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  1. I would just like to mention that Kernetic’s comments here don’t represent the groups opinions. These are his own.
  2. Before the 5:00min shadow-play recording: Encountered Kodi's father west Sinistok, so we held him up. We where role-playing as lunatic bandits who where deciding peoples fates based on the outcome of our game (Rock, Paper, Scissors). We told Kodi's father he wouldn't be allowed to leave the area until he played a game. Depending on the games outcome would dictate if he survived the encounter or not. He refused to play until his son showed up. We waited for his son Kodi who showed up right when the clip starts. Kernetic/Angus was the bandit leading the encounter, I was the bandit in the evidence clip. I would also like to mention 5 seconds after the clip ended, Kodi's father ran around those hay bails with Dustin Durabolin following and instantly logged without saying any more words. Unfortunately Dustin doesn't use shadow-play. Clip:
  3. Makalevi

    Second server and automatic locking

    Could players bringing weapons, tents, and other rarer items from server two to server one effect the loot economy on server one?
  4. Character is still in progress.
  5. Worked! I had done this in the launcher, but having the parameters also set was messing it up. Thank you sir!
  6. (This is not your active character!) What am I doing wrong here? I have my character set on forums. My IGN set to my characters name with launch parameters. Is there something missing? Is it because I joined the game before having an active charter set?
  7. Hamish Sinclair, Adventurer, Scholar, War Hero. Hamish was always an outsider, according to his mother diary. From a young age he was always described as being "shifty eyed" or "easily started". This paired with his frail frame made him an easy target for bullying. Through his adolescence Hamish was constantly harassed and tortured, made fun of and abused. This would shape Hamish into the kind man he is today. Bulling was good for Hamish. It gave him thick skin and more empathetic toward others. Fortunately for Hamish besides the bullying he had a relatively stress-free life. Being a good old southern boy from a wealthy family with oil stakes would supply him with a good support network. His Father was a tough Vietnam Nam war veteran who took pride in his military service. Hamish’s father was a proud family man who took pride in raising his children with “proper southern values”. Hamish was always encouraged to pursue whatever hobbies or interest he had, and his family was not short of funding for Hamish’s many interests. After graduating high school Hamish was granted some of his family’s fortune and he decided to earn a degree traveling abroad. Hamish travelled all around the world in his early twenties. From the bone chilling peaks of the Himalayas to the scorching plains of Africa no adventure was adventurous enough for Hamish. While traveling abroad Hamish received word his father has come down with Tuberculosis. His father was hit very hard by the by the incurable disease and was given a very short time to live. Hamish rushed home to say his final goodbyes to the man he adored most of all. Unfortunately for Hamish he was caught in a snow storm in Pennsylvania and count make the return flight home. That night Mr. Sinclair passed leaving Hamish, his younger brother Angus, and Mother heartbroken. This event would change Hamish forever. He would forever wonder what the final conversation between him and his father would’ve been like. Hamish would forever wonder if his Dad died proud of his eldest son. Hamish quickly finished up his schooling and returned home to take care of his mother and brother. The year was 1988 and around this time tensions where rising between the US and Iraq, and the US Army was recruiting and advertising throughout the nation. Hamish received a letter in the mail calling for him to defend to his country. Hamish felt his father would be proud of his son if he served, and within a year Hamish found himself as a 1st Lieutenant in the Second Armored Cavalry Regiment. While away in the military Hamish found out his mother shared his father’s susceptibility to Tuberculosis and she had passed leaving his younger brother alone with the family fortune. Worried for his troubled brother, Hamish begged for a discharge. He wanted to return home to raise his brother into the man his father would’ve want him to be. His request was denied because the US was planning an invasion into Iraq and needed tank commanders. Hamish was sent Iraq worried sick about his lonely and wealthy and confused brother back home. Hamish did not let his family life distract from his service to his country. Hamish was constantly appraised for his moral boosting attitude and natural ability to lead others. Hamish was most known for his life saving actions during the battle of 73 Easting, which earned him a Silver Star. Hamish returned home to his brother who had found himself in all sorts of legal trouble. Angus Sinclair was facing life in prison for his part in a drug deal gone wrong that resulted in 2 homicides. Hamish horrified at the thought of losing his last immediate family member to the US legal system, payed young Angus’ bail. After consulting with Angus, they both agreed to move away from the US in pursuit of a simpler life that would make they’re father proud. Together they bought and fled to a property in Chernogorsk Russia, where they planned to spend the rest of their lives. Things have gone well the past 25 years. Until they recently discovered that Tuberculosis wouldn’t be the only deadly disease, they’d have issue with.
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