tells me to get down or he will shoot me to. I do not care what he is saying since I believe my brother is dead. I tell him to shut up several times while he tells me to stay down. And then he shoots me.
  7. A little music to soothe the soul. [video=youtube]
  8. When I was playing on another server we actually set up a live gig. It was very strange and fun, probably a lot more fun if you where there. But never the less.
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