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  1. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Recently ranked my smurf to LE
  2. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

    This screenshot is dated 31. January 2015. It shows you as a Gold Nova 2. Merely 2 months later you're a DMG. Now, 1 month later, you're a LE. In the meantime you have been playing with LewisUK, who we all know received a VAC ban for cheating in CSGO. He also ranked up in a short amount of time. Then we have this video showing you playing with spinbotters. You conveniently sell your inventory after being accused. You still claim to legitly have climbed the rank ladder? Bull shit Show me gameplay footage from a recent match. post from LewisUK on his cheating forum that he is a moderator on, Most likely to do with this. The reason we investigated LewisUK and what gave him away was the screenshots he had uploaded of him going from nova to supreme in very short time/wins. I honestly don't see a point why you play with cheaters when they're gonna be banned and you will go back to your original rank anyway it just makes you look stupid for when it happens. 1G's in chat pls
  3. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

    The hell is that crosshair ?! 1G Default crosshair ftw
  4. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

    [video=youtube] 1v4
  5. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

  6. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

    1G's in chat for admins banning the hacker. shout out to Cadan for helping provide evidence towards this hacker. Im confused, is summit a hacker also? im guessing that is what the joke implies? im very slow... http://www.twitch.tv/summit1g/profile
  7. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Didn't noticed he was banned, but I'm happy about it. I absolutely hate hackers. 1G's in chat for admins banning the hacker. shout out to Cadan for helping provide evidence towards this hacker.
  8. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Where's charlie?! He wasn't on at the time, how do you know him?
  9. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

    if only you could be as good as us being legit Lewis.
  10. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

    He's obviously cheating in other games, going from gold nova 3 to supreme in only 50 wins.
  11. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

    1G's in chat for Lewis going to LAN?
  12. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

    [video=youtube] [video=youtube] http://steamcommunity.com/id/FoxiE124373 http://steamcommunity.com/id/LewisUK_/ Lewis, you're such a great CS player dude. Steam profile is linked in the video.
  13. Jonjo

    Official CS:GO Thread

    My most recent clip [video=youtube]
  14. Jonjo

    Ban Appeal - Jonjo

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-ska-bans-final-disposition Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was fair on all accounts. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As of November 28th, it has been exactly a year since the removal of SKA and its members, including myself. During this time, not only have I grown as an individual, but also as a roleplayer after being part of several other RP communities in various games. As a staff member of these communities, I have come to realize the difficulties in managing a group of players to create a cohesive environment where creativity can flourish. Therefore, as a member of DayzRP since May 2013, I would like to applaud all the current and previous staff members for continuing their good work despite whatever setbacks that have occurred. One such event was when SKA terrorized the server and a permabanned player was harbored. Looking back on it now, it was a foolish mistake that we all made, thinking that hiding Winslow could result in anything but disaster. I wanted to stay true to my friend but little did I know that it would cause more harm than good to the community and to ourselves. For all the trouble that we brought, I am deeply apologetic and could only ask for a chance to redeem myself. Harboring a permabanned player is never acceptable and I have personally learned this the hard way. I humbly ask that the staff members of DayzRP give me a chance now to prove that I can be worthy of being part of this community that I have grown to love ever since I first started playing here. Whatever the decision may be, thank you for taking the time to read my appeal. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Amnesty; 20 permanent warning points in place of my permanent ban What could you have done better?: There were many chances that I could have spoken up to the group when the idea first came up. I should have tried to dissuade them from proceeding with their plan of harboring Winslow and moreover, I should have reminded them of the consequences that will take place. If they still failed to heed my warnings, I should have approached a staff member with my concerns right away.
  15. Jonjo

    Ban appeal, Attempted RDM.

    Link to report : Here. Why the verdict is not fair : Well firstly, I wasn't even called to this report to state my POV. I also initiated properly and the Helicopter had received the message. I had not shot at the Helicopter until 5-6 seconds from the initiation, giving them enough time to start landing and not to fly the opposite direction than the initiation said. This video will prove, I am the one shooting the M240. [video=youtube] Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I had been talking to CLF, it was getting hostile, but they decided to run away. I then saw this Helicopter landing to get into comms range, I went over and since the Heli was talking to us in voice chat I knew that it would get my message. After initiating the Heli started to fly up (slamming the Q key) I then watched it attempt to escape so I opened fire. What would you like to achieve with this appeal : Warning points & the ban Revoked. What could you have done better? Not too sure what I could have done better, I had initiated Legit, and I believe that I shot when they were avoiding my message.
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