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  1. Hello Rolle. Increasing player counts can only be done through advertisement instead of trying to appease the never ending internal demands of the community that you already have. You should look into sponsoring some streamer or YouTuber of the month to get the word out to some actual new people and get some interest in the game again. Realistically I can’t imagine there being much interest in SA because it’s a mess but if you just get a good hype man to make people see past this then you’ll get new players. Many of us joined originally because we saw cool stories and events being played out that you wouldn’t get in any other game, you should be focusing on this instead of trying to follow the orders of a load of people who can’t decide whether or not they want fences. As I’m sure you know the people don’t really know what they want and will always complain and argue which ultimately brings them together and gives them a reason to log on. Due to this you probably shouldn’t ban dissent or criticism posts as hatred for the game and community is the solid heartbeat that’s kept this going for as long as it has. Also I’m sure we could come to an agreement on banning other rp servers from advertising on a certain rp subreddit. God bless.
  2. Isn’t ur avatar a bit weird lol? What does it mean ☺️

    1. Millie


      suicide squad GIF

  3. Tastes like paint... and wood.
  4. Join my group

    1. Rick


      nah I heard its lame, they dont even save the gear.....

    2. Alyd


      Hi! Welcome to DayZRP.


      You accidentally posted on my profile instead of the Introductions forum.

      Why not join one of the cool new Russian army clans, and make sure to leave beans now and a small donation! Make sure to smash that "enable ads" button.

    3. Rick


      Pfftch who would join a Russian clan........weird right......

    4. Major Tom

      Major Tom

      I see you have an assault rifle there comrade! Our rules do not allow civilians to carry assault rifles. We will have to ask you to surrender that weapon to us. Da, very good. Please also surrender any original ideas you may have because we're in short supply.

    5. Rick


      *logs out* 

  5. Crim


    1. Alyd


      Nice to see the coalitions going well

  6. Crim

    Join my group 

  7. Alyd


    1. Crim


  8. I think you're the one who screamed OOC when I initiated on you.
  9. People love to hate things on Reddit. I don't think anyone that wants to roleplay on DayZ doesn't know about this place anyway.
  10. Alyd


    SS13 is for nerds HONK
  11. Alyd


    type 1 in chat if u wna cybr x
  12. I heard you were washed up is this true?

    1. Alyd


  13. "Wh-Why do they never like u-us nice guys?!" *sobs into 5XL DayZRP shirt*
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