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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Its fair, i failed to post my POV i just thought as me and @brk were together our POVs would be the same. Which they are and felt my POV would add nothing to the report. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My POV is the following: So it began in kabinino when we spoke to a doctor and then a V3S pulls up, we help to repair their wheel and kill the zombies that were agro'd to them, Nick Shepherd and Awimba spoke to them whilst me and Callum provided cover just incase. About 5 minutes later me and Callum saw a couple guys heading towards kabinino, we told nick shepherd and awimba so we all decided to jump ship and regroup at stary to assess what were going to do, on our way we all began to be chased in different directions and got split up with each other, one of them stopped me and Callum asking us for a trade but we declined as he was rather hostile. We ran towards Stary hill, it was then Shepherd and Nick told us over radio that they were talking to someone near stary pond, By this time we were east of stary. Then nick tells us on radio that the men want to speak to us. Shepherd goes onto radio to speak to them. Would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have my temp ban removed. What could you have done better?:I could of just posted my POV.
  2. Little_Clash

    S1 - Invalid execution | Ruleplay over Roleplay - 01/02/2018 - ~2:30 GMT+1

  3. Little_Clash

    S1 - Invalid execution | Ruleplay over Roleplay - 01/02/2018 - ~2:30 GMT+1

    My Pov is the same as BRK as we were together at the time.
  4. Thomas Clark was born and raised in Newcastle, England. His father passed away and left the family alone when falling from his bike, Thomas was 13 at that point. After what happened with his father he had trouble growing up and joined biker gang at the age of 18. Thomas' family became more and more poor and it didn't help that Thomas was causing trouble in the biker gang. 2 years passed and Thomas had made a name for himself in the gang, but things finally caught up with him and after a botched attempt at a robbery and about 3 undercover officers later, he was in the pen. 2 Years later After spending two years in jail, Thomas tried to reconnect with his family after they had disowned him due to his reckless lifestyle. He found out that his mum had been ill with cancer and had passed away. Thomas now starts to feel guilty and thinks that he could somehow have saved her, or maybe have even been there for her. He begins to drink a lot and slowly sinks into depression. After two months of drinking, he thinks fuck it hops on his bike to leave for a road trip around Europe. Thomas started off by planning his journey, first by taking a ferry to France, then he was to ride his motorcycle through France, Germany, Poland, Belarus and then into Russia, and then ending off in Chernarus to then maybe return home. The Roadtrip After a long 3 months of riding Thomas made it to Russia but was starting to run low on money. Going back to his roots, Thomas thought to himself how can I make quick money? He pulls into the next town he comes to, finds the local bar and sits down to warm himself over a glass of Vodka, and think about what his next move is. After talking to some of the locals he found that there was a black market for drugs which were being transported all over Russia, Takistan and Chernarus. Knowing that he was planning finishing his trip in Chernarus, he thought a supply run to there would be the best idea. Supply run - This was easy money for Thomas or so he thought, he decides to wait until the next morning before heading out to get an early start in the morning. Thomas meets up with the men he's doing the drop for they had him a black leather box with a fake panel in the bottom of it hiding the drugs underneath, he wraps the box round his bike with his other supplies and set out for Chernarus. It took Thomas around 13 hours to arrive at Chernogorsk, he was knackered, but he got there for around about the time he estimated. After staying the night in the Chernogorsk hotel, His next instructions were to go to the flats to meet a man called Alexander. As Thomas arrives at the flats, he spots a bunch of locals near the grocery store and asks if they know anyone called Alexy/Alexander, they point over to a small abandoned electrical shack. Upon entering Thomas sees four men squatting and playing dice, he calls out for alexander and a man in a black tracksuit and flat cap stands up and shouts 'Privet' Thomas dropped off the package and was offered a drink with the four men. Knowing he had a long ride back to the border he decided to stay another night and spend time with his new found friends. After waking up two days at the Chernogorsk hotel Thomas with a massive headache from drinking, he decided to stay the week in Chernogorsk to sight see on his bike. He chose to head up the eastern side of the coast on his bike, while riding he noticed that all the cars were traveling in the opposite direction and none in the direction he was heading. He stopped to refuel at Electrozavodsk and asked the owner what was going on. The store man told him about an infection which was taking over Chernarus and killing the population. Knowing about this infection Thomas knew he had to get the fuck out, but didn’t know how the best way would be with this infection spreading.
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I am unable to find a source. My ban was for covering for the permabanned player Steve Blazer, known as Mike Golf on the DayZRP Forums. Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is fair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Myself and the group I was apart of, formally 'The Lads' were perma banned for the hiding and cover up of Steve Blazer. We hid Blazer in our clan and kept him protected for a number of months until we were caught by staff and punished for what we had done. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to achieve with this appeal would to be unbanned from DayZRP. I would like a second chance at playing dayzrp, i understand what i did was wrong and have realised that i should have never covered for a banned player due to it being against the rules. I feel that i have matured from what i was like back then and would never do it again. I realise that the rules are put there for a good reason. I really miss roleplaying inside a great community because there is really nothing else like DayzRP. All i can say is that i am sorry and hope i can be granted a second chance. What could you have done better?: When Blazer choose to play dayzrp while being permabanned and decided to join our clan, i should have turned him in while i had the chance instead of covering for him.
  6. Little_Clash

    [TL] The Lads Media Thread

  7. We tried re logging last night but still didn't work.
  8. When playing epoch chernarus me and my friend cannot get into the car together, he can get in the car then i try to get in with him and i cannot. When i get into the car he cannot get into the car. We have tried changing skins from mercenary 10 to others like pilot skins also different mercenary skins. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  9. Little_Clash

    [UKSF] United Kingdom Special Forces Media Thread

    Still laughing about that car
  10. Little_Clash

    Let's Play: "Blame UKSF"

    Lets Blame UKSF for: Everything
  11. I was one of them guys shooting, i was so confused.
  12. Little_Clash

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Require a GUID reset please -Snip- // Levi //Rel: Reset: Re-enter in white-list tab
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