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  1. This is the vibe I'm getting from most of the people wanting a lorewipe. They are bored of what they have, and want to start from scrach again.
  2. Wiping the lore has always been a temporary solution. The last time this happened it boosted the server numbers for bit, then it went down again. I wasn't a fan of doing then, and I'm opposed to doing now. If anything we need more lore to explain the backstory of Livonia.
  3. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

  4. Heya!

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      Mi amor!

  5. For all you stalkers out there. 



  6. New order? No order! Disorder! ...Now!


  7. * The sound of shuffling can be heard. * “ I'm alive. Who the fuck are you? ” * The message then cuts out. *
  8. * Mr Evans clears his throat, thumbs through the book in his hand and begins to speak into the radio. * “ The theory of statism as well as that of so-called ‘revolutionary dictatorship’ is based on the idea that a ‘privileged elite,’ consisting of those scientists and ‘doctrinaire revolutionists’ who believe that ‘theory is prior to social experience,’ should impose their preconceived scheme of social organisation on the people. The dictatorial power of this learned minority is concealed by the fiction of a pseudo-representative government which presumes to express the will of the people. ” * The sound of someone chuckling can be heard in the brief pause between the quote. * “ I'm not a Marxist. I'm not a Communist. I'm an Anarchist. Don't let things become regulated again. ” * The message cuts out to the sound of wind blowing. *
  9. Girls only band for a girls only thread.
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