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  1. Enjoyed walking and talking with @Jack the Ripper last night. Glad to see our characters got to know each other a bit better.
  2. Ricky speaks the truth. 


  3. I am the world that hides.

    The universal secret of all time.

    Destruction of the empty spaces.

    Is my one and only crime.

  4. What do you listen to ?

  5. I was half expect all of you to initiate on us. And OOC I wanted to get initiated on lol.
  6. Had fun meeting and travelling with @Keira @Watchman. I guess you could call it bad timing Bumping into @Roach, @Joules, @Lyca, @Ezra and the rest of the people there. Not exactly sure what the situation was but I hope it got resolved.
  7. Had fun meeting and travelling with @Jack the Ripper and @Ladybug last night. Hope to see more of you two in the future.
  8. What is happening?

    This is exactly what keeps me from wanting to hop on the server and try to do something interesting. The majority of interactions with people these days just ends up with the usual "Hi and Bye" reaction. Most of the time I find role-play is when I bumped into someone I know OOCly, and I generally don't use Team Speak while playing on the server anymore because I feel like it get in the way of role-play. And yet I still only seem to find interesting/unique role-play from the people I know. So I get to this point where I can spend hours walking around the map alone, and if I'm lucky I'll find someone who isn't going to run off after a few minutes of small talk. Or I join a group where I know most of the member on a OOC level, and I end up putting a lot less effort into trying to find people. As much as I love this community it feels like since the lore wipe a bunch of us have just lost the direction we had. Also I think people are way to focused on groups rather than individuals. I have a lot more fun travelling with 2-3 people than a large group that are looking to either hide away from people, or go around robbing/bullying anyone they can. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this, I just enjoy getting to know characters on a personal level rather than trying to make a name for myself IG.
  9. Eh, though this looked cool.


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      Keira, stop trying to steal other people's thunder

    3. Keira


      Im not stealing lol I wanted to colorize his profile

    4. Hellspawnceri


      I think this status update needs a seizure warning.

  10. Character Switch Cooldown

    Yeah I agree. 24 hours is way to much time for a cool-down while switching characters. Like you said people will just end up not playing if they want to avoid certain individuals.
  11. Enjoyed role-playing with a bunch of people I met tonight. @Kriss Blade sorry our session ended with you dying of hypothermia. Had some fun rolling with @Oyface and @Bunny. Glad I finally got to meet you two in-game.