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  1. I've been hoping on the server every so often so I guess I'll let u guys know that I'll be around (kinda) hopefully some of you recognise me from the past <3
  2. I don't think many of you remember me but I'm gonna officially leave aswell. I haven't been on the server or TS in months and I just don't see the point in being here anymore. It's been great <3
  3. Its always sad when a pet dies, I know the feeling. Rest in peace Pilot <3
  4. Martial Arts

    I am black belt in taekwondo and I have been doing it for thirteen years. It's alot of fun tbh
  5. Cool Kids Club

    I believe you missed someone
  6. I just watched all eight episodes within 24 hours, I fucking loved it.
  7. Battlefield 1 Beta

  8. Which Card?

    Another thing I have no idea on is whether the card would be compatible with my motherboard, pls help moi. Motherboard: Asus H81M-K