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  1. Aaron Harlow is unique amongst serving Royal Marines having been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (the second highest award after the Victoria Cross) and the Military Cross. He was awarded his Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for actions in Iraq where he was on secondment with the United States Marine Corps. When his small craft came under fire on a river, Harlow created the element of surprise of advancing towards the enemy and attacking them. He then engaged the enemy in close quarter fighting whilst his men encircled the enemy. When his men were low on ammunition he again provided cover fire so that the men could once again board the boats, finally calling in air support to strike the enemy. His Military Cross was awarded by serving in a VIKING armoured vehicle convoy in Afghanistan. The vehicle in front was blown up by an IED (improvised explosive device). Harlow rushed to help the injured Marines in the burning vehicle. He helped to rescue the injured driver, however, the gunner, Mne Justin Foreshore, was already dead when he found him. Harlow continued to evacuate casualties and return Taliban enemy fire. Harlow arrived in Chernarus while being deployed with the US marines to the Elektrozavodsk area. During the operation Harlow and his spotter had to clear the northern perimeter of the town. However, whilst out on a patrol Harlow and his spotter stumbled upon a car that they believed had a small child in the back (They saw a car seat) when they went to inspect it they noticed the child had turned into one of the dead, this drove his spotter to flee in terror, whilst fleeing he ran into 4 of the dead which ripped him limb for limb, in an attempt to save his life Harlow threw a smoke grenade to distract the dead however, this brought more of them over causing his closest friend to be lost. Since this moment Harlow has always felt guilty for the death and only time will tell if he is able to heal.
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    Forgive Me

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    Real life picture Thread

    Developers can have abs too right?
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    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

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    Dont Think He Appreciated My Medkit

    the pain was real thanks man! the editing makes it better aha
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    Dont Think He Appreciated My Medkit

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    Military Zombies

    Not the best idea
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    Armbands and groups

    thanks mate! I appreciate it.
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    Armbands and groups

    sorry it took so long but this is abit of a concept, ill get it in game and share in the discord sneak peek a little later! This is a Police band. @Combine
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    Armbands and groups

    if you give me 15 minutes ill have something in the works for you ? like
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    DayZRP Staff Agreement

    I, CinematicsVII hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
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    Happier times!

    Forgot to add, the idea came from DayZ reddits top post by Statsmakten if you want to check it out
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    I appreciate the amount of stoney on this profile

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      im seeing him live next month and the hype is real man

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      sweet jesus take me with you

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      I would if I could mate aha

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      ooof. new posty song is good too called wow.

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      really made my Christmas better when he dropped it! Im exited for the next album apparently he has teased at it.

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    Happier times!