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  1. Sorry for team killing you that one day in kab

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      bringhimback he did nothing wrong 

  2. Rip my nibba o7

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  3. at least my profile views shot up

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  4. planet if the apes is pretty lit.

  5. This is @BigTy's video I forgot to put him as an ally, sorry bout that.
  6. o7 my niBBa, good times in brotherhood and in defiants, fuck the salt you keep on yeeting cunts my guy <3

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      You off like dude?

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      When I get perma banned

  7. This is completely different to me coming into your house and smashing down your fucking bathroom door with an ice pick while you are having a shit. We broke it down as you was hiding inside, also how did you know we was at the gate when you was talking into the radio? We was but Louie wasn't we was called over by him. You speak of fail RP but what you are doing is isolating yourself away from us by locking yourself in. It is clear you didn't actually want to RP with us.
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: There is no video, you are just taking his word for what actually happened. No matter what anybody says in this report, there is no solid evidence. We never got asked why we did what we did we just got accused of demanding a lore faction to cut ties with another "country". Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So my first encounter with the Russians I got my automatic rifle forcefully taken from me at gunpoint where my friend was also choked by a VDV member so we was obviously angry ICly. We decide we want to do something about the Russians stealing peoples weapons and treating them like they do. A dynamic member of our group John is robbed by the Russians multiple times so he runs up and blasts one of them shortly after being robbed one too many times. After this Louie goes down to the UN camp as they are the "peacekeepers" to see if they could help out. Louie was told the UN would investigate but then a Russian walks into the camp and causes problems with them but instead of dealing with the problem they just tell Louie to leave. We see 2 UN guys in their compound and from what I've been told as thats what I'm going off as theres no video.. Louie tells them that he doesn't like them being allied or neutral or whatever with the Russians. so our plan was to take over the camp in protest of their relations with the Russians who have caused trouble with us by stealing our shit. One of the UN members was a bit mouthy and had an attitude which shows us he doesn't really take us seriously after Louie tries to explain he wants them to send a message to the UN commanders saying that the Russians are doing civilians wrong and they are doing nothing about it which we are furious ICly with. As the UN member is being mouthy as fuck we initiate and he NVFLs and sprays down 2 people then Louie takes him down. The other UN member complied so after disarming him, RPing with him for a bit we sent him on his way with the message for his higher ups. Louie never stated cut ties with the country of Russia that is an overreaction and taken out of context by the members of staff. Now onto the other matter, it was stated that it's unrealistic that Russia is to be kicked out of the UN but where was this stated that we said we wanted to kick Russia out of the UN? What we meant was for the Russian forces that occupy the airfield to be cut ties with example don't run a settlement with them, don't help them fight battles, don't aid them in taking weapons from innocent civilians. For all we know there is no government anymore and the VDV have no contact with actual Russian forces. All we know is there is a small force of Russian soldiers occupying the airfield and 'confiscate' civilian weapons. Now onto the UN real quick why is the UN so keen to jump in to fight? aren't the UN goals on their page is to avoid conflicts with so called civilians like our selves multiple of their goals have been broken since and it needs to be investigated. Here is a clip below to show what the UN will do when they get kill rights instead of RPing it out he tried to do this and failed from Louie's appeal. You can see from this video there is no RP even made by so called "professional" UN soldiers they just open fired on a civilian without any confirmation if he is an enemy or not, I feel this is actually bad RP as UN wouldn't do that at all. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points and ban removed. What could you have done better?: Made it clearer in the report what our intentions were and probably made it more clear ICly too.
  9. <3 lylt

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      o7 <3

  10. Jack..... one of the realest and also my london/kent nibba you will be missed, fuck the ops fuck the salt 

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