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  1. For old times sake @Terra
  2. Thank you I think I remember you...
  3. Hello everyone, its been a while. Most probably won't remember me but after almost a 2 year break I'm (hopefully)finally returning. Looking forward to catching up with old friends and hopefully making some new ones.
  4. Pixel

    It's... Been a while.

    Now this is a surprise, not a name I thought I'd see again. Welcome back
  5. Pixel

    One Group

    That list brings back so many memories. For me it's got to be DUTY, RSM and BHM.
  6. Pixel

    favorite initiation lines?

    I was terrified and confused the first time I heard one of those initiations whilst defending The Sanctuary
  7. Pixel

    Hello... again

    Welcome back ❤
  8. Pixel

    Why don't you get in game?

    Much prefered BHM, DUTY and RSM tbh ?
  9. Pixel


    Haven't talked in a while, been busy with irl stuff of my own but if you want to catch up sometime, send me a link to your discord. Until them, best of luck with everything
  10. I'm pretty sure we came back before you. Unless you meant others, but I didn't know you other friends
  11. Pixel

    I'm Out

    Always sad to see fellow person from 2013 go. Doesnt matter if I agree or disagree with your recent posts but you kept posting your opinions and ideas when others shut you down, which I respect. Take care of yourself
  12. Thanks for that @Terra Think I'll show some love to @Hebi Kotei and @Ron
  13. William joined the military when he was 18 and after training, he was put into 1 Rifles. Bill, finding military life less exciting than he thought it would be, quickly jumped at the chance to be deployed under the UN being involved in peace keeping operations. He was then stationed in Miroslavl. Events unfolded with the UN in South Zagoria, which resulted in the UN pulling out of there. Whilst out on patrol, Bill still in Miroslavl, was attacked and captured by a group of hostile survivors. Bill and the rest of his group where held for weeks, traded between other groups as cargo. He managed to escape but only because his group of captives was attacked by another, maybe because of a trade gone wrong, maybe because of other reasons but it doesn't really matter. After days of travelling, Bill ended up in South Zagoria, hoping to find remnents of UN forces there.
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