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  1. hey man welcome back
  2. Sean


    nice, good luck
  3. Sean

    KOS squad

    okay i smell good idea
  4. Sean

    I have 65 pounds on steam.. What should I buy?

    Dota 2 is free.
  5. Sean

    The Ratking [WIP]

    Looks good Thumper!
  6. Sean

    DayZRP 4th anniversary

    wow congrats everyone im so proud of you all heres to another 10 years i hope we all stay here like one big happy family woo go dayzrp! :hype:
  7. Sean

    I'm Back (Unfortunately)

    Welcome back man.
  8. Sean

    The Trinity [Selective Recruitment]

    hello covert
  9. Sean

    The Holy 10th Crusade

    Good luck lads.
  10. Sean

    [21] The Men from Container 21

    o7 21.