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  1. image.png.91f0e9d3928d7bb59f3e3f9fbfc1f860.png

    someone send me a euro please.
    also, this must be the reason why I couldnt find them in game!

    1. PalmtreeWhale
    2. Sully


      this item store is obviously a joke

      so the only way I'll be properly able to RP as errol is if I pay 3 fucking euros for a hat l o l

  2. PalmtreeWhale

    One Group

    Heard there was a all dutch group called 'De Manke Molenaars' once if I recall correctly. would've been fun to see that one.
  3. Hello hello this is all very naughty nsfw (be warned).

    Do you want me to take it up the shitter? Because it's a fiver extra!


    1. KyleRP


      Tufty is hard as nails, what a lad

  4. PalmtreeWhale

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *The static is interrupted by a chernarussian voice* Hello Hello stranger ehh I came here to broadcast to Anatoly. This is Pavlov, I have managed to find myself a radio and wanted to let you know if youa re out there that the doctors and people are here now.. ehh yeah that's it I guess.. Also to the guy with a red boonie hat, the doctor would be pleased if you could trade him the boonie hat if you come to the homestead! I am not good at talking so ehh yes thankyou! *static continues*
  5. PalmtreeWhale

    In game Premium poll

    @Roland Instead of group clothing, it should be custom clothing. This way even players that are not part of a group, can pay for a custom skin. Payment is done one time through website credit. Website credit can be acquired through a reward system and a paypal transaction which is at a minimum at 5 euros. This way you don't force people to spend all 5 euros, but they can also get the credit through the reward system. The reward system will consist out of play time, this way groups or players can either pay for the custom skins, or they can acquire credit which is achieved by playing. the total play hours of a group or a player can be traded in for website credit. This way active groups who can't pay with money can still get their custom group clothing when they really want it. People who are part of a group will build up player hours for their group, and people not part of a group will build up their play hours for themselves. The amount of played hours per credit differs for group hours and solo players. (groups will trade in more play hours for 1 credit. eg: groups 50 for 1, un-grouped players 25 for 1.
  6. PalmtreeWhale

    • PalmtreeWhale
    • DinoB

    I can see for Miillees

    1. DinoB


      i can see for MILEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  7. PalmtreeWhale

    Free Medics Media

  8. Bring back the survivor 3 skin! Is it actually possible to create new clothing already? like from scratch as assets and such?
  9. PalmtreeWhale

    Meeting People IRL from DayZRP

    Met up twice with @kiwienne and sadly only once with @Sully but deffo more to come. First time I met up with Kiwienne we went to an amusement park with giovanni and crippled a seagull on a roller coaster ride, yes we hit a bloody seagull. Stayed in a house we rented and got drunk, ran through the streets, played twister which I obviously was better at >:) oh yeah I kinda semi broke the couch. Second time didn't have the money to go to efteling (the amusement park) but met up with my man @Sully & kiwienne & our good old pal Jens in Amsterdam for a day, shared a good old slush with sully and we went to the van Goghs.. and not to forget started the curse of me showing up as a ghost on polaroid photos.
  10. PalmtreeWhale

    October changes poll

    The only point I have is that the first time I spawned is that I recognized in the first few seconds where I was + black forest isn't spooky. I'd say Create spawns all around the map in locations even the veterans will be like.. okay where the hell am I. Some spawns can be a little further away from towns if players spawn with a bit of food and water. And this way the same town won't be plundered by fresh spawns every second. I did vote spawn with a short wave radio, but long wave might be better in this case.
  11. Back when I was a youngster, seeing only the clan xml was frightening enough, glad to see it back!
  12. PalmtreeWhale

    Excessive Reporting ?

    "let's go formal"
  13. free medics come back and there are dwarves in the game? my god have the experiments already started
  14. that train looks absolutely brilliant, it's going to take a big ass roadblock to stop that thing.