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  1. Franko


    What about Arctis 7s?
  2. Franko


    I bought these once and returned them, I personally really didn't like them.
  3. Franko


    Budget isn't an issue. I want headphones that gives me the hearing of a blind man.
  4. Franko


    I'm looking for a replacement for my Corsair H1500s, something 7.1 surround with good audio and mic quality. Definitely something that will enable me to hear all the details in games like siege, pubg and battlefield. Any recommendations?
  5. Franko

    Steam Help

    Any other solutions?
  6. Franko

    Battlefield V

    Fortnitefield V
  7. Franko

    Battlefield V

  8. Franko

    Steam Help

    Still needs to run as admin on beta mode. I've already uninstalled it and installed it again like 5 times and it still doesn't open. I've never been so frustrated lol
  9. Franko

    Steam Help

    I've tried the task manager solution before but it doesn't work
  10. Franko

    Steam Help

    Steam just won't launch at all no matter what method I use. I've tried re-installing it but it still won't fucking open. It will open if I run as admin but if I do that it takes like 20mins to open because its "Updating" and I don't want to have to run as admin anyway, I just want it to launch normally like it used to . Help lol
  11. Franko

    Who else dont care about the royal wedding.

    I smell an irishman
  12. Franko

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

  13. Franko

    Mademoiselle's Profile Picture Thread

    Here again Would you want a border? YesIf yes, what colour? (Please insert # colour code) 00a3ccDo you want a certain character/image? (Insert gif or image) (Can you make it a similar size to my current avatar thx)
  14. Franko

    [Game] Rate the persons forum name above you.

  15. Franko

    [GAME] First thing that comes to your mind of the person above you.