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  1. Thought I recognized that tag from somewhere.
    Very interested to trade some more jars with red cloth to Liam O'Casey 👀

  2. Bastards my youtube background i shouldn't have had in the first place is gone
    Sad times.

  3. is there an overview off the map to view? as in a map of the map?
  4. May I suggest instead of getting so invested that it becomes toxic, a calm breather and if you still want to undo the update supplying sources making your argument stronger. And on the topic, I have no knowledge of the wolfs and bears but I already find it hard to kill a cow so I'm down with the people that it's hard but again it does make it a bit more fun. Makes killing a bear way more satisfying. Games would be boring without a challenge anyhow!
  5. @Can @Youmadbros @Get_Used_To_It @Causer @iDontG1veADuck #@GetYeeted
  6. This is the second biggest mystery I've ever seen

  7. I sometimes wonder how many accounts are owned by people who passed away.
    Leaving their digital footprint into this community. Makes you think.

  8. Leaving this here for other people with the same question maybe. /solved
  9. I'm too lazy too type but Mexi has all the standpoints I agree with. + forcing factions to wear a certain uniform is in no way reenforcable due to people having to regear the whole time to the specific uniform. It would also make sense that factions could take off the uniform so they don't get caught when they are easily compromised. It's like dressing up in a UN uniform while surrounded by ISIS
  10. I'm trying to get quite indepth with my character as I require it for the backstory of my characters father and his involvment during the Solnichniy riot. He's apprehended after the riots, and it's a little unclear to me when the WMDA is revealed to be a pro-russian seperatist organisation. So right now I have my characters father locked up in Storozh for being involved with a russian sepperatist group. I just want it to fit the official lore as much as possible. Feel free to give me any other lore inconsistencies if you have time but that's like only if you have extra time haha https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-14747/
  11. Before I ask my question I want to state that the lore I require is during the period of the September crisis (2009) and afterwards. I require this lore as I want to base a corner stone of my characters background on it. (Pro Russian / Pro Chernarussian / neutral) Main Q: Is there any official lore on Storozh? - Sub Q1: Did the Sepember crisis affect Storozh in any way? Think off attacks, prisoner transfers / -releases / -escapes. - Sub Q2: Would there be any other prison similar to Storozh which disallowed visits and communication with prisoners?
  12. Once upon a time

    1. PalmtreeWhale


      my balls got itchy.

    2. PalmtreeWhale


      the seamless seams seem stitchy

    3. PalmtreeWhale
    4. PalmtreeWhale


      his name is richie

  13. PalmtreeWhale

    On the rocks

    Black forest definitely one upped itself in the standalone
  14. Happy birthday and thanks @Roland! Even though I am as disconnected to DayZRP then ever it has brought me more than I ever expected from a gaming community. One time offer story time stuff which i'd rather just snip out but already took the time to type:
  15. image.png.6258d7b3ec0e8343ace18847b663c53f.png

    Leech problems 101

  16. /offtopic, rhetorical so yes
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