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  1. Due to a congenital heart defect, Strategos has a massive coronary and keels over. Dead as a door nail.
  2. Well Team Clusterfuck is leaving RP1. It's been an interesting ride, a mix of great fun and increasing levels of annoyance, unfortunately the annoyance has finally overcome us and it's time to find somewhere else. Here's a break down. When we first arrived not all of us liked all the rules, but lets face it public hives are so toxic we were def keen for a change. After some initial misgivings we found that life on RP1 was indeed more like DayZ (in our opinions) should be and fun times were had. There are obvious problems with running a server with these rules and you can see those being battled out day to day on the reports forum. But we played by the rules, took a bunch of shit on the chin and occasionally made a stand if we felt things were genuinely unfair. Lots of this stuff is ongoing, the rules keep adapting and so do those that enjoy breaking them. But there has always been a stalwart effort by Rolle and the admins (when they wernt part of the problem of course lol) to keep on top of this stuff. There is no point in going into specific cases because they are just niggles, and more importantly are symptoms, not the cause of our discontent. The real problem i'm afraid to say is the community. Controversial I know but I'm afraid that's what it boils down to. Obviously there are good people and there are bad people but it feels to me (us) that the way the community has formed is just not fun for us any more. The issue is three fold: One there are a bunch of people that just enjoy griefing and trolling and do as much as they can within the rules. We want to play on a server where people play by the spirit of the rules, not a place where people are either deliberately causing trouble, pretending to RP or are just public hive players who are fed up with KOS. This does not mean we want hardcore RP btw. Two: This is possibly the issue underlying point one, and that is maturity. We have watched many good, invested , mature players leave since we joined and as a result watched the numbers of annoying immature players rise. Sitting in the trade post is a pain in the arse due to all the mindless babble, and reading the shoutbox is a real chore. All this brony crap is a case in point, it's basically childish trolling. Three: Pay to win. The donation shop has always been a controversial issue as well. We liked it initially but began to feel less comfortable with it when vehicles constantly disappeared, Rolle ended up compensating for this by giving 3 spawns to each vehicle which ameliorated the problem somewhat. But the addition of air vehicles was, for us a step too far. Firstly it removed the finally “material” goal from the game, finding the helicopter was a challenge that has been taken away. Secondly it feels a little too “pay to win” , being able to throw money at the server and then fly off and find all the other helis, camps etc just removes another chunk of the fun for us. The server is in many ways great, but much of it's greatness seems to be unfulfilled, it is the potential of it that is so attractive, it unfortunately doesn't live up to this potential. Anyone that tries to do something interesting or different gets griefed out of existence in no time, the bandits all just have “RP” rules that allow them to rob everyone they please, and many just outright seem to be looking for an excuse to kill. I'm in no way saying that Rolle and the admins don't do a good job and don't put in a lot of hard work. I think the problems are insidious, and as the community swung towards this direction, keeping the “masses” happy means more discontent for the minorities. And who cares about minorities? So that about wraps it up. I'm sure the kids will want to pipe in with the usual crap, enjoy yourselves by all means. We, like many before us are voting with our feet. Ciao.
  3. The new life every-time you die rule is going to be a hard one. It prevents any rp organisations from getting going doesn't it. It does also leave RP 1 & 2 to the dogs so to speak. Most of the people there are either totally uninterested in RP , basically griefers or see the server as simply a place that is a haven from KOS snipers. Id also like to see far less vehicles, and far far fewer crashed helis. I still cant reconcile military helicopters raining from the sky constantly in any meaningful RP way. More skins using rmod would be aces, and ideally very little military hardware, though I know the latter isnt possible without editing the client. ACRE mod would be nice to ?
  4. ACRE mod would handle radios. Loot tables cant be modified except for crash sites.
  5. And conversely, bandits are constantly KOSing people that are looting the aftermath of battles and getting away with it because its a "warzone" or some such. Also we've had people killed by drivers and they just claim it as lag and get off every-time. It gets pretty tedious when the people that bend the rules as far as they can all the time are also the first to jump in with a KOS report. As I've posted elswhere we need more people that play by the spirit of the rules not the letter of the law.
  6. Teamspeak has always been one of my bugbears with dayz, its a real shame it can't be disabled somehow, but obviously being third party software that's unlikely to work in any feasible way. The in game chat is one of the great features of Dayz, but its totally underutilised. Some of my best gaming experiences ever , in any game have been in dayz involving direct chat. (sitting at the trade post on this server does NOT come this umbrella) As a matter of interest , direct chat used to be directional but doesnt seem to be anymore has anyone else noticed that?
  7. why dont u keep this im PM now eh, the grown ups are talking
  8. Which is exactly my point Holo, this is the mentality we are dealing with.
  9. You seem to be missing the point there a bit Zorial, no one is saying the GMs dont put in a lot of hard work, or blaming the GMs for anything. Or saying that the server doesnt offer great admin care or ease of play etc. Im not a hardcore Roleplayer by any means, but there is no option to comprimise and RP to the level of everyone else here because there is no RP, its laregely a whole a bunch of people looking for an excuse to kill you. People who want a "good firefight" which begs the question why are THEY here? (The other day a guy drove past us on a bike fired off a text message saying "stop your cars" and drove off into the distance. When we moved we just took a load of sniper fire from 400 odd meters away and drove off. This really summed up the mentality for me perfectly. ) The people who do try and do something different like make a bus service or setup an outpost get griefed out of business in no time. I tried an experiment today and went out as a noob. First time I got told to type my name in chat (which i dont even know if that counts as not complying under the rules) and got fired on when i just quietly crawled off, bearing in mind I had a winchester and no pack, "I was bored" the guy said in the shoutbox. Next life I get told I had 3 seconds to drop my stuff "3 seconds!?" I laughed and got shot in the face and killed. I had a crossbow and no pack. under these circumstances I dont think unimaginative is a particularly offensive way of describing things. Actually thats putting things in quite a flattering light. And calling people immature? Not too bad either , you only have to spend a bit of time in the trade post or in the shoutbox to see that. And finally the old "No one is forcing you to stay" line. I was waiting for that one to come out, I just didnt expect it to be from a GM. The reason people have opinions on the matter is three fold I think: Firstly it IS a good server and has alot going for it. But it has reached a point, in my opinion where the bad elements are starting to outweigh the good. Secondly people come here to get away from the griefing and immaturity of the public hive, and it IS called Dayz Role Play. So when they find very little role play and that they are in fact still being griefed by immature players , just inside a different rule set its understandably a little disappointing. Finally people dont just want to leave when they have invested time and energy AND cash into the system However ultimately you are right, leaving is an option. Can we expect a "don't let the door kill you on the way out" post next?
  10. Im not a "hardcore" roleplayer as such, Im quite happy with the existing rules etc on RP1. There ARE things I don't like but those things aren't relevant to this discussion. My problem is that we have a set of rules designed to make the game more interesting, RPers are obviously a big part of this. But there is a large portion of the community who aren't interested in this at all, all they want is to fight and to grief. They do as much of this as they can within our rule sets. The people actually doing interesting stuff have a really hard time doing any of it, and eventually become discouraged and give it up, or leave. It's having players who play by the SPIRIT of the rules that is needed. Not people that are just looking for an excuse to kill you or people saying that their "roleplay" is to rob EVERYONE else. The constant arguing about the finer points of the law only happens because of the constant pressure those rules are under from people that don't have a mature attitude.
  11. Maybe the server should be renamed to Semi-RP 1 ?
  12. I understand where you are coming from Holo, there are a lot of immature people on this server and alot who use the rules as far as they can get away with to basically grief everyone else. Dayz DOES need bandits but I agree with you that I don't like the way that the server is heading, time and time again events leave a bad taste in our mouths. There are some great players , but they certainly have a hard time doing their "thing" on this server. I've seen quite a few of the "good" guys leave since I have been here. It still def has it's moments and beats the shit out of a public hive, you have to take the rough with the smooth I guess. As for the shoutbox , well yeah I hear ya. You have to have it open as you get important info there but alot of the time I wish I didn't.
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