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  1. @RoverBeastHey! It's me! Appreciate you son. Super hyped for you to meet the rest of the crew!
  2. Really loved talking to the Doctor at Tisy today. Our characters had such a wide range of conversations from borderline stupid to serious shit. Clashed really well. -VIKTOR
  3. Reed Anderson grew up in a shitty home, with shitty parents. He raised himself after his mother overdosed when he was eight. His dad was arrested, when he was twelve, and he moved to live with his aunt and uncle. After making their life a living hell, Reed ran away to live on the streets until he was about 28 or so. After leading a life of petty crime, and drugs, he heard of a country where he could start a new life. Somewhere far away, somewhere remote. He wanted to run from his debt, and history. So he did, he saved up enough to get a boat to South Zagoria. Not soon after, everything went to shit, and he was stuck in the middle of it.
  4. RedNoth

    The Colony Dayz Movie & Ogclownshoe media

    Beautiful stuff! Good ole' days! Glad to be a part of it.
  5. Hi. -Joshua Green? No...He's long dead dud. Might be back out and about on a new and shiny character!
  6. Hello everyone! I'm back! Well, most of me... *Looks at his stumps with a depressed look on his face.*
  7. PUMPED, gonna be great. The moustache will keep us safe! Bless, Love you johnny! Thanks Dr! Thanks sonny!
  8. RedNoth

    Who has Significantly changed your RP experience

    Percival Winsor and Anthony Agonist for sure! *looks at where his pinkie finger was*
  9. -User was warned for this post-
  10. Holy crap. I loved that today. Josh Will Really progress from the whole Russian "Doctors" At the airfield. Percy, Simon, Regis, Jack, And DeMarcus had GREAT RP today. Keep up the great work!
  11. Yeah, You guys have made me realize how stupid this is.
  12. RedNoth

    Arma 2

    RIP I just learned that I suck at Arma 2, Havent played it in a long time
  13. RedNoth

    Database spring cleanup 2015

    *claps slowly*
  14. I would take the Engraved. Magnum is good but it cant hold clips and the 1911 is just better in my opinion.
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