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  1. Once upon a time

  2. PalmtreeWhale

    On the rocks

    Black forest definitely one upped itself in the standalone
  3. PalmtreeWhale

    DayZRP 7th birthday!

    Happy birthday and thanks @Roland! Even though I am as disconnected to DayZRP then ever it has brought me more than I ever expected from a gaming community. One time offer story time stuff which i'd rather just snip out but already took the time to type:
  4. image.png.6258d7b3ec0e8343ace18847b663c53f.png

    Leech problems 101

  5. /offtopic, rhetorical so yes
  6. PalmtreeWhale

    [GAME] Name Mixup

  7. Glad to say dayz's zombies are still broken

    1. Wolffe


      What are they up to now?

    2. PalmtreeWhale


      Oh you know,  just the ocassional killing through walls and doors. Apparently a closed door is still an open door for zombies. 

    3. Wolffe


      Oh no that's gonna be a problem. Guess I'll have to whip out my can throwing tactics again

      Hate wasting tactical bacon 😞

    4. PalmtreeWhale


      It's scuffed, i was in the building door closed and the zombies stunlocked me from outside. I have no clue who invented this stun but his alignment is pretty clear.

  8. haha the insecurity in his voice, you even look at him like..you can still correct it!
  9. PalmtreeWhale

    Bring back teamspeak?

    I have to agree, I always preferred teamspeak for dayzrp but up until this point I only use discord with friends. Samething with the arma 2 mod, a lot of us wanted to go back to it but in the end it was better not. Same goes for discord, it's free and is a growing platform with both, chat, voice and bot functionalities. I mean, setting up server roles and permissions for group channels isn't even that hard to be fair. The only problem it faces is that you would require a role to join a group's private channel instead of a password, and only people with permission to give out roles are able to. give them out. One way to "solve" this would be to set the private channels permission like this for the @everyone role: and for the group member role like this: and if you set the private channel's permission for the group members like this: they then can move people from the public channel to the private channel, just like staff does when you are waiting for help and they drag you into a voice channel not visible to you before. Sidenote: You can also give discord a "radio'y" sound by just lowering the bitrate to shitty quality.
  10. ahh thanks for the reply!
  11. My main idea was to have an npc zombie with your gear. The part where you yourself can be a zombie would be indeed hard to implement and ofcourse would be either optional or not implemented, whatever the people want. Regarding the permadeath, there is no permadeath involved. Sure you are turning into a zombie but your dead body on the floor is basically the same. It will add a realistic factor but the death of the actual character would still be ignored just as we ignore dead bodies. I wouldn't mind if after a server restart said ai would also be wiped. It's more that it could possibly be a great feature where infected create infected and you have to shoot the infected to get the players loot or many other things, it's a draft. It's probably not doable but I have no clue what is possible in modding but if it is possible staff can host a poll with a more fleshed out idea.
  12. I would like to suggest that players that died by zombies (and possibly players) become zombies themselves. I recently came back and noticed that the clothing which the zombies had on them, could be taken from them when they died. With this in mind and my friend screaming "you turned into a zombie! (mistaking a zombie with a backpack after I died, for me)", I got the idea for this and it wouldn't be such a bad one either. Now I don't know how far DayZ modding goes but it seemed like an awesome idea, the dead bodies of your friend haunting you. [Extra] Like I said, I don't know how far modding in DayZ goes but you could even extend it to something that was able in the Arma 2 mod, players being the zombies. [NOTE] I wrote this in my coffee break so it's not fleshed out.
  13. +1 I still have an empty barrel I can stash some babies in ALL YOUR SHILDREN WILL BE MINE MUHAHAHA but no, don't think a baby would do good in this stage.
  14. 10/10 ofc but here i thought i had an original funny idea.. xehara beat me anyhow why are they gone?
  15. it's quite weird, it magically fixed itself for me but since i'm not the only one.
  16. 1992 - 1993 It was one year after Chernarus had been declared independent when Pavlov was born. His father Mstislav Vavwadai, was a self-employed mechanic and his mother Masha had an administrative job at a factory before she took her leave. They lived in an apartment block in Berenzino. Mstislav had been searching for a better paying occupation to support their new born but had trouble getting hired. It was when Pavlov had just turned one, when a job at the quarry in Solnichniy opened up-- hard work but better payment. 1997 Mstislav had now been working at the quarry for four years now. It had been hard on both him and on his health and was showing its effects-- back problems, disease and lung problems. It was this year where Mstislav first heard from colleagues about the 'Working Man's Defence Alliance' (WMDA), which was being founded by Gregori Lopotev and other employees within his company. Pavlov was now at the age of five and payment for better schooling had been tough, even with the better payment compared to his previous occupation. Therefore the WMDA at first glimpse was exactly what could represent Mstislav and the work-conditions and the low wages he earnt in spite of his well fare. 1999 The WMDA existed for roughly two years now and it's member count had been growing. Within these two years unrest had been stirred and it was this year that their leader Gregori organised a riot. The riot was about working and pay conditions and was held at the mine. Mstislav had also turned up but soon realized the riot became violent quickly. With all the workers that had showed up there was no way out anymore. Chaos ensued and Mstislav fell victim to the security forces mistaking him for a violent protester. He was getting beaten up and had to fight back unwillingly. Soon the Security forces gained grip over the situation while OREL came to assist. Three protesters ended up dying and many had become injured. A lot of the WMDA members got arrested in the aftermath and their leader Gregori went into hiding. Soon after the incident 'The Working Man's Defence Alliance' was therefore no more and -shut down. A couple of workers had seen Mstislav fight back and saw him dissappear into the chaos but what had become of him is up until today still a mistery. A week had passed after the riot and Masha (Pavlov's Mother) had still not heard from Mstislav-- he wasn't confirmed dead nor alive. Did the authorities pick him up? Did he go into hiding-- why hasn't he contacted them? With Pavlov already asking for his father it was tough for Masha. Her husband could be part of a supposed separatist organisation. Afraid to contact authorities Masha continued to care for Pavlov. She applied for her old job at the lumber mill to continue to finance Pavlov's schooling. Roughly two months later and a letter had come in the mail. It stated that Mstislav had been arrested at the riots and was held in a jail cell for a couple of days. But eventually was transferred to Storozh due to his "involvement" with Gregori who still remained at large. 2008 - 2009 As a teenager Pavlov was not out of the ordinary. Even though his childhood was confusing due to the arrest of his father he had come out seemingly ok. He still thinks about his father and what had become of him. He could not understand that his father would abandon his mother like that, aiding a revealed communistic separatist group in a riot. It made him sick that his father would do it but he could never get the answer to the "why" question-- Storozh was heavily armed and knew no visitation. Following that year Pavlov had picked up the hobby of working with dirtbikes, ATV's and his mother's car. He wasn't studying anything in particular yet but had a vague idea of hitting the road later. Masha had worked at the lumber mill for a while but eventually took another job due to harassment about her husband. It had been tough on her but caring for Pavlov had dragged her through it.. mostly. It was the 27th of June when their past caught up with them again. Gregory Lepotev had came out of hiding and had conducted multiple attacks against the government in the Northern regions of South Zagoria. The man who indirectly caused this family grief had shown his face and his intentions. CDF managed to easily repel the attack but a month later Gregory showed his face once more, this time with an intensity that not only crippled the CDF's supply line but also had sent the government officials on the run. The first attacks had come to great shock to the Vavwadai family, Pavlov in particular-- This was the man his father rioted for, gave his freedom for.. a terrorist. During the second attacks Masha was hanging out the laundry on the balcony while Pavlov was working in the garage next to the apartment block. To be continued
  17. Every article in the wiki gives me this? /thread 10/10 reloaded everything didn't work, I post this and it magically works again not even a second later
  18. PalmtreeWhale

    So DayZRP saved me from getting mugged

    All that running simulation and you decide to sit down But damn, glad you're okay. Don't know what I would've done.
  19. Had some great RP yesterday in camp!
    @Uncle definitely had a blast by the looks of it.



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