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  1. 28 minutes ago, JohnGrace said:

    This is straight cancer. You cant just make the game cancerously unrealistic.. for what exactly? In what world do you need to shoot a wolf, or even a bear more than a couple times to kill it? shit 1 .308 round will take out literally almost any animal on the planet with a well placed shot. Have you ever shot something? Like anything? Honestly ridiculous. Bears already took 20+ rounds of 5.45/5.56 of 5.56 which is already insane. People bow and spear hunt bears for christ sakes.

    May I suggest instead of getting so invested that it becomes toxic, a calm breather and if you still want to undo the update supplying sources making your argument stronger.

    And on the topic, I have no knowledge of the wolfs and bears but I already find it hard to kill a cow so I'm down with the people that it's hard but again it does make it a bit more fun. Makes killing a bear way more satisfying. Games would be boring without a challenge anyhow!

  2. I'm too lazy too type but Mexi has all the standpoints I agree with.
    + forcing factions to wear a certain uniform is in no way reenforcable due to people having to regear the whole time to the specific uniform.
    It would also make sense that factions could take off the uniform so they don't get caught when they are easily compromised. It's like dressing up in a UN uniform while surrounded by ISIS

  3. I'm trying to get quite indepth with my character as I require it for the backstory of my characters father and his involvment during the Solnichniy riot.
    He's apprehended after the riots, and it's a little unclear to me when the WMDA is revealed to be a pro-russian seperatist organisation.
    So right now I have my characters father locked up in Storozh for being involved with a russian sepperatist group.
    I just want it to fit the official lore as much as possible. 

    Feel free to give me any other lore inconsistencies if you have time but that's like only if you have extra time haha

  4. Before I ask my question I want to state that the lore I require is during the period of the September crisis (2009) and afterwards.
    I require this lore as I want to base a corner stone of my characters background on it. (Pro Russian / Pro Chernarussian  / neutral)

    Main Q: Is there any official lore on Storozh?
     - Sub Q1: Did the Sepember crisis affect Storozh in any way? Think off attacks, prisoner transfers / -releases / -escapes.
     - Sub Q2: Would there be any other prison similar to Storozh which disallowed visits and communication with prisoners?

  5. Happy birthday and thanks  @Roland! Even though I am as disconnected to DayZRP then ever it has brought me more than I ever expected from a gaming community.

    One time offer story time stuff which i'd rather just snip out but already took the time to type:



    Joined this community the 5th of may in the first  @PsiSyndicate W a V e  when the Chernarussian life charmed me into it. 
    First group that I joined was Fox Run P.M.C,  my English was shit, my RP was trash and my character was annoying but they still kept me @Derek Steel .



    At that point I just played way to much DayZRP and occasionally (all the time) managed to embarrass my parents with shouting shit like "My mother is a Russian hooker".
    Totally hooked to the concept. I lost contact with most people from the Mod days, and sadly forgot a lot of things.When standalone was around I never bothered playing in groups anymore. I only lead unregistered groups of whitenames like myself (the best people around, I stayed the hell away from popular forum peeps, fuck them right). Lost interest massively after that.
    Eventually joined back because good o'l Rogeirio Skylab @Wolffe (How do we even know each other I can't remember), told me he was going to start a group.
    So there I was back in DayZRP in a good guy group called the Paladins. Even though the mod days were best, this group is probably the best thing that happened to me.
    I think we started with like 5 people in the group, with me joining later. Then at some point Rogeirio became a bit inactive I think and I just kinda took over in-game and went on a massive recruiting spree. Every un-grouped person in my vicinity wasn't safe. Got a big ass camp going with like 17 barrels (yes..  it was insane, #barreldins).
    And then when I had least expected to find (which I can say now) life long friends I found them..  I was all alone looking for supplies to set up an outpost somewhere where I met @Sully and @efcjelavic. They joined the paladins first (I kinda forced them) and then they ended up leaving but we kept in contact. After some time the paladins disbanded and I officially joined up forces with them again in The Unchained where I met @kiwienne and the gang. Now I think my heartfelt post is long enough so thanks for the great adventures and finding Sully and Efc. No clue who i'd be gaming with and talking to if I had not come across them (the odds of us ever meeting were slim as fuck).

    Anyhow I normally just make unnecessary necro posts so don't expect to many of these posts from me (1 time offer since it's dayzrp's birthday).
    I wish I could @ everyone I met and tell the stories attached but I've played so much that I forgot a lot of peeps (To much stuff to remember!). ❤️ 





  6. 1 hour ago, Hofer said:

    I mean. The concerns @The Traveler is expressing in the thread are real, and I have noticed the trend he is pointing out as well. I believe it is fine to discuss Discord, but I don't think replacing it is the correct way of doing it. I think adapting and moving the TS mentality over to Discord is the correct approach.

    It would require effort from some of the big boys and groups in the community to make this happen and to make the Discord become a place of life again, but I firmly believe that the sheep will follow and that the glory days will be restored as a result of it.

    If someone from the admin team ( @Zanaan, @DrMax, @JimRP, @Roland) could make a decision to implement new channels and group channels inside Discord that could perhaps help the situation out.

    We need the big influencers and largest groups to take charge of making Discord great again, with the support of the staff team.

    I have to agree, I always preferred teamspeak for dayzrp but up until this point I only use discord with friends. Samething with the arma 2 mod, a lot of us wanted to go back to it but in the end it was better not. Same goes for discord, it's free and is a growing platform with both, chat, voice and bot functionalities.

    I mean,  setting up server roles and permissions for group channels isn't even that hard to be fair.
    The only problem it faces is that you would require a role to join a group's private channel instead of a password, and only people with permission to give out roles are able to. give them out. One way to "solve" this would be to set the private channels permission like this for the @everyone role:

    and for the group member role like this:

    and if you set the private channel's permission for the group members like this:
    they then can move people from the public channel to the private channel, just like staff does when you are waiting for help and they drag you into a voice channel not visible to you before.

    Sidenote: You can also give discord a "radio'y" sound by just lowering the bitrate to shitty quality.

  7. 9 minutes ago, Ducky said:

    You could theoretically make a new face that has the same tears and conditions as zombies to use as a player, but the actual act of making a player model rise back up to living is such an unnecessary and unfeasible feature that its just not going to happen.

    ahh thanks for the reply!

  8. 2 hours ago, APositivePara said:

    A big ole' no from me.

    If i die to zombies, which can happen easily in this game, I don't wanna essentially perm my character bc all of my friends would have to look at me turning into a zombie. There's huge continuity / immersion breaking issues related to watching your friend turn but it not actually be you.

    Not to mention how salty it would make me if i died to a glitch, or lag, only to have to wobble around like a leper until somebody put me out of my misery. 

    If you added it as an option when you spawned to be a random zombie, i wouldn't care. That's a choice, but a forceful "your character is now a zombie" will only lead to a lot of distaste. 


    1 hour ago, Fae said:

    I agree. If I could decide to be infected upon death or make a character that was infected, sure.

    Theres have to be limitations. Unable to use weapons of any kind and not sure if they should be able to use VoIP.

    But 🤷‍♀️

    Not sure how easy it would be to do but it could be cool.

    My main idea was to have an npc zombie with your gear. The part where you yourself can be a zombie would be indeed hard to implement and ofcourse would be either optional or not implemented, whatever the people want. 

    Regarding the permadeath, there is no permadeath involved. Sure you are turning into a zombie but your dead body on the floor is basically the same. It will add a realistic factor but the death of the actual character would still be ignored just as we ignore dead bodies. 

    3 hours ago, Combine said:

    While I would like this feature, I doubt it's


    1) that easy to implement and maintain and

    2) as persistent


    Meaning that even if we assume it'll all work out, with the next server restart or crash it would be gone, lessening the "what you get out of it factor". Unless you can make such NPCs be persistent on a location, coupled with AI packages.

    I wouldn't mind if after a server restart said ai would also be wiped. It's more that it could possibly be a great feature where infected create infected and you have to shoot the infected to get the players loot or many other things, it's a draft. 

    It's probably not doable but I have no clue what is possible in modding but if it is possible staff can host a poll with a more fleshed out idea. 

  9. I would like to suggest that players that died by zombies (and possibly players) become zombies themselves.
    I recently came back and noticed that the clothing which the zombies had on them, could be taken from them when they died.
    With this in mind and my friend screaming "you turned into a zombie! (mistaking a zombie with a backpack after I died, for me)", I got the idea for this and it wouldn't be such a bad one either.
    Now I don't know how far DayZ modding goes but it seemed like an awesome idea, the dead bodies of your friend haunting you.

    [Extra] Like I said, I don't know how far modding in DayZ goes but you could even extend it to something that was able in the Arma 2 mod, players being the zombies.

    [NOTE] I wrote this in my coffee break so it's not fleshed out.

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