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  1. I the gods will it, then he shall return! Until then prayers go out to them.
  2. Big roleplayer right there ^^
  3. Oh i didnt even know ur still around @Chewy nice to see that! Good luck with the group, maybe I'll start playing again and run into you ig .
  4. My hero @AndreyQ writing important notes!
  5. Looking good, I wish you good luck with this. May we meet in game some time.
  6. Checking out the crime scene with @AndreyQ @Ron Rubber bullets taught him a lesson! Or at least hurt him.
  7. I am told that this is the time to confess the big love for you.





    1. Elmo


      Check your DMs for inappropriate pictures.

    2. MajooRB


      DM game too stronk

  8. Hoping to break the tradition this time.
  9. Back before the outbreak Viktor was living city life of Bratislava and working at coffee shop for a while, until he decided to start attending University of Andrzejów in country called Livonia. Since it was abroad his parents used to send him just enough money to get by, for the rest of his spending habbits he had to work there. Same as before he found a job at Coffee shop there pretty easy due to his experience. During his time at the university and his work Viktor has made bunch of friends around. When the outbreak hit he was with those friends trying to survive, which at start was going okay but later his friends started dying one by one. Some died to just unlucky accidents but some were murdered by bandits for couple cans of food. Months have passed since the death of Viktor's last friend and he was alone ever since traveling through the country only with the hope to find his place in the current world amongst decent people. -char page wip-
  10. I support this suggestion, i like using pistols.
  11. MajooRB

    Timmy's path

    Pictures from the adventures on the path of Timotej "Timmy" Baska.
  12. "Wulf ya hear this, surely you're interested in friends" *he said just before pushing down the PTT on his radio* "Hello Hello miss, out and about in the land of rain and storms lots of mysteries there are. But worry not! Scooby and the gang is here to solve them all." *he releases the PTT and speaks to Mr Wulf* "Ya know the girl you said right?" *Pushes down the PTT again* "Let us know if you're interested, kind regards Timotej"
  13. So this is where you are going to now @DrMax. Looks decent, good luck with the group.
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