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  1. Duncan finally has that Father figure he always wanted. It will be interesting to see how he interprets the things Reznov is teaching him.
  2. * Duncan contemplated the days event as he rests in a small cottage. After a while he brings his radio to his mouth and begins transmitting a message. * " This may fall onto deaf ears but it's worth a try. This is Duncan, or Beckett if that's what you know me as. I travelled with a group of people not long ago. Ivan, George, Dom, those people. I wanted to try and let you know I've moved on, I just hope you don't hold it against me. Not sure what else to say, I just hope things are better than they were when I last saw one of you. " * The message ends and Duncan shakes his head as he goes back to his thoughts. *
  3. I'd rather have this middle ground that we're trying to work out than just acting like this is the end of the world and you've given up on role-playing on the server. Don't get me wrong I understand the frustration with the limitation to hostile RP, but saying no to a suggestion just because the rules are a certain way now just seems so counter productive. You can't please everyone man.
  4. Maybe allow staff to edit the page for those that have pre-existing character pages? Or give the community a time limit to allow them to edit the pages themselves?
  5. I'd probably just ask OOC to be safe. But if someone has set hardcore I'd expect them to allow mostly anything.
  6. The way I see it you can just have multiple characters that have different Rule Protection Modes set.
  7. Great idea man, God knows how long we'll have to wait for mod support though.
  8. Both options work pretty well. But I like the "one time setting" thing a little more.
  9. Props for all you guys that go full hardcore. I like the two choices with have so far, but I do think it would be cool to have specifics about why kinda of hostile role-play you're okay with. But what we have right now is a good middle ground.
  10. If you make it clear OOC to the person your travelling with you have said Tag I don't see it being an issue.
  11. Since @Roland suggested this on the thread I created I wanna see how many people are into it. I think that adding an 'Open to hostilities' field on the character pages kinda thing would be a good addition to the site.