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  1. Vasily Kozel

    Vasily was born in Sevastopol, Ukraine in 1981. As a young lad he joined the army but soon got dishonorably discharged for stealing supplies. After the army he joined a security company and worked as a security guard. As the money was not enough he got into the scam and robbery business. Selling stolen electronics and cars, then escalating to selling guns and ammunition. He got in contact with one of his old army friends who told him about something weird happening in Chernarus, telling him it's a potential gold mine. They made a deal that they smuggle him in and out of Chernarus, that he brings back anything valuable and then split the profits. He hid inside a big box inside a truck and got over the border. It was going fine and dandy until he realized how bad the situation actually is. He tried to go back to Ukraine only to find out Chernarus was completely quarantined and his army friends were nowhere to be found. After a while he heard rumors of the infection spreading to Ukraine and saw no reason to try and go back. Since then he became a scavenger and a trader, trying to survive.
  2. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Didnt think id see this again, might send in an app..
  3. Real life picture Thread

    at work pic after my first jump out of a plane
  4. Petr Vavra

    Joined CDF when he was 20, kept his career as a soldier, starting from logistics, after he decided it was boring to just give away cans of beans to smelly soldiers he transfered to scouts. After a few years he left the army because they don't pay shit.
  5. Real life picture Thread

    Im the only one who is squatting properly haha
  6. Real life picture Thread

    More pics from basic
  7. Real life picture Thread

    Ofc you are the one with a cig
  8. Real life picture Thread

    Me and my comrades Edit im the one with 2 beers ofc
  9. Real life picture Thread

    Pew pew
  10. Army

    It's just bootcamp for now, the job will be decided after I finish, if I do ofc.
  11. Army

    Well this is a necro... I'm actually leaving tomorrow so seya everyone!
  12. [GAME] How old is the person above you?

    Keedz you like 13 amirite