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    Reset the In-Game timeline back to One Day After Breakout.

    I was opposed to a lore wipe in the beginning, and I'm opposed to it again. Wiping the lore isn't going to solve any long term problems, and if anything will just kill off what little we have in server population left. The main reason I don't play as much is mainly because of the lore wipe, so it really doesn't make sense to me to start from the beginning again. Also with the way the game actually works starting from day one just doesn't work with the way they've designed the map. Everything looks like it's been abandoned for months, maybe even years. Also the fact we never have enough players to make it feel like the initial infection. Basically I feel like this idea will make things worse, not better.
  2. Since @Roland suggested this on the thread I created I wanna see how many people are into it. I think that adding an 'Open to hostilities' field on the character pages kinda thing would be a good addition to the site.
  3. Hellspawn

    Interview with a Community Member: Stargirl!

    @stargirl I find it interesting that we learn new things even after years of experience, opening your mind to new experiences helps also. Sadly the Role-Play we did back with Duncan and Scarlet can't be replicated, but I'm happy to have the memories and the OOC friendship we built.
  4. Duncan finally has that Father figure he always wanted. It will be interesting to see how he interprets the things Reznov is teaching him.
  5. * Duncan contemplated the days event as he rests in a small cottage. After a while he brings his radio to his mouth and begins transmitting a message. * " This may fall onto deaf ears but it's worth a try. This is Duncan, or Beckett if that's what you know me as. I travelled with a group of people not long ago. Ivan, George, Dom, those people. I wanted to try and let you know I've moved on, I just hope you don't hold it against me. Not sure what else to say, I just hope things are better than they were when I last saw one of you. " * The message ends and Duncan shakes his head as he goes back to his thoughts. *
  6. Duncan grew up in the South West region of England, the city of Gloucester to be exact. He lived in a council estate with his Mum (Jenifer, English) and older Brother (Jake) for his entire childhood, getting up to trouble with other kids when he had the chance. Never knowing his Father (Robert, Scottish) had a big impact on his upbringing, without a father figure he became unruly. He was never very interested in school, or following rules, to be honest. Duncan never got close to others, probably because he wasn't the friendly type. His favourite hobby was Arson, it was something he felt he was good at doing, plus he enjoyed doing it. Starting fires in abandoned warehouses was a good way to pass the time, as well as a good way of getting into trouble. His interest in fires gave him a bad reputation on his estate, making him the first one to be blamed for any petty crimes being committed. This, of course, set him down the path towards more serious crime later on in his life, leading to his eventual incarceration for his so-called hobby. His time in prison just made things worse, learning from other criminals and his past mistakes; he became increasing more irrational about his intentions towards other people. By the time his was out of prison for the third time he had had enough of his home country, showing resentment towards the establishment probably didn't help him either. It was around that time when he got the bright idea to travel to Chernarus, which he did. He began gathering enough money to leave for Chernarus to begin a new life. He happened to know a guy who could get him out of his country with no questions asked. But once he made it out and the infection hit it changed him, making him unsure of himself. He became a recluse, hiding in the forests and small villages situated all over the country. He began to tell those that he met that he was just a simple backpacker, coming to this country to see the sites. But in reality, he was hoping to cause trouble, an idea that never came to fruition. He quickly learnt how to use most firearms by trial and error, and what he was taught from other survivors he encountered.
  7. I'd rather have this middle ground that we're trying to work out than just acting like this is the end of the world and you've given up on role-playing on the server. Don't get me wrong I understand the frustration with the limitation to hostile RP, but saying no to a suggestion just because the rules are a certain way now just seems so counter productive. You can't please everyone man.
  8. Maybe allow staff to edit the page for those that have pre-existing character pages? Or give the community a time limit to allow them to edit the pages themselves?
  9. I'd probably just ask OOC to be safe. But if someone has set hardcore I'd expect them to allow mostly anything.
  10. The way I see it you can just have multiple characters that have different Rule Protection Modes set.
  11. Great idea man, God knows how long we'll have to wait for mod support though.
  12. Both options work pretty well. But I like the "one time setting" thing a little more.
  13. Props for all you guys that go full hardcore. I like the two choices with have so far, but I do think it would be cool to have specifics about why kinda of hostile role-play you're okay with. But what we have right now is a good middle ground.
  14. Okay so since the rules have changed when it come to hostile role-play, I wanted to put up this thread for people to openly state that they are okay with being initiated on, or being tortured. Also we could use this thread for people to find others who are into specific hostilities. If you bump into any of my characters you have permission to initiate on them and torture them if you wish.
  15. If you make it clear OOC to the person your travelling with you have said Tag I don't see it being an issue.
  16. I like this idea. Didn't even know this was possible.
  17. Shoutout to @stargirl and @Dvlinhb for helping Duncan come back to reality. Had a lot of fun discussing our lives and beliefs with each other.
  18. * Duncan sits alone in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, staring down at the Walkie-talkie in his hand he contemplates whether or no he should say anything. It's been a long time since he spoke to anyone and he isn't even sure what to say anymore. After thinking for several minutes he raises the radio in his hand up to his mouth, and presses down on the transmission button before speaking into it. * " I can't be alone. It doesn't make sense. I know I wasn't a good man, but nobody should experience this. What the hell happened. I knew people then they all... Just disappeared. Was it in my mind the whole time? Have I just been talking to myself? I'm not falling for it again! This can't just be my imagination, this is real God dammit! " * There's a moment of silence before he speaks again, this time even more frantic and manic than before. * " Why does this keep happening to me! I haven't done anything wrong! I was lied to, we've all been told a lie! Yes, it's the lies that lead me to where I am! " * The sound of a sigh can be heard as Duncan calms down and speaks more clearly. * " I know what I have to do. It needs to be done. " * As Duncan finishes transmitting the message over the radio he picks himself up and walks out the cabin. As he glaces around he takes in a deep breathe and slowly wonders into the nearest forest. *
  19. * Smiling to himself Duncan decides to respond. * " We will see. The name Is Duncan. I'll be waiting at the construction site. Unless of course none of this is real. " * Ending the transmission Duncan goes back to his own thoughts. *
  20. * Still walking thought the nameless forest Duncan hears the first response and almost jumps out his skin. He take the hand-held radio from his breast pocket and while looking at he begins to laugh. After letting out a deep sigh he begins to respond. * " I remember your voice! Are you real? I don't think you are. You sound to calm to be a real person. Yeah that's it, you're just my mind playing tricks on me again. I'm not falling for that again! Unless you're right in-front of me you can't prove you're real! " * Duncan then places the radio back into his breast pocket before searching the ground near a oddly shaped tree.. * * He then hears the second voice coming from the radio and winces slightly as he takes a small lock box from the newly formed hole in the ground. After placing the small box into his backpack he furrows his brow at what he just heard. He then takes a moment before responding. * " If either of you voices are real then I have a Proposition. Come meet me in Severograd and I'll start to believe I'm not losing my fucking mind. If not then this is just all in my mind and I need serious help. Not that there's anybody around to help me that is. Ha! " * Duncan sits by the strange shaped tree waiting to hear if any of the voices respond. *
  21. Enforcing a permanent death rule is pretty brutal since most people throw a fit at the idea of having their character taken away from them. But I really enjoy players that instil a level of fear in the way they play their characters. So it's a yes from me.