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  1. TheProxJack

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

  2. TheProxJack

    "S1: KoS/FailRP in Kabanino - 07/13/2017 19:00 - 19:30

    This is @BigTy's video I forgot to put him as an ally, sorry bout that.
  3. TheProxJack

    "S1: KoS/FailRP in Kabanino - 07/13/2017 19:00 - 19:30

    This is completely different to me coming into your house and smashing down your fucking bathroom door with an ice pick while you are having a shit. We broke it down as you was hiding inside, also how did you know we was at the gate when you was talking into the radio? We was but Louie wasn't we was called over by him. You speak of fail RP but what you are doing is isolating yourself away from us by locking yourself in. It is clear you didn't actually want to RP with us.
  4. TheProxJack

    Bad RP ban appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: There is no video, you are just taking his word for what actually happened. No matter what anybody says in this report, there is no solid evidence. We never got asked why we did what we did we just got accused of demanding a lore faction to cut ties with another "country". Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So my first encounter with the Russians I got my automatic rifle forcefully taken from me at gunpoint where my friend was also choked by a VDV member so we was obviously angry ICly. We decide we want to do something about the Russians stealing peoples weapons and treating them like they do. A dynamic member of our group John is robbed by the Russians multiple times so he runs up and blasts one of them shortly after being robbed one too many times. After this Louie goes down to the UN camp as they are the "peacekeepers" to see if they could help out. Louie was told the UN would investigate but then a Russian walks into the camp and causes problems with them but instead of dealing with the problem they just tell Louie to leave. We see 2 UN guys in their compound and from what I've been told as thats what I'm going off as theres no video.. Louie tells them that he doesn't like them being allied or neutral or whatever with the Russians. so our plan was to take over the camp in protest of their relations with the Russians who have caused trouble with us by stealing our shit. One of the UN members was a bit mouthy and had an attitude which shows us he doesn't really take us seriously after Louie tries to explain he wants them to send a message to the UN commanders saying that the Russians are doing civilians wrong and they are doing nothing about it which we are furious ICly with. As the UN member is being mouthy as fuck we initiate and he NVFLs and sprays down 2 people then Louie takes him down. The other UN member complied so after disarming him, RPing with him for a bit we sent him on his way with the message for his higher ups. Louie never stated cut ties with the country of Russia that is an overreaction and taken out of context by the members of staff. Now onto the other matter, it was stated that it's unrealistic that Russia is to be kicked out of the UN but where was this stated that we said we wanted to kick Russia out of the UN? What we meant was for the Russian forces that occupy the airfield to be cut ties with example don't run a settlement with them, don't help them fight battles, don't aid them in taking weapons from innocent civilians. For all we know there is no government anymore and the VDV have no contact with actual Russian forces. All we know is there is a small force of Russian soldiers occupying the airfield and 'confiscate' civilian weapons. Now onto the UN real quick why is the UN so keen to jump in to fight? aren't the UN goals on their page is to avoid conflicts with so called civilians like our selves multiple of their goals have been broken since and it needs to be investigated. Here is a clip below to show what the UN will do when they get kill rights instead of RPing it out he tried to do this and failed from Louie's appeal. You can see from this video there is no RP even made by so called "professional" UN soldiers they just open fired on a civilian without any confirmation if he is an enemy or not, I feel this is actually bad RP as UN wouldn't do that at all. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points and ban removed. What could you have done better?: Made it clearer in the report what our intentions were and probably made it more clear ICly too.
  5. TheProxJack

    "S1: KoS/FailRP in Kabanino - 07/13/2017 19:00 - 19:30

    Liam O Krey POV: This was a complete accident on my side I was trying to open the door with the pickaxe, I didn't realize the door had opened and I had no intentions to kill him as I had no idea it would hit through the door. I am willing to talk this out on TS. This is a clear accident.
  6. TheProxJack

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    pretty good last night bois @lukzo2024 @Eagle @Jango @Bazz @Puncture @H1ber @Pepe Jones
  7. TheProxJack

    What do you listen to ?

  8. TheProxJack

    S1 BadRP | Kabanino | 7/29/2017 | 4pm

  9. TheProxJack

    S1 BadRP | Kabanino | 7/29/2017 | 4pm

    Orite orite lads Liam O Krey POV: So I fackin roll into Kab wid da lads and theres some UN boys in the camp so @lukzo2024 tells em to cut their ties with the Russians. So @Galaxy starts getting a bit cheeky so we initiate on Galaxy and @artyom_ in which artyom complies, Galaxy sees this happen and he knows there are 4 of us as we was all talking to him in the compound but he still decides to try to fight his way out even tho he is in the middle of the road. I RP with the hostage for a bit then take away his firearms and let him go.
  10. TheProxJack

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

  11. Liam was born in 1999 but was only raised by his father, he was an only child. He was brought into the family buisness of running a pub but Liam usually only helped out briefly. In 2009 a civil war broke out and the buisness starting going downhill but his father starting bringing in weapons to the pub. There were hiding the weapons in the pub and Liam realized that his father was selling weapons to the small rebel groups in Chernarus. Liam would often go out into the wild and train using weapons with his father as he had much experience from his time in the IRA. Liam's father was told whereabouts of weapons a lot of the rebel groups were trying to get their hands on. His father was tipped off by a 'contact' or 'friend' in the CDF but was ambushed upon arrival and imprisoned on the island off the coast of Kamenka. After.. everything happened his father managed to escape the prison and meet back up with Liam and his old friends after 3 years of imprisonment. They rounded up the weapons the Chernarussian police and CDF did not find and headed out.
  12. TheProxJack

    Sanctuary [Post lore wipe]

    urite. good luck.
  13. TheProxJack

    #57 - S1 EU - 07/16/17 1:16 - Bad RP, Baiting, Other

    Jack Barnes POV: So we walk into the hobo depot and I instantly saw one of those polka dot bandit gangsters and I stood by the barrel minding my own business. Then we initiated and the video shows what happens next. Whats wrong with me walking in and staring at you not saying much? I saw a polka dot mask and I don't like them IC so I instantly radioed it in. Some points. Baiting: So far the suspect(s) were being ridiculously hostile for no real reason save for Eazy's attire, from there on they tell everyone the place is closed and everyone should leave (even though they don't own the place.) and on top of that they inform the hobos to stay all in once place as I'm leaving, potentially so that they don't mis-ID the hobos when preparing for a firefight. Giving me no option to avoid said initiation. I feel that we were getting lead into a scenario where we would have had to be hostile back to Louie and his dudes in order to actually get them off our asses. As with most hostilities, threats are acted upon and initiations drop, then subsequently bodies. Answer: So you were being led into a scenario where you had to be hostile back? Please point out where this happened. From what I see, we initiated and you didn't comply. Baiting (cont’d) + BadRP: They follow myself and Eazy around still trying to provoke something from me, and there is little to no interaction from Louie's dynamic. (see "hey red guy why are you following me?" followed by a complete ignore from him). They keep going on about how we need to leave and take control of the place, overriding whatever the hobos want. Their initiation is a literal 2 second "everybodyputyourhandsuprightnoweverybodyputyourhandsuprightnow". The ignore was a mistake on my part guess I wasn't paying attention. Apologies. Didn't seem like my initiation was a problem to you as you shit yourself and ran as soon as you heard it. No Time to Comply: The very second I start running they open fire, giving no time for me to change my mind and comply. No repeat demands were made toward me. Whether they shot at me or someone else I can't tell but I know for damn sure Louie made sure nobody in his dynamic shot at the hobos because they apparently were alright. Additionally, they initiated on everyone in VOIP range and within seconds of my attempt to cheese it bullets start flying. Somebody who joined in 2014 finds it hard to believe I shot at him instantly because he RAN away?! I shot at you because I said "Hands up" not "Run away". Also I was watching you and I shot NEXT to you as you ran and you kept running. You was not actually shot until you was out in the field. 2Eazy was killed because he made a NVFL attempt in a tight corridor and got sprayed down. As a 2014 player you should know any initiation heard you should always assume it is on you to avoid confusion.
  14. TheProxJack

    RP when the infection is fresh

    Depends what you say. If you say "Who are you" while pointing a gun at me then thats fair enough. Saying "Don't raise your gun or move or I'll kill you" is a completely different story.
  15. TheProxJack

    RP when the infection is fresh

    Nobody is going to take kindly to somebody aiming a gun at them. Ever.