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  1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Why have you come here? Val does not like unannounced visitors, so either let him know first or pack your shit and leave. Valerian "Val" Morozov has roots in both Slovakia and Chernarus, as his father is Slovak and his mother is from Chernarus. In his youth Val was attending school as any other kid out there. Through he did not make many friends in school as he was forced to home schooling often as he was traveling between countries up and down, as he was traveling b
  2. I the gods will it, then he shall return! Until then prayers go out to them.
  3. Big roleplayer right there ? ^^
  4. Oh i didnt even know ur still around @Chewy nice to see that! Good luck with the group, maybe I'll start playing again and run into you ig .
  5. Stalker

    1. Majoo


      it's called checking my notifications once in a while, While keeping the inactive status

  6. My hero @AndreyQ writing important notes!
  7. Looking good, I wish you good luck with this. May we meet in game some time.
  8. Checking out the crime scene with @AndreyQ @Ron Rubber bullets taught him a lesson! Or at least hurt him.
  9. I am told that this is the time to confess the big love for you.





    1. Elmo Cringe

      Elmo Cringe

      Check your DMs for inappropriate pictures.

    2. Majoo


      DM game too stronk

  10. Hoping to break the tradition this time.
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