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  1. Update and possible fix: So I took the advice and got a new PSU. This new one being an Antec. I've done some testing on some of the more demanding games that I have such as The Division, H1Z1 (which wouldn't even start before) and Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. All three of these games I was able to play on Medium to High graphics as I should be able to with little to no problems at all. Obviously it will take some tinkering to find that sweet spot of looking nice, but still maintain a decent FPS for each game but I believe you guys figured out the problem as far as I can tell. When consulting my dad about the issue as well (he's a computer dork too), he'd mentioned that "although you had a V600, they were 600 crappy watts compared to a high quality PSU that would give you 380 good watts. Heavy is good." With it installed and still doing some tests, I think we found the problem. Clearly my GPU or CPU weren't getting the power it needed to operate on the level that it was built to. Thanks all for the inputs and ideas. You just fixed my computer.
  2. Thank you for the addition. I hope this is really the fix. I want to play my games again. :<
  3. Alright. Thanks, you two. The PSU was probably the last thing I really expected since I've gone quite a long time without it causing problems. I'll look into it and see if I can replace it and get back to this thread if the problem persists.
  4. So it's been a while since I built and rebuilt my computer but these past few months I've been having some problems and as much as I'l like to believe that it is my CPU, I'd like to see what other people think it may be because I really don't know. Anyway.. my computer seems to initiate a random restart whenever I play certain games. It never happens when I'm using GIMP or PS -- it never happens when I'm browsing the internet or anything like that. Only when I game, and it seems almost at random so it's a cause for concern and I can't find any sort of solution to the problem on forums or the internet in general that doesn't involve just buying new parts and knowing me, I'm more likely to just build a new computer if I am forced to buy a new part. Which leads me to another point, since I can't actually narrow it down to what the problem is, a solution would more than likely involve me buying multiple parts and I don't really want to do that. Games that have caused restart are as following: Tom Clancy's: The Division Star Wars: The Old Republic Fallout 4 Fallout 3 Fallout: New Vegas DayZ Standalone H1Z1 Just Survive/King of the Hill Arma 3 Dying Light Note: ALL SETTINGS ARE ON LOW The game that causes the restarts the most is H1Z1. Upon simply loading into a server at 60FPS, my computer screen goes pink, orange or red (depending on the day, I guess) and restarts itself. This happens with most of the games that I have listed within the list. Most of those games I can play at a steady FPS -- 60 or above -- but the crashes still come which leads me to believe that it was a CPU overheating issue so I replaced the CPU cooler and heat goo, installed a CPU temp gauge and tried again. My CPU tends to idle around 20 Degrees Celsius and when playing The Division it rests at 50. H1Z1 rests at 45 upon loading in. 50 would be alarming, but 45? Surely that would not be a high enough temperature to force my computer to restart in order to save the CPU from overheating, so I'm not entirely certain what the issue is whether it be CPU load/heat, or my GPU failing despite it's clear evidence that it can handle what I'm throwing at it with ease. Here are my specs: Thanks for the read. Hopefully I can find an answer here.
  5. Janana

    Website Migration

    This will definitely take some getting used to, but the layout to me is definitely more inviting now. More bubbly and fun, from a designer's perspective, anyway. There are some things I'm not a fan of right off the bat such as such in the attached file. From personal experience, I can say that drop-down bars are often the better way to go to avoid clutter of the top banners if you have the ability to alter that type of thing. Other than that, I'm diggin' it.
  6. Janana

    What was your most peaceful moment in DayZRP?

    Especially when we would just travel the north in actual OOC days. Allie Locke, Tim Shazz, Rasper/Caly, Mike. I never considered myself a core member of the group but you're out there and you run into these people, you're guaranteed high quality RP. @Mike-Those were the days. Perhaps the days just meeting the Unnamed as well for a little while there as well.
  7. I don't play Miscreated. Lmao. I just fail to see how looters can come to a RP orientated community and then complain that RPers want RP and rules that enforce RP encounters --rules and encounters that threaten their ability to loot whatever the flock they want and have their perspective of the discussion make any sort of valid sense.
  8. SEe thumpers post below,"pal";) Maybe you should buy your own server to sit and look at your bases, Or make a section on the forums for venting about base raiding because there are TONS of people who wanna read about those pesky bandits raiding another base full of m4s and 75 drum round mags of Arrrrrrrrrp. If you actually read the flow of posts, you'd notice I had already responded to Thumper's post prior to you even commenting again. The point is that you're here for RP, so if you're running around with goals that don't support RP -- I say again -- why are you here? Loot-orientated players not only take up space, but waste everyone else's time. This isn't your home if RP isn't your focus, now stop trying to defend looters by blaming RPers for not being "good enough" at protecting what belongs to them.
  9. Janana

    What was your most peaceful moment in DayZRP?

    Back when the Menagerie was still a thing. Early-day Menagerie members. You know who you are, if you're still around.
  10. Some people's RP can easily involve particular loots and structures so to defend what belongs to you is just as valid as defending your right to experience roleplay with other players.
  11. This is a community entirely based around roleplay and you're going to come onto a thread based on someone asking loot-driven players to not raid so that they may promote roleplay and you're going tell them that it doesn't matter what they want? If you're getting onto the servers with only loot and exploit in mind, why the hell are you here? Redefine your priorities, pal. The rule may not be something you can enforce at the moment but that doesn't mean you can't create a rule anyway. Some people follow rules because they are there -- not because they know someone may or may not be watching them.
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