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  1. Hey all, I had a weird first day back, but day two and three were pretty fun. I'll give this another shot. Much love to my old pals.
  2. .62 just hit experimental

    I'm looking forward to long, long walks through .62
  3. The Essential Guide to Taking Hostages

    Fantastic work as usual, Kurt. I'd say that this is essential reading for anyone looking to take a hostage for the first, or even the tenth or twentieth time. Anyone who can't hang and fucks up with a hostage and/or is reported for badrp as a hostage taker should immediately read this guide.
  4. Jackals v2 [Recruiting]

    You've my blessing, brothers.
  5. Lost Souls [IG Recruitment]

    [align=center][/align] [align=center]Missing my motley crew -- The whole lot of ya! Let's not walk towards the light, but instead embrace the darkness and learn to thrive within it.[/align]
  6. CP Ranks

    The Lost Souls were told to change our cp ranks, however our ranks were carefully and meticulously thought out to represent our IG playstyle. I feel like this was overlooked because our ranks were atypical and pulled from specific lore throughout time. We don't have a hierarchy, so our ranks used unique titles to represent our roles within the group regardless of hierarchy. I think it's bogus that groups have to fit into the mold that loremasters create for us. I agree with Mental, Asriel, and many others that have posted here. I always enjoyed seeing IC nicknames as someone's rank, so long as they were reasonable.