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  1. MajooRB

    Make the map smaller? Evolve the story?

    you've just blown my mind away, is there any problem with playing one character lets say even throughout the whole lore? 1 character = 1 year is there something wrong? That's like if i asked you are you gonna become someone else IRL when you get bored of being yourself? Of course you're not, cause you are you. So playing a character for one whole lore is completely okay I'd say. And no sometimes that 1 year is not enough for all RP you have.
  2. MajooRB

    Make the map smaller? Evolve the story?

    Related to the lore, lore seasons or whatever it is. I agree with @Brayces completely. And again, as for the map cutting it smaller and removing the + out of Chernarus+ is just stupid idea to me. The map has been like this for ages, I play here for quite long time by now and I have NEVER had issues with getting from one place to another, yes some travels take longer then the others but in the end it is still nothing too horrible...oh and did anyone notice we have working cars yes? Then also I dont really have problems finding people, or even running into people RANDOMLY anytime I play. If you do, then guess you're just unlucky. So generally I just see no reason to cut off such a major part of the map just because you are implementing the radiation mod and to get more "natural RP meetups" when there literally is no problem with meeting and finding people now, there also wasn't before. The only time I had problems meeting people was the time of really low server pop when we've had some struggles here a bit. TLDR: No lore seasons, No cutting map, thanks.
  3. MajooRB

    Make the map smaller? Evolve the story?

    No thanks, might as well go play on call of duty sized maps with that. Please do not even consider cutting off from the map, if something a bigger map would be nice. Tbh wish we could have an expanded map of chernarus to the west but thats not happening so Also fully agree with @Isaiah CortezPVE
  4. MajooRB

    Chapter 2 [Recruitment strict IC only]

    Welcome new members @Fenrir & @StagsviewRB glad to have you with us guys!
  5. "Ahoj! Patya here. So you've come here to get to know me a bit ano? Disappointed you will leave from this place, my secrets are mine and mine alone. But you get to know me a little bit...because I feel like being nice today. Born and raised between my bratri by my parents down south in city called Primorsk, ha bet you don't know that place. All you tourists know is Novigrad, but if you do know the city plus for you. You get 5 points, but back to me. When I was just young rebelious kid that used to run from my parents downtown to drink and have fun with my bratri we've always chattered about our dream of owning our very own bar one day. But ne! Dreams don't always come true! Photograph showing Mikhail & one of his bratri beside his squad patch. My dream have got postponed quite a bit, me and my bratri we enlisted the CDF or Chernarussian Defense Forces if you don't know. We trained, sweat and blood, we fought for our beautiful lands in defense from the Chedaki bastards! Even through the fights were terrible, I've seen many of my Chernaruski bratri from other squads fall. Yet we've stood strong and tall and drove away the scum together as the bond between out squad was stronger and stronger. As time has went by after the 2009 civil war, I have been saving as much money as I could from my paychecks and saved up money. It was more then enough as my family in support of my dream has donated me the remaining piece of money necessary for the whole project. Using the money I've bought a property in the downtown of Novigrad, made some renovations, hired the necessary staff and went straight for the opening. I've got to be honest with you ano? It was shit...BUT! Only at first, after surviving the bad time beginning it has finally kicked off and started gaining in popularity and the money flow has got decent. My dream was finally fulfilled, prospering and bringing me enough money making me able to repay my family what they have gave me. I've bought them an apartment in Novigrad where they have moved to. Photograph from Mikhail's bar where you can see one of hisemployees. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Alcohol & drinking (Vodka, Rum) Cats Guns & shooting Cigars Unreliable & Disrespectful people Too crowded places Children Deep water - Legend: green=likes / red=dislikes / yellow=fears - _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ztracení muži - 176th “Gorka” Rotný Kristián Jareš Četař Marek Straková @RoCKiE Četař Mikhail Patya @MajooRB Desátník Pavel Janoušek @Shanoby Desátník Andrej Málek Desátník Lukáš Mišalko _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. RedSky

    • RedSky
    • MajooRB

    Toothless club!

    1. MajooRB



    2. RedSky


      how to train your dragon hello GIF

  7. MajooRB

    Chapter 2 Media Thread

    You'll see them when i have them....or when others post something
  8. MajooRB

    Chapter 2 Media Thread

    Screenshots & videos will follow up from this post:
  9. MajooRB

    Chapter 2 [Recruitment strict IC only]

    Made some updates to relations and bunch of other minor changes. Also would like to welcome @Ozymandias to the group, hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. Kusken

    • Kusken
    • MajooRB

    Did you know that your profile pic and the song fits perfectly.

    Everytime he turns his head once the beat start a "tsh" can be heard.

    1. MajooRB


      i did not, but now i can not unhear/see it 🤣 thanks

    2. Kusken


      You are more than welcome.

  11. MajooRB

    The Dollars

    Didn't get to meet you yet, congratz.
  12. MajooRB

    Mac Tíre [Closed Recruitment]

    Well welcome back i guess? Good luck in South Zagoria
  13. MajooRB

    Farmers Wanted [Open Frequency]

    *As Sofie swings through frequencies and stops to listen to hearing of Daniel's voice, she begins to speak with slight German accent* "Um, hello?" "I see there is at least someone who has other things on their mind then the amount of guns he can collect and similar shit...If you would wait at your location I am willing to come by and have a conversation with you face to face yes?" *she stops speaking and awaits response*
  14. MajooRB

    The Dollars

    Good luck @C-J and co. Looking forward to RPing with you after so long.
  15. MajooRB

    The Railroad

    HOBO CODE yes please
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