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  1. Are any of you interested in a 4th edition Shadowrun game? I'm putting together a campaign and I'm looking for players.

  2. I was opposed to a lore wipe in the beginning, and I'm opposed to it again. Wiping the lore isn't going to solve any long term problems, and if anything will just kill off what little we have in server population left. The main reason I don't play as much is mainly because of the lore wipe, so it really doesn't make sense to me to start from the beginning again. Also with the way the game actually works starting from day one just doesn't work with the way they've designed the map. Everything looks like it's been abandoned for months, maybe even years. Also the fact we never have enough players to make it feel like the initial infection. Basically I feel like this idea will make things worse, not better.
  3. Quick question, how many of my friends still play on this server?

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      *Raises Hand*

    2. Hellspawn


      Damn, it's kinda sad to see how many people have stopped playing.

    3. Dvlinhb


      Agreed, but I can't blame 'em.

  4. @stargirl I find it interesting that we learn new things even after years of experience, opening your mind to new experiences helps also. Sadly the Role-Play we did back with Duncan and Scarlet can't be replicated, but I'm happy to have the memories and the OOC friendship we built.
  5. Streaming some FOnline: Reloaded.


  6. My brother is streaming Dark Souls if you wanna check him out.


  7. Thomas was a rich kid who got whatever he wanted, he went to Harvard since his Dad had the money and the connections. He was offered to joined a secret society while making a name for himself on campus. Rises through the ranks through having lots of money to give, and his general arrogance that convinced people he knew best. His parent died in a plane crash while studying at Harvard leaving him with millions of pounds that he spent frivolously to try and make up for the lost of his parents. He ended up murdering a prostitute while travelling through Europe and found out he really enjoyed the power from taking someones life. It was easily covered up with the connections he made within the group. Once he got the taste for killing he wanted more, so he found someone who would let him hunt people down for a large amount of money. He then convinced his fellow society members to travel with him to Chernarus to join the manhunt.
  8. RIP Vinnie Paul.


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      Rest in spaghetti never forghetti.

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      F to pay respects

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