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  1. Actually due to the new guid system in place I will not be able to play here. Wish you all the best and for good RP to come your way!
  2. I'm a little rusty but I'll try and the best RP possible!
  3. Hey guys! So its been almost 3 years since the last time I played DayZ/ logged on DayZRP, I left due to personal life issues and stopped playing games in total. Not sure if any of you will remember, but I took leadership of the United Nations when shit went downhill for us and everyone wanted our head lmao and went by the name Major Aaron West. Things have calmed down and I recently just got a pc and got back into gaming. I remember all the fun times I had on this server (even though most of it was getting tortured and losing body parts) which made playing DayZ fun even though it was shit at the time. I want to get back into playing with all of you and finally put an end to my old character and give him a proper ending to his story. I noticed that the player base isn't what it used to be. But if people played DayZ before when it was really shitty I have a feeling they'll give it another go since .63 is coming out. So yeah thats it I'm looking forward to getting in game sometime soon!
  4. Cliffhanger is killing me! I do think it may be Abraham as like others said he showed no fear and looked Negan in the eyes, although I wish it weren't true because Abraham is my favorite character.
  5. that's fucking amazing, I wish I had saved the military compound I had made for sector b. Great work man!
  6. dafunk102

    Shoes Thread.

    old to me new to yall... Military 4's 2012
  7. SA is truly lost it's the same as it was 2 years ago just with new weapons and a FEW new cars. Arma 3 is definitely the way to go!
  8. dafunk102

    Message to the UN [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    *Aaron is sitting next to a river washing his shirt when his old UN radio picks up Sander's transmission along with the others aswell." *Aaron holds the radio in one hand and in the other his old UN beret, he thinks but chooses not to respond* "So... Sergeant Winters and Corporal Wulfe made it out alive huh, those tough sons of bitches. I sure hope this Sanders does right by the people." *Aaron clicks the button on the radio* "Goodluck" *Aaron puts the radio away along with his old UN Beret and puts on another Beret then continues washing his clothes*
  9. dafunk102

    The United Nations - Iceland Expedition [Recruitment: Closed]

    To be fair mate, I feel like about the rumor part, no OOC hate whatsoever was involved. I was apart of a group that was fighting you guys back in early 2015 and all the rumors where spread ICly, and based on tangible proofs; if you didn't want to have a bad rep you shouldn't have started robbing people randomly in the first place. I was in The UN when we were fighting You guys. I never saw any official members rob people. Back in The day it was really easy to get a UN helmet and act like a soldier. But with that being said, That was in the past I wanted to reopen the UN group because I know for a fact many people liked our rp and I liked doing it. We are only talking about the negative sides here but there are alot of positive sides to. And THATS why I want the UN to come back again. This is true! Before the impersonation rule a lot of people wore UN gear and did mal in our name.
  10. dafunk102

    The United Nations - Iceland Expedition [Recruitment: Closed]

    To add on speak with Hades or I if you wish to update the thread on where the UN went. If you are using another explanation that is fine also!
  11. dafunk102

    Strange Winter Weather

    Supposed to be 72 degrees on Christmas day here in Philadelphia!
  12. I think that Rey is the child of Luke Skywalker as she was left behind probably because Luke didnt want anyone to know he had a lineage. Why do I think Rey is Luke's daughter? Well when she entered the basement and the lightsaber called to her it is no coincidence that it was Anakin's and Luke's lightsaber. Also did anyone notice the StormTrooper JB-007?
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