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  1. Sorry for team killing you that one day in kab

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    2. Pep
  2.  Cya Conor Mcgregor was fun :(

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    • TheProxJack


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    Rip my nibba o7

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  3. o7 my niBBa, good times in brotherhood and in defiants, fuck the salt you keep on yeeting cunts my guy <3

    1. TheProxJack
    2. HALEZY


      You off like dude?

    3. TheProxJack


      When I get perma banned

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    Jack..... one of the realest and also my london/kent nibba you will be missed, fuck the ops fuck the salt 

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    Didn't know ya long bud, but you're a real lad. I'll see you around m8. Salt overpowers all I guess. :/

  4. You're a sound lad kidda, I don't know what's goin' on I ain't looked but judging by the statuses looks like you're goin'... You're a good mate of mine, snap me yeah.

    Safe my mate

  5. since the victim squad, the soul reapers. A few salty cunts are mad because they died in a game. RIP </3

  6. Listen, lad, there's more to life than this community even though in the next few days it will result in your removal I just want to say the moments we have had together have been brilliant we can still play other games together end of the day. People are gonna hate us no matter what we do even if we try our best to fix the errors chin up lad you will be missed <3. o7

    1. TheProxJack


      cringey as fuck but appreciation


  7. pretty good last night bois @lukzo2024 @Eagle @Jango @Bazz @Puncture @H1ber @Pepe Jones