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  1. It cant be because of bandits. I have yet to be robbed after 40 hours of playing. It cant be because of hoarding. I went into a small city yesterday and it was 3 cars just sitting there waiting for a driver to take them on a journey. If I want to RP, I have to work for it, but I am used to that from Arma 2 mod. Meaning, as a SDS, people are natural scared and I understand that, so it is my job to get close enough to RP with others. I dont see it as avoiding RP, it is a natural instinct of survival. From my POV, it looked like the unclear rules made people leave. The fact that none clan players cant band up and have same rule set as standalone makes the server less likely to be played by none clan players. There used to be alot of people with no tags, but the last few days it is only clan people and mr. George Riggs.
  2. Glenn O

    P90 pls

    This mod is not lacking weapons
  3. On the internet we all are
  4. Glenn O

    [FM] Free Medics

    We have always been nice to FM. They always gave us cream cakes
  5. Glenn O

    [FM] Free Medics

    Associates/Allies [sDS] Just keeping it here as proof just incase
  6. Glenn O

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

    hmmm... why is it 5 looking in gear there 8)
  7. Glenn O

    Initiation on helicopter rule

    There is leeway when it comes to realism due to this being a game. Things do not have to be 100% accurate, for example you can heal yourself from a gun shot wound in seconds via a bandage. The rule that is being suggested was what it was like back in mod times and it worked fine. I see your point, but you could role-play out a gun shot wound after bandaging yourself. Not to sure how you could role-play out ordering a helicopter to land without sophisticated equipment to contact them on a headset/radio. Seeing as how OP helis are currently, I can get behind something being added to counter everything. Hopefully in the future they will fix the refueling problem. But regardless, helicopters should be at least some what OP considering how valuable they are and how it is the apocalypse after all, not to mention the fact that pilots would be extremely uncommon, there aren't many pilots even today. With your tought prosses here, I should be able to get a "lock on" and force it to land, or shoot it down if it doesent land.
  8. Glenn O

    Rocket Riggs: Chernarussian highway adventures

    Car crashes, loot goblins flock 30 sec later.
  9. Glenn O

    So we found a thing. . .

    Me and my RPG had nothing to do with this....
  10. We also might have to update our diplomacy after last night...
  11. Glenn O

    [POI] Pobeda Homestead

    +1 This used to be a great place to hold hosta...erhm I mean to come and fill my water bobble
  12. Glenn O

    The Problem with Houses/Vehicles?

    In the Arma 2 mod gear actually meant something. U where genuin afraid of dying to zombies or robbery gone wrong or other unfortune events. At the moment the server is flooded with "high end" gear. It makes the enviroment to "friendly" and unrealistic. People get careless, because dying have no real punishment. I voted for removing the houses, because I want to have that good old Arma 2 feeling back. This is just my personal opinion and I respect that people dont agree.
  13. Yes, feel u got it all covered. This can be /solved
  14. Do u have to make a group thread on the forums to be able to play as a group on Desolation? Just wondering since I see some groups that are on neighter DayzRP or Desolation forums.
  15. Glenn O

    [FM] Free Medics

    Nice meeting Dr Brandon close to Prud yesterday. Not used to see u with your weapon not on the ground so close to me before. Our offer to help still stands.
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