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  1. NWOBHM!


    1. Aisling



  2. Hellspawn

    The S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S (Closed Recruitment)

    Get out of here Stalker! Hope you have fun dealing with mutants and collecting artifacts. Seriously though like the look of this group and wish you all good luck with it.
  3. The fifth page in this book has some of the worst handwriting yet. " I'm sick and I have no idea how it happened. it's been days now and the feeling in my stomach hasn't gone away, I can't eat anything solid without it making me feel sick as a dog. I've even had a few friends try to help me out, but I'm still sitting here dealing with whatever the fuck this sickness is. Maybe this is life's way of saying fuck you Duncan you deserve this. Maybe I do, I'm not exactly making the world a better place by sitting here and writing down my inane thoughts. Then again nobody given me the time of day so I haven't had the chance to make things right. Maybe it's time to let it all go. I think I've given this life thing a good run. Who the fuck are you kidding, you're a coward Mr Evans! You don't have the ball to take your own life. But you didn't bat an eyelid when taking the lives of others did you? Fuck man I didn't have a choice, I had no idea people slept in that building! I was young and foolish. Yeah that's right, just justify killing people so you can sleep at night you piece of shit! Leaving you're own Brother to die! You make me sick. This is some sort of cruel joke isn't it? That's why you're still alive Mr Evans! Because death is too good for the likes of you! If you can just run away from you problems everything will be better, right? You've got it all figured out haven't you? Just don't get close to anyone and you'll never feel betrayed again. You're pathetic! " More disgusting looking stains are spattered all over the page.
  4. Back in the day.


  5. Could you all save some of the fun for the rest of us? You are hogging all the fun!
  6. Duncan.png.5252ca7107e8f0c3f156b5e6141c8d73.png

    Nobody seems to want to stick around and talk to this guy. And here's me thinking I'm the friendly type.

    1. Mugin



  7. Hellspawn

    Viridian (Open Recruitment)

    Looking good! Maybe I'll see you in-game sometime.
  8. Hellspawn


    Man the Eurovision is so tacky I can't take it seriously. It might be good for a laugh but I'd never actively listen to any of these artists.
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