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  1. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

    • Majoo
    • Conor

    Back at it with one of my favorite bands ah :D cool

  2. Outlast up for free

    Why not, thanks
  3. Get out of jail card idea

    @Rolle As you've said yourself, permabanned people are in the position they are for really good reason. Even through i've lost many friends to perms i still do not support this suggestion in any way. Let's say, sure they pay 100€ to get their account unbanned and placed on final warning which nobody will pay unless they really want to behave and enjoy the community, like honestly who would pay this amount of money just to come flame someone or rulebreak and get banned again? Yeah...maybe it could work but still no, why? Because if you want to let some permabanned people back to the community you have to find a way that gives all of them equal chance to come back to our community. In my eyes it would be stupid to give one part of people who have and are able to afford to pay "ANY AMOUNT" of money (talking even if it would be 20 or whatnot, it doesnt matter) to come back but pretty much tell those who have it hard and/or are just not able to afford to pay money to be let back to gaming community like this to just go fuck themselves, that's how it looks like to me and how i feel about it. If oyu want to let them back find a way that doesn't involve money, appeals...if they didn't make it through the first appeal they made because of your "rage" or what you've mentioned before then I'd say if you've changed your mind try and give them chance for second appeal for example? I don't know... And on the other side if you need money to buy stuff for DayZRP well unfortunately from my view i have to say, find different way to earn money for this stuff. Letting permd people pay to get back is not good idea at all in my opinion.
  4. Real life picture Thread

    urite tbh Nice hoodie...is black
  5. Majoo

    I like me some PUBG RP 

    @DarkStyle @Crim @Lemons

    1. Spooky88
    2. Majoo


      at least i suck better then you :ph34r:xD 

    3. Spooky88


      At least you are not denying it xD

  6. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    i don't think i would be allowed to post that here...xd Favorite music genre?
  7. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Has to be that classic vodka tbh Do you like tea?
  8. The Last Light Media Thread

    Well was better then silence so +1 ...next time i'll just powergame myself MP3 player IC so i dont have to listen to that
  9. Don't be so proud...was just little reaction ...
  10. The Last Light Media Thread

    Especially you bitching about it the entire ride IC lmao
  11. Enjoyed it tonight a lot lads. All of Last Light + people at the NATO camp. Had pretty nice RP from everyone i talked to. I'll just tag some...who i forgot sorry. @derNils @Irish @Razareth @RogueSolace @Spartan @Majoo @Lemons @Mercy @Iso @Malet +NATO +Randoms at the camp Was fun
  12. The Last Light Media Thread

    Pic is okay.....was a nice road trip