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  1. Her life was not the easiest growing up with three brothers and her dad. Her mother had died of lungcancer when she was five years old. Having three male role models in her life she tried to always live up to their expectations. She wanted to be involved in everything they did. So going to the shooting range, hunting even some barfights, she was always in on it. The casual girl next door? No, that's not what she was. People got her attention then when they spoke about stuff like the military or hunting expiriences. Valeria didn't have many friends as she grew up but the few she had were the most important pieces in her life. They made her complete, aswell as her family who she loved over anything else. As the infection has spread she quickly lost all connection to her friends. Many died due to the infection aswell. Over the days of being alone in the world, barely meeting anyone she started to move to the woods. There were less infected, there were animals, she had a rifle and enough experience to make it in the forest alone. If her brothers who were in the Chedaki wouldn't have lost the war and got killed by the CDF she would still have them around. Surely survival would have been a lot easier with them than being alone. Many days passed before she decided to leave the safetey of the woods and go back to the coastal cities and villages. Within the few days she has been travelling she really missed the contact to people and being able to talk to someone again. With time passing by she got to meet some people that she was soon able to call friends. They travelled along the country and she was able to show them many new ways of survival, aswell as they were able to show her their skills and teach her new which would be usefull for her.
  2. had tons of fun at the nwaf and .. the surrounding arreas! SORRY VINCENT FOR SCARING YOU And you bandits! You ... angry little chihuahuas x'D U know who you are.. *winks* And sorry for that poor amrican soldier ;( -- wait he was not even a soldier! Anyways Freya and Donovan prayed for you that night! We even lit a candle for your suicide. It was marvelous!
  3. I HAVE TO AGREE WITH ROMAN!!! NR.1 PB MATTYY BROWNIE BEARRR LOVE YOU Huehuehue Fucksake why have you betrayed me. You know youre my Little uke <3
  4. I will never take your title as the Nr.1 PB away from you. You've deserved and worked hard for it...well it's been hard for you. I HAVE TO AGREE WITH ROMAN!!! NR.1 PB MATTYY BROWNIE BEARRR LOVE YOU Huehuehue
  5. AHA.... "Fucking" once. *Growls* You know what I mean. I know exactly what you mean. *goes and buys candles and roses already* I PLAN ON GETTING BETTER AT DRAWING DOGS x'D. hell yeah. Dogs and wolves. Check it out ^w^ http://ludecai.deviantart.com/art/AT-Learn-to-fly-580987179
  6. AHA.... "Fucking" once. *Growls*
  7. Happy Birthday Pat, I know you are Matt's bestfriend so I hope you have an amazing day <3
  8. SUCH A CUDDELY TEDDYBEAR!!!! *Rolls over*
  9. Had fun at dolina with Mr Bacon and Mr Justy! They were great! OH AND Mr. Donny!!! YOU EVIL STALKER !!! Looking and hearing stuff you shouldn't!! *growls* Had fun today <3
  10. *forced boyfriend to watch me draw for 9 hours* that's true romance.
  11. HUEHUE It was great and it was funnnnn! x'D Even though most of them were either pissed or bored :DD BUT U KNOW WHAT ?! I LOVED U STILL x'DDD
  12. Holy crap Raiko will make it go boom!!!!
  13. Thanks Matthew For the amazing RP two days ago! I Loved how you scared mah new character in the woods. like a little creep!!! (It was cute later on huehuehue)
  14. I also really love to draw aswell! Mostly wolves and stuff but also humans at some point. EVEN THOUGH I'm not professional I take commissions, it also helps me to improve. I hope I'll be able to draw a Comic once. It's pretty much my great goal. Human ( Not finished yet.) Some sorta mutated dog And the wolf
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