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  1. Good on you for avenging Jack. He will be missed:(
  2. That is very unlikely something like that would happen. There should be no reason for your whitelist to not be accepted provided that you have explained NLR,KoS and the like properly and in your own words + brought in a character that can benefit the roleplay (By that I mean DO NOT be saying something like being part of a clan that owns half the world including chenauris, as no one else will know this besides yourself which can cause problems in the roleplay aspect of things.) Please be patient though as admins have to go through each application themselves so don't worry and I hope to see you in-game when your application is passed
  3. Who is this character that hates irish people as I would not like to go near him with a barge pole. (My Character will be Irish)
  4. My inspiration will be, as i'm too young to play, one year to go Yay, myself as i already know a lot about survivability and have good hand eye co-ordination in real life so i'm great with a knife so yeah ,I'll roleplay as a older version of myself.
  5. From a RP stand point, it is a asset so you can't see who is robbing you or others so you can't get revenge based on seeing their face.
  6. Wow these are really good suggestions, hopefully one of the DayZ devs will see this so he can see what our community wants.
  7. You know there are two EU servers aswell... I know but one is in Germany,for france,belgium etc while one is in England, for Ireland,Scotland and Wales.
  8. This is just me wondering as when I see the U.S servers, there are enough people to fit into one. So I was just wondering why there are 2. Is it because the United States is so big or is there something I'm missing? I know this is a stupid question but it really is making me wonder.
  9. Welcome HappyGuy. I hope you will have a wonderful time here. If you love RP then you will love here because roleplay is taken seriously which makes it better then garry's mod DarkRP(I know HL2RP is great but there is no voice chat so...) I think you will get along great here with the rest of us. If you need any help don't be afraid to ask as we are here to help. Hope you enjoy Also your interests are strangely exact to mine but hey great minds think alike am I right!
  10. Welcome friend, we always love to see new people. If you need help with anything just ask people. I also recommend that you get teamspeak so you can talk to any clan you join in a clan chat. Here is the link http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads Get the client. NOT the server. Enjoy your time here.
  11. Welcome Flamegrilled. If you need need help with something don't be afraid to ask. We're always here to help.
  12. Welcome to our humble forums, don't be afraid to ask if you need something sorted out
  13. Just wait and see. If it takes more than another day, contact sin or one of the other admins and they might be able to tell you what is going on. Patience is a key.
  14. I, myself was wondering what you think should be in the next standalone update? I don't want anything in particular except for (of course) patches for the bugs but some people are just naturally good at making ideas for these types of things. So... What are your ideas?
  15. yeah sorry I'm not used to using teamspeak.