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  1. btgeza

    Bye DayZ Standalone

    I will miss you, my friend...
  2. As far as I know activated landmines will despawn after 30 minutes or maybe 1 hour but not sure. Never got blown by a mine but I found already two of them at NWAF. I always loot tents in first person.
  3. Good idea, looking forward to see how many people... #you have 0 visitors in the past 12 months *takes out his pistol from its holster*
  4. Hello, have fun, hope we meet eachother IG.
  5. Guys just keep walking on stairs and you will be fine, sprinting on stairs can desync your characters and thats the way you die because the engine's thoughts are always logical. You levitated and fell down.
  6. I have found cooking pot and frying pan in the tent camp after restart.. I left there the frying pan take a look there..
  7. Smersh vest in the middle of Cherno, High Cap on red cars. My tip: Check all of the cars,garages and bus stations there I found a lot of loot like coke,pipsi,PSO-1 Scope, hats, some dmged food, Magazines, Ammo, Ammo box, Vests, Bottles etc.
  8. Welcome! Good luck...have a nice day!
  9. Alexander Lee, born in Chernarus. He was enlisted to the military like the others in his ages. After a year he went home to his parents, they lived in Zelenogorsk. He joined to work with his parents at their wheat fields by the way he has no higher education. He spend a lot of time with his friend Marko Luchshiy near the Green Mountain to hunt deers. In this time he explored the northern east of Chernarus but like other teenagers he always liked to go out. He was 19 when he were arrested by the Zelenogorsk Police because he fighting a guy at the local pub. He got 1 months of public work because his father was in good stand with one of the police officers. Thereafter gone 1 years with no happening, he just lived his life like before. At the age of 21 he left his parents and moved to Chernogorsk in hope of better life. Marko his best friend stayed in Zelenogorsk, he was "do-nothing" type because his family was rich. Alexander had nothing to lose...maybe one season of harvest. He got a job in one of the factories. It was not a dream job but he was a hard-carved guy. After 2 years of hard work he step up and became on of the mechanic in his factory.. After all he was really dissapointed,he did not imagine his life like this.One day he wrote a letter to the Balota Military Base. He wanted back to the military. Few months passed when he got a reply. In the letter they wrote they need some new mechanic and engineers. Thus he again entered in a certain way to the military even he was just a mechanic. In a short time they trained him for repairing military vehicles and weapons. He enjoyed the most when he was able to work on those AK-101's and Mosin 9130's. He mastered his work and everybody called him "Professor" because he fixed every "oruzhyderm" (problems called with weapons by soldiers). 4 years gone like nothing. He met a girl at the military base, shes name was Stefani. She worked in the Hospital of Chernogorsk. They merried after a year...but this year was not passed like before.The day one, October 8.First time they seen the news on CNBS News. The infection begun to spread. The hard times came to them. In several days the infection spread to the coast. The hospitals was full of sick and infected people....Stefani got infected. Alexander had to chose. The story goes on... *UPDATED*
  10. Welcome Fingy! Have nice dayz here!
  11. Hello! I am BugMeNOT, I like the smell of a wind and the sunshine in the north of the Chernarus. I hope we can meet soon.
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