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  1. Born into a family in the outskirts of Washington D.C., Nicolas H. Ruth always had a desire to work for the US government. His father had been an intelligence man during the cold war, but Nick followed a more traditional path, attending college for foreign policy and diplomacy and joining the staff at the state department. From there, Nick was deployed to duty stations across the world, working his way through the ranks of staffers at US embassies. When the outbreak hit, the Ukrainian Embassy where Nick was stationed was locked down, and for a time was a safehaven. Soon, though, locals stormed the building, taking US citizens hostage in an attempt to garner support against the infected from the NATO superpower. Nick spent a long time being passed between gangs and para-military groups, being driven and flown across the former Soviet Block before being traded to a UN unit in return for ammunition. It had been months since his capture, and even longer since the outbreak, and Nick was finally in safe hands until his helicopter crashed, and he woke up once again alone.
  2. Born in Belfast and raised strictly Catholic, Patrick was the perfect storm of a rebel. He was insatiable to his parents, who eventually began to ignore Patrick, forcing him into other avenues of rebellion. Once caught stealing computer parts from his high school, Patrick was given the option of juvenile detention, or to join the Army. In the Irish Defense Force, Patrick was deployed 4 times, 3 times to Iraq and once to Syria in the global war on terror. Ohara eventually worked as Army Intelligence and was discharged at 23. From there, Ohara was offered a job in a private military cooperation that operated more in corporate security. He ran armed security details for Kuwaiti Princes, Bosnian Business Moguls, and Japanese shipping companies before landing a contract with a Cherno-Russian lumber company. Ohara started as security at the lumber-yard, as theft was common, but was quickly promoted after his talent was realized. Now guarding the company’s leadership team, Patrick travelled around Eastern Europe with the group, becoming close with the cooperation’s CFO and CEO. In this position, Ohara realized that his employers sold far more than just lumber and wood products; they sold illegal munitions. Patrick, offered with the opportunity to expose the operation to the Russian government, stuck with his newfound colleagues for a pay raise and a full-time position in the racket. Using his intelligence contacts, the Irishman built an entirely new sales network for the munitions supplier, selling to Libyan rebels, Ukrainian nationalists, and para-military groups in Iraq and Iran. He was now not only distributing ammo and explosives to these companies but was also tasked with filling his old security positions, which he did with former Army friends. He was living life any 24-year-old dreamed of. While his job had elements of danger, Ohara was trained well, and padded himself with other well-trained friends. He lived in a large flat outside Belfast and had a secondary home in Chernarus where he could conduct business. He drove fast cars, attracted beautiful women, and made great money. When news of the outbreak began, Ohara was in Chernarus signing a deal with the Chechnyan military. The Chechnyans left first, but Ohara’s employers wanted to stay as long as they could, making sure that evacuation was required. They realized what was happening, and he was tasked with placing the leadership of the company besides himself on planes leaving from the Northeast Airfield. Ohara assumed immediate control of his security team, but while on route to the airport their caravan was stopped by armed men. The security forces fought back, and an altercation ensued that left the blockaders dead. Ohara himself was unhurt, but his team took substantial losses. As they approached the airport with the remaining men, the convoy was ambushed again, this time by the undead. Patrick’s car rolled, and he was knocked unconscious is the crash. When he awoke, he found his friends either dead or gone. His vehicle was unusable and his weapons had been stripped of him.
  3. Hey all. So I haven't been on Dayzrp in a couple of days and last night I tried to join. It lets me spawn in, take 2-3 steps, then kicks me and says BattlEye:client not responding. I can play on public servers just fine. I've already verified my cash. Does anyone have any solutions?
  4. So I haven't played dayzrp in a while and now that I tried to log back in the server kicks me for "not whitelisted". Now I was whitelisted probably 6-8 months ago and am not sure if I have been banned in that time for something or why I can't log back on to the servers.
  5. Ok everybody so I submitted my whitelist application a few hours ago but i know I forgot to add a rule for the KOS section. Should I just wait to be denied, or is there another way to cancel my application and try again? Thanks!
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