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  1. For old times sake @Terra
  2. Thank you I think I remember you...
  3. Hello everyone, its been a while. Most probably won't remember me but after almost a 2 year break I'm (hopefully)finally returning. Looking forward to catching up with old friends and hopefully making some new ones.
  4. Now this is a surprise, not a name I thought I'd see again. Welcome back
  5. That list brings back so many memories. For me it's got to be DUTY, RSM and BHM.
  6. I was terrified and confused the first time I heard one of those initiations whilst defending The Sanctuary
  7. Much prefered BHM, DUTY and RSM tbh ?
  8. Haven't talked in a while, been busy with irl stuff of my own but if you want to catch up sometime, send me a link to your discord. Until them, best of luck with everything
  9. I'm pretty sure we came back before you. Unless you meant others, but I didn't know you other friends
  10. Always sad to see fellow person from 2013 go. Doesnt matter if I agree or disagree with your recent posts but you kept posting your opinions and ideas when others shut you down, which I respect. Take care of yourself
  11. Thanks for that @Terra Think I'll show some love to @Hebi Kotei and @Ron
  12. Hi o/ Been gone for several months but after watching a friends stream, it got me interested in trying the game out again. Looking forward to seeing how the rp and the community is in general these days.
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