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  1. Really weird you linked that. I remember that fight, t'was our first firefight as BHM together. I remember sitting in a tree behind three of them being too scared to shoot as I'd end up dead and they just turned around and shot me in the head. LOL. Good times. S-GRU were the original bad asses.
  2. No-one remembers the time when they added a creepy as fuck siren to the place and had some kind of event in which you had to decode transmissions? I can't remember it exactly but this was a small part of it:
  3. I too have good memories. I'm not saying the community was worse. The community was great, I liked it. And when there was RP most of the time it was very memorable and of high standard. However don't let those things blur out the fact that mod was much more PvP and gear focused than anything now. Standalone seems to have gone more down the PvE road and so has DayZRP. Rolle always wanted this server as hardcore RP and less PvP.
  4. I don't know what mod you were playing mate but mod was much, much more based around PVP and gear and less RP-focused. People were caught combat logging all the time and some people played solely for PvP and rarely even RPed at all.
  5. The best and most fun RP experiences I have had were including hostile players/groups. When there's no fear between the people it's not as fun! I think people that get mad at it are the same people who want to see DayZRP become PvE only.
  6. There is enough difficulty in dayzrp already. You don't need to pile on more bureaucracy and rules. This server was perfectly fine before without stupid perma-death rules and adding that isn't going to solve anything. You need to add more fun back to the game, it doesn't have to be so hyper-realistic, sure it's an RP server but it's supposed to be enjoyable too, not just a chore. Playing standalone itself is enough of a chore.
  7. Is this some sort of sick comedic attempt?
  8. Let's be honest Misty, everyone has always been complaining about the amount of rules and bureaucracy in DayZRP from day one. I will agree that there are too many rules right now but I don't think it's the underlying problem. Even in 2013 we were having the exact same debates. I personally think that this place has lost it's attraction because of the lack of powerful and influential groups, just like SVR ( which IIRC you were). These groups created fear among civies, caused massive wars for hours and kept bases and locations for good RP experiences. The best fun I had here was always with groups like BHM, IRA, SVR, S-GRU, Doragonzu and CLF. It was very rare that I had much fun with random civies. It was groups that created the fun most of the time and IMO that's the hard truth.
  9. You know, I don't see you going to fight for your country. Instead you sit and type and basically belittle an up and coming soldier. If you don't have something that contributes to the thread, don't post it. This man is going to risk his life for one of the greatest countries in the world, you should be wishing him luck and praying that he stays safe, but I guess that doesn't apply to you. Tate, once again, stay safe and enjoy your time here while waiting. Oh please, how is this "fighting for your country"? Since when is fighting for your country involve invading other countries while pretending to conduct a "war on terror". What makes you come to the conclusion that the USA is the greatest country in the world? The only thing the USA is good at is having the biggest GDP. How is this fighting for your country? Fighting for your country is defending it against foreign invaders, not invading it as an excuse for taking control of it's oil supply and bending over to Saudi Arabia's wahhabism and mujahideen. However, I may disagree with his intentions but I will also wish the guy the best and to stay safe.
  10. Anyone Why do you staff keep closing every damn thread where there is any form of debate or argument? Just a few days ago we were talking about Desolation and Standalone and we were warned and the thread closed till we "simmer down". Now some random guy called JimRP is suddenly the co-owner of DayZRP, whatever that means. And as soon as anyone even dares to question or debate the matter the thread is just closed so we can all "cool down". Is there a need for this kind of North Korea style moderating where forms of disagreement and debate are shut down by closing the thread as if we are nursery children who will end up crying because we argued or disagreed with a decision. No-one needs to "cool" or "simmer" down all the time. It's a forum, it's very purpose is for debate, arguments and disagreements. A1: Threads get closed for the simple reason that some people can't discuss or debate in a mature or decent way. There's no discussion if people just start to lash out and post things that are considered trolly/provocative/disrespectful. Instead of just continuing dealing out warnings and points we decide to let threads rest for a while so people can cool down with their emotions since they might be too worked up at the moment. There are a small minority of threads that get's closed for a while. The majority of threads don't get closed and people discuss/debate in them. We try to have a high standard when it comes to our forums and if you think that's North Korea then this community might not be the right one for you. Or you can stay away from the forums and just play the game. /Roman What do you mean "mature/decent" way? If you're gonna close a whole thread because one person called someone else a bad name then that's just ridiculous. Tell that person to shut up or piss off, there is no need to close a whole thread so people can "simmer down" when in reality Rolle is just to scared to have his authority or judgement questioned without strict moderation and warning points for anyone who isn't being "disrespectful" as that's an extremely subjective term.
  11. and to finish it off... [video=youtube]
  12. While I respect your opinion you claim to know exactly what will happen if we leave the EU which you don't, no one does. And even IF the EU decided to cut all economic ties with us because we leave (Which is highly unlikely) there are many of nations we can trade with such as the BRICS nations. I personally think we should leave the EU so we can actually be a sovereign nation rather than a territory of the EU. You would have to completely overhaul your whole economy from a service based to a manufacture based to be able to trade with BRICS, that would never work and the economy would shrink faster than Russia. These countries will probably take generations before they're as rich as Europe and since UK has such a massive trade deficit then we would need to trade with an economy that is healthy enough to provide for us. The UK already is a sovereign nation. You can still be apart of a union and be a sovereign nation.
  13. I tried that too Ok, it suddenly seems to have fixed itself now. Thanks anyway lads
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