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"Strange how paranoia can link up with reality now and then."

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  1. Life is full of mysteries.


  2. That was one of my favourite things to say to people when they told me to take their stuff and let them go. I swear 90% of people didn't know how to respond to this. Also the only time we took stuff from people is when they showed a lack of respect towards us when we had them hostage, or they denied us OOC permission to torture them and we wanted do leave some kind of impression on them. We'd tell them they don't deserve their things, and that if they acted with a bit more respect they could of left with their stuff. I'm just as guilty for this as well. I've tried to do thing differently, but still to this day I find judging people strong or weak comes naturally to me. My tip for the OP is to let it come naturally IC. if a bunch of you are in agreement OOC about what type of role-play you're doing it shouldn't take to long for everything to come together. Try not to focus on being good or bad, but to focus on creating interesting and unique situations for those you take hostage.


    1. MeenMuginLovin


      Image result for hello fellow kids gif

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    3. Keira


      Hello Human being, I too would like to play games

  4. Hello fellow cool kids! Do you have any marijuana cigarettes I can partake in?


    1. Pep
    2. Beni


      Bro my boy can do you an ounce for £170 lmao. 

    3. Keira


      I got u fam


    4. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Got a gram of Skywalker OG if you're looking, cash only

  5. Before Pantera switched to a heavier sound, there was Exhorder.
  6. I like this. 


    1. MeenMuginLovin


      I like yo booty <3 

  7. Shepard is back in Town! Also interesting to see Darrius making a return as well. Good stuff as usual man.
  8. The Damned

    Welcome @Kattica and @Ellie. Also, what the hell is going on in this group thread.
  9. The Damned

    Happy to see this is a thing again.
  10. I love this track. Reminds me of a heavier version of the band Om.


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      I love you <3

  11. Now this is art. 


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      oh my

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      You should go outside...

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      But it's raining and I don't wanna get wet. 

  12. A track from the short lived band Superjoint Ritual.


    1. Shepard


      SuperJoint Ritual sounds like a good band to be friends with.


    2. Hellspawn


      If you like hanging around with junkies then sure. 

    3. Shepard


      I mean as long as I don't wake up missing my kidneys one morning than who cares! :D


    4. Hellspawn


      That's one way of looking at it I guess.

    5. MeenMuginLovin



  13. Foreverdark Woods.


    1. Bauglir2011


      Watch out! You never know what you might discover there...

    2. Keira


      Earth go hard

  14. A Long awaited return on a new battlefortress

    Hey I remember you. Hope you stick around for a bit longer this time around.
  15. As I sit here dealing with a cold. 

    Related image

  16. The original trio. Mark and Tim look like a couple of hippies. Jus looks the same as always.


  17. Jakub Novacek

    Jakob was born the bastard Son of a Chernarussian Mother and Father. He was raises in the Capital of Novigrad, both parents were born into wealth so he never needed to worry about money. His misspent youth brought him into a life of crime, eventually turning to drug dealing/taking. It didn't take long for him to get involved in organised crime, as he began to sell drugs for various businesses that used their store as a front for drug dealing. His obvious addiction to amphetamines became his downfall as he was incarcerated for intent to supply. But once out of prison he began to fall back onto his old habits, and started selling for the Bílek Family. One of his cellmates happened to work for them and put in a good word for Jakob. Once he was realised from prison he began selling for one of the clubs the family uses as a front, cutting them in on the profit he made. After a while of doing this he was invited to become a real member of the family and not just an associate. He would take his new found power and knowledge and pushed for the idea of selling to tourists. This venture would become lucrative but dangerous. At this point Jakob had several other dealer working under him as he would still supply to his own customers, but would hear of his men getting busted. Soon he would realise that undercover cops were the ones trying to take down the dealers, specifically the ones selling to the various tourists of the capital. At this point Jakob would lose control of his dealers and had to go back to working the club. At this point he had lost a lost a lot of the respected he gained from his businesses dealings, and was considered a failure to most of the Bílek Family as well as their associates. While he was back working at the old club again his half-sister cam into his life. His Dad called him asking to keep her occupied while he had errands to attends to run. Once they met it didn't take long for her to get involved in Jakob shady lifestyle. She began to help push drugs onto the clientele and sell to the odd person or two. It didn't take long for the club owner to accept her as one of his associates, and she began to work with Jakob to sell to not just people in the club, but pushing back into selling drugs to tourists again. Things went a lot better the second time around and he began to gain a bit more respect from his fellow gangsters again. Soon after he was given a chance to prove himself to one of the Family under-bosses Tibor, by helping the group getting sent out to find the man's daughter. This is what took him and his Sister to South Zagoria just as the outbreak happened. Now he's just trying his best to keep him and his sister alive, as well as keeping in good standing with the rest of the Bílek Family who are in the same situation.
  18. Stupidest thing you ever did as a whitename?

    My first interaction on the server involved a kid pointing a gun at me and telling me to put my gun down. I was stupid enough to walk up to a guy pointing a gun at someone else. Looking back it wasn't even a valid initiation but I still complied.
  19. Stupidest thing you ever did as a whitename?

    Me and this guy initiate on some UN dude. We take him into a church. Nobody takes watch and someone leave the door open and his friend kills us all.
  20. Piranha kill in a pack - you'll run.
    Piranha start to attack - your done.
    If you think you can beat - deadly school.
    If you think you can live - you're a fool.


  21. A New Year for me to mess up all over again.


  22. Since nobody is doing anything for the New Year in this dead end Town I'll probably be sat doing bugger all.

    If anyone else is about I'll probably be playing on the server tonight.

  23. Most of my friends have steam so the know I play a lot of DayZ. Also when they ask about the server I tell them. Nobody has ever made a negative comment on my DayZRP interest in my friend circle. It's my family that has no clue what role-play is.
  24. I drive.


    1. Keira



    2. Hellspawn


      Don't forget the sequel!