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  1. MajooRB

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    it was a big sad for me
  2. Bot Elmo

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    • MajooRB

    Detective Garaj on the case

    giphy (3).gif

    1. MajooRB



  3. MajooRB

    S1 - little east of Zub castle / 18/5/2019 7:15 GMT - No time to comply

    Kristof Vrana POV: Me and the boys move up to the camp with intention to raid the place, we storm in from the back gate and then surround the people as we run from both sides of the brick building. Dew initiates and the people that dont comply/straight up show noncompliance are met with bullets and end up dying. That pretty much ended the whole situation. For the "oh no they shot first" claim. The screenshot where you circle a bullet @Welshie is completely wrong, watch your video evidence again and pay more attention. The first shot was fired on the break between 26th to 27th second of your video and it can be clearly heard the shot being fired from the far left side from where you stand (only your people were located at that position) Me and the boys were coming from the right side and directly front of you, which is very far from where the shot came from. It's pretty clear the op is angry about the situation and might have thrown the report up in haste.
  4. MajooRB

    Specific magazine pouches

    Having dedicated pouches for magazines would indeed be pretty cool, for the looks for sure at least. It would look nice having for example a pistol pouch with magazine that you can see on the belt, or M4/AK pouch on the plate carrier. But imo I dont think making it longer/shorter reload times is a good idea, i'd keep that as it is.
  5. MajooRB

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

  6. MajooRB

    Viridian (Open Recruitment)

    Good luck with this
  7. Bot Elmo

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    • MajooRB

    1. MajooRB


      Nerd, make it your profile song

    2. Xehara


      Remind me to beanz this tomorrow. I ran out of beanz.

    3. MajooRB


      he doesnt deserve beanZ for clip I uploaded of myself xd. Slithery Bot Elmo

    4. Xehara


      Open your profile a few times, it makes a good remix.

  8. MajooRB

    DayZRP 19.5.2

    No more having to task manager my DayZ? ....sad
  9. MajooRB

    Community Members Represented by Spongebobs Memes

  10. MajooRB

    S1 - Bogatyrka - NVFL - 18:30

    Kristof Vrana POV: Not much to say about this, dude gets presented with heavy outnumbering against himself as we talk/chase him away from the edge of the lopatino settlement. Bigman gets chased all the way over to Bogatyrka field and I drop initiation, we then proceed to take the guy to a house while all the way there he does some dumb shit and "half"listens to our demands as seen in the video evidence provided by my fellow official group member @AndreyQ himself. After he is asked to drop his weapons the guy sprints outside the building, we chase him where I end up getting shot down the pure 5.56 roleplay rounds of non compliance. End of POV.
  11. Bot Elmo

    • Bot Elmo
    • MajooRB

    bro i need the end of that vid on a soundboard

    1. MajooRB


      Go ahead

      Send me and uploaded .mp3

  12. MajooRB

    The Time.

    Slave trade? Oh Western ur surprising me, been a while since I've seen any of that IG. Good luck with the group, looking forward to running into you with some of that slave sheet.
  13. MajooRB

    What Animal is the person above you?

    Kurva garaJ.....raccoon
  14. MajooRB

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

  15. MajooRB

    Death Match

    Mah duude, ofc its me @AndreyQ vs @StagsviewRB the nivek battle may begin!
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