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  1. Congrats and good luck guys, take care of my boy Darkstyle ?
  2. I can see for Miillees

    1. DinoB


      i can see for MILEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  3. Had fun with Anarchy, great guys, would totally hang out again as long as it doesnt end with my nipples getting electrocuted or with my pants down in a room with an asian guy.
  4. They sometimes even remove your whitelist as well.
  5. I'd really like if we had a 0.63 server, but I WOULDNT like if we had 2 servers since that would divide the playerbase. During EU times the server is pretty empty, it would only get worse if we had 2 servers.
  6. Don't do yoga but I lift weights and do body weight exercises. I think the 2 most important things to remember are: Stay consistent, and have a proper diet while trying to lose/gain weight aka bulk or cut. If you work out 3 hours a day but don't have proper diet you're not going to have much result (not saying you're not going to have any results but it's a massive difference when you have a proper diet). I'd say its 70% diet, 30% workout importance.
  7. Schh you paramilitary bastard
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