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  1. PalmtreeWhale

    Platform Switch Discussion

    I can already hear Rolle breathing heavily while hoping that the BETA modding won't be shite.
  2. Still remains so good to listen to

  3. PalmtreeWhale

    Poetry Thread

    I'm inactive and DayZRP is dead. I'm lying but this is the poetry thread




    shaye saint john:

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor shaye saint john

    enough internet for today

    1. Brayces


      He's dead now, I think. OD on something.

  5. image.thumb.png.c0b2c6380636318a943c1d744c666bd2.png

    tf am i doing withmy life

  6. *starts drumming on his imaginary cowbell*


    ahaah  *beedebeedebeep*  hmmhmmm  *beedebeedebeepbeep*


    i'm definitely on the wrong side of youtube again.

    1. JoffreyRP



    2. PalmtreeWhale


      bloody love that song

  9. PalmtreeWhale

    2018 Premium overhaul

    very family friendly haha
  10. Support the supporters, fight against the automation of killing our species!




  11. Searching through random music has paid off once again

  12. what even, 18+ peeps, dont want points


  13. Yeah that's why PVP isn't the problem, it's the people. So i'm gonna make the bold statement that people who say that pvp doesn't promote rp only want the aspects of rp that fit their safezone.
  14. All the medical RP that is possible.. my lord the Free Medics would've flourished. Everyone's going to run around crippled due to the NLR rule.. I say that promotes a lot of roleplay. action -> reaction, it only doesn't promote more roleplay if people act like: "pvp isn't part of this, I'm not going to bother roleplaying pvp events out". Example: my character steals grape soda from the Somalians, he gets gunned down for it -> next time my crippled character be good boy and give grape soda to Somalians because you don't steal grape soda from them.