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  1. Bye...

    I won't I'll search for you and destroy ya...cya
  2. Bye...

    Me too, you're a lovely person! Doubt it my love
  3. Bye...

    It's not only DayZ, it's all games for me. That is exactly why i post this thread Don't act like you didn't know it for weeks now.
  4. Bye...

    I've decided to quit some while ago...but the attention whore I am here is the great thread. I haven't made thread about it before so i'll mention it in this one: STAFF TEAM, in general for me it was great experience in all ways. I've had the chance to look at the community and all "stuff" from the other side, I've made some good new friends while being in staff and so on...we all know this stuff no need to go long about it. Just wanted to say thanks for that to the old/new staff team & @Rolle Apart from that well as obvious enough I'm leaving, why? Cause Role-Play, DayZ and if im honest most of "gaming" in general is just boring me and can't be fucked to play anything really anymore. Maybe one day I'll change my mind but when that's gonna be fuck knows... And the basic shit...goodbye all friends I've made during my time in the community. We've had great time and i appretiate that. I'll try to tag most of you but probably won't get all but hey you know who you are. @Gowbe BFFs forever @Iso @Lyca @Anouk @Grimnir @Spartan @WulfeGirl @Brayces @derNils @Razareth @Helsing @Buddy @Chewy @Lemons @Irish @Ramon @Ron @Spooky88 @Terra @2Eazy @Lord Strawberry @Bauglir2011 @Conor @Crim @DarkStyle @Doc Holiday @Ghoozovich @Harlow @Ducky @Faith @PatZ @Solo @King @Cocomii @Corry @Cthuluz ... Also F ya'all who disliked/hated me. I believe ya know who you are.
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    2 spooky profile for me

  5. Bye

    Ya get out and don't mention me? Woah....okay....makes me sad. Cya
  6. Safe zone discussion

    So much "IT" in there The location seems fine
  7. The Aegis Corporation

    Don't let the drama consume you, feed on it! Good luck with the group Zero, if i'd be playing i'd be definitely looking to run into you guys for some great RP I know you'll provide. Sadly i'm not anymore.
  8. Majoo

    The moment you come back in to cause random ass drama and then f off again. Good job my dude xDxDxD 

    1. Grimnir


      I wish I was old enough to have ideas like that. ;)

    2. Majoo


      Like digging into personal life and causing more drama in situations that do not involve you at all right? 

      Forgot you're not old enough for that one either @Grimnir right? xD;) 

      I wish i'd be old enough to understand that

    3. Grimnir


      In 15 years maybe lel

    4. Majoo


      I think you'll need to wait more than 15 years my man

    • Brayces
    • Majoo

    We were supposed to watch a movie, Mister!!

    1. Majoo


      Please use steam next time i do not check this often anymore.....whenever u want. And well rip wasn't home last night

    2. Brayces


      Aww, okay! I'll message ya when I get a chance!

    • Iso
    • Majoo

    Maj- ghost

    1. Majoo


      Do i want to? 

    2. Iso


      Don't ;_; stay with me bb

  9. Majoo


    issa ghost now

    1. PatZ



    2. Ramon


      Bye! <3

    3. Gowbe



    4. Shiro
    5. Lord Strawberry

      Lord Strawberry


  10. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    Good luck with this, it's been a while since i've seen group like this.
  11. The Last Light

    Yay cool
  12. Willem Nedved's Picture Book

    Look at that...it's from time when i was active :c