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  1. -snip- count me out edit: I have to add a number now.. never playing this game anymore can't belive I crossed the line from -1 to +1
  2. PalmtreeWhale

    Mexi Twitch/ Media Thread

    don't listen to the pipes for too long!
  3. Community needs to pay more attention to inactive players. active players become inactive and inactive players go some place else
  4. Hi folks, an inactive nostalgia warrior here, giving his opinion on a thread that willprobably change nothing. I have been inactive since 2016 and ocasionally hopped on to see if I could still enjoy the game. Yes there were times we actually had some fun but that was only for just one or two where the creativity of people themselves spiked. Over the time I've had many reasosns to say this community has become stale, lame whatever but honestly there's toomany factors. One I'm thinking of right now is the overall creativity. There is still a lot of creativity around and even coming from people their own initiative. But I feel likeit's also being forced upon the community. It feels to me that only the really active people can only achieve the fun and reward out of the game and their creativity. Take an inactive member like me for instance.. - I always enjoyed stumbling across people in the middle of nowhere. This means that traveling is a must. - I study, I work, Which means I can't be playing all the time. - I like to create groups from scrap and slowly build them up over time and maybe see them die in the end, or transform into something else. So first off, traveling in DayZ has become more of a bitch than it used to. Cars aren't all around and when you find one it's most likely broken down which can take quite long to fix.. just not worth it. Also from what i've experienced.. Nobody really ventures off to weird locations anymore.. Hell even in the triangle it's dead af. So the only way to "roleplay" with people is go to a settlement and hope that you can either intergrate yourself in the roleplay that's going on,or find someone to travel with and talk to. And eventually the campfire RP becomes stale as well, but remember? You can't find anyone on the road and if you do they are heading over to the same lame place. There's way more to talk about travel but i'll leave it at that. Secondly.. I have work, I study so I arely have time on my hands.This means i'm considered an inactive player which is nothing wrong with but i'll come back on that. And why would I only spent my free time on playing a game which will result in me having to walk for miles and not come across someone to end up in a settlement where everyone is already busy with themselves? There is no fun in that. So third there is the creating groups part, where either you come across people you keep playing with and eventually maybe make a group with. I personally like to make group art or write up a story or whatever give ourselves some cringy apocalyptic name. "But oh wait... what's that? your inactive? Your friends are as well? Sorry but you can't express your creativity by making a group then. you will have to travel dynamically". "oh by the way, since you are playing dynamic we can't have you protect your friends and share kill rights because of the possible abuse sorry!" - "the community is lame and dying". community: "people keep saying that, it's not" indeed it's not dying, it's killing off the members who can't be able to play everyday or even a couple of days of spare time. 1. The game itself is already boring and a true running simulator. 2. The creativity feels more forced that that it comes from the people themselves. ( yes there are exceptions) 3. Inactive members are already deterred by having to spend their freetime only to run to places and get no fun out of it. 4. Inactive members do not have the possibility to create a group (something that means they do want to play because why else would you create a group). 5. Inactive members therefore have to play dynamically which means they can not even protect eachother when shit hits the fan, so they are being punished even more. 6. 7. theres's probably more but i can tell you this.. I felt like creating a group multiple times while I didn't play for months but then remembered everytime that none of the people who would be up for it, would have the time to be considered "active". Even now Ihave made a draft for a group but truth be told is, I don't have the time to be on all the time and playing dynamically doesn't seem worth it at the moment. "join a group" .. I don't have time t play that much, I highly doubt that groups want inactive members with all the group rules in place. anyhow I dont even know why i wrote such a fucking long rant because probably only rogeirio will read this, and this whole thread is considered just a time to time discussion that doesnt change jack shit. okimdone enjoy the typaids
    1. Rogério SkyLab

      Rogério SkyLab

      Fuggin' uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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      something is in the working : )

      soon tm

    3. Rogério SkyLab

      Rogério SkyLab

      I'll bring my good ol' man back if needed, no probs

  5. Babe I miss the good times


    1. Rogério SkyLab
    2. PalmtreeWhale


      Do you actually still have those crappy maps I made hahaha?

    3. Rogério SkyLab

      Rogério SkyLab

      Unfortunately not, but I remember them quite nicely

  6. Paladin blacklist was lit @kharmavirus @Sully
    fucking Pasha Tymur hahaha


  7. I can only approve of this as an old Paladin Goodluck guys! Stay true to the story and you'll have a great time. Btw our record of hidden barrels was 17, maybe you shall become Barreldins as well!
  8. Old dynamic player here, here's a usecase that should be allowed IMO > @Sully & I Travel together and have an IG agreement or other relation. > Only one of us get's initiated on. > We both get the rights to take up arms against the initiators. For what I care.. if there's made an agreement you can do it oldschool *ID* kind a style where both players shake hands *shakes hand* so the agreement is stated in the chat logs for proof if something happens. And for other kind of relationships such as fuck buddy whatever the case, can be stated in the character page. This case you have proof that the dynamic group is legitimate thus no abuse? Even though im not even sure what the abuse was.
  9. finally a place to vent my heart anyone else poop at least three times a day? seriously tho..
  10. the smell of piss is so strong it smells like decent bacon.