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  1. Harry Dahli POV: Me and my Friend Curtis were scouting out the NWAF for victims to eat. (as we're both RPing as cannibals) We saw a man an approached him, coming off as friendly as possible to gain his trust and later lure him into a trap. We went north up to scout a small base with him, in order to distract him. Once I thought he was distracted enough, I took out my handcuffs and attempted to tie his hands together, only to notice my own hands got tangled up in handcuffs. Now we knew that our plans were blown, so I shot at him as he pulled his weapon out to intimidate us. Would he not have pulled his weapon out and escalated the situation I would have told him to have gotten down on the floor, however I was scared that I was going to get shot there and then so I did it first in order to protect myself and my friend. Me and Curtis then sat down and ate our meal. (( @Xehara))
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  3. How about if your character dies for any reason be it a shootout or starvation you have to make a new one? ?
  4. Didn't 1.0 fix all those issues? ...wait nvm it's DayZ ?
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  10. *Harry presses the PPT button on the old soviet-era radio* *Crakcle* *Bzzt* H-Hello? *Bazzzzzzt* *Crackle* If you can hear me, get to st*Bzzt* a-a- Stary Sabor! There is a Military Base by a farm, we're holding up on the fa*Crackle* rm! *Harry sends his fist down on the radio, in anger, accidently breaking it* *Baazzt* *Transmission Cut*
  11. *A crackle would come through the radio speaker, before someone starts speaking - the voice would be recognizable to that of a Harry Dahli to anybody who has met him before* H-hello? If anybody is out there.. please, find me. I'm currently around the large radio tower in the northern part of Chernarus. I've been shot, but I found some meds. I..I had some friends, but they are gone now.. *Crackle* I've headed north-west, or at-least what I think is north-west.. I see some kind of... Military Outpost? If anybody can find me and bring morphine, I'll reward you greatly. *Crackle, then radio cuts*
  12. Hey i'm a noob to dayZ, but not roleplay. I want to ask someone to come in game with me, meet me by a coastal town and guide me to the NW Airbase? :3
  13. Yep. It's not the gunshot that killed me, it was a zombie afterwards. Being severely weakened by my sickness, and bullet wound, I tried to fight a zombie, but got bit and collapsed dead.
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