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  1. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Lorewipe? Maybe I'll return to playing for a weekend then leave again.
  2. <3 Its all fun and games until someone calls me bad at Reinhardt. I think you might need my fire extinguisher
  3. At least im not the at the center of drama
  4. Your music taste, I appreciate it, but male rappers are just better imo, ur profile song atm, i cant get over how much i can hear her gasping for air through verses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Ron


      gotta support ze females, karl. I think little simz does well.

      If you don't like her... maybe try young m.a ?




  5. The Game

    I Automatically moused over weekend and before clicking it thought "This is a link to the game" So I lost anyways @Terra
  6. Nibba VS nibba

    I feel like this might be a bit relevant:
  7. Idea to bring meaning back to game

    Although I understand why this might seem like a good idea, everyone would end up with far too much knowledge and it would reduce the need for interaction in game to find these things out, so good idea, bad in practice IMO
  8. S1 - NVFL - North of Bash - 8.00PM GMT

    POV: We were running down from our compound to go to Bash, then progressivly to the triangle, on the way we find a man running down the hay bale field, Oisin talks to him as the 6 of us walk over, some of us walk past to check the area for anyone hiding, after suspecting he has affiliation with Saviors, an initiation was dropped, I was off in the trees, head gunshots then got confirmation that Moody did not comply and was killed, we took no shots from anyone else the whole time then proceeded to run to Grish to regroup.
  9. Overwatch Tournament Thread

    yeah, mercy is a much better dps
    • Sam B
    • Faith

    Im only following you because you hate me, umad?

    1. Faith


      Shuddup Kris. It's all your fault we lose Comp Matches

    2. Faith


      Don't even think about it buddyboy

    3. Faith


      .... Uninstall would be best <3

    4. Faith


      Sorry boo <3

  10. Who is GingerHippo to you?

    To me, you are: That guy who plays secretly and never posts on the forums then goes away for a bit before coming back. wew
  11. Overwatch Tournament Thread

    This needs more relevance. Dabumpdoe
  12. Keira's Artwork + Graphics + Media

    Lovely, it fits perfectly with the rest of my profile. Edit: I feel the need to dispense my beanz, so you can have all of them for today since you made me a cat wearing a jumper. +1
  13. Keira's Artwork + Graphics + Media

    Good meme, I Shall stow it away in case of later need for an entirely francis of filth profile, but its not what truly embodies me