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  1. Defiance

    Computer giveaway

    My PC is good, but I know that @Bunny would really like a new PC. If I'm selected, I nominate Bunny to collect the PC for me. <3 Bunny <3
  2. Hey all, I had a weird first day back, but day two and three were pretty fun. I'll give this another shot. Much love to my old pals.
  3. Defiance

    .62 just hit experimental

    I'm looking forward to long, long walks through .62
  4. Fantastic work as usual, Kurt. I'd say that this is essential reading for anyone looking to take a hostage for the first, or even the tenth or twentieth time. Anyone who can't hang and fucks up with a hostage and/or is reported for badrp as a hostage taker should immediately read this guide.
  5. Defiance

    Jackals v2 [Recruiting]

    You've my blessing, brothers.
  6. Missing my motley crew -- The whole lot of ya! Let's not walk towards the light, but instead embrace the darkness and learn to thrive within it.
  7. Defiance

    The United Nations - Iceland Expedition [Recruitment: Closed]

    This looks lit, especially Johnny's rank and position as Chief Inspector! I'm sure that will be awesome. Good luck ya'll.
  8. Defiance

    CP Ranks

    The Lost Souls were told to change our cp ranks, however our ranks were carefully and meticulously thought out to represent our IG playstyle. I feel like this was overlooked because our ranks were atypical and pulled from specific lore throughout time. We don't have a hierarchy, so our ranks used unique titles to represent our roles within the group regardless of hierarchy. I think it's bogus that groups have to fit into the mold that loremasters create for us. I agree with Mental, Asriel, and many others that have posted here. I always enjoyed seeing IC nicknames as someone's rank, so long as they were reasonable.
  9. Defiance

    So you've been told to "Bark like a dog" Guide:

    LOL +1
  10. Defiance

    Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    I love & miss you, Staggs! Best of luck with this group -- I'm sure it will be amazeballs... just like ur balls tee hee
  11. Defiance

    Meeting Community Members IRL.

    Evansville for me. It's not so bad, but there are for sure better states to be living in.
  12. Defiance

    Interview with Shark

    hljott is a real one for sure. Because of you I got to meet Johnny Denver, and through that I met Duelly and Bigtoe, two of my best friends on the server here. I have no idea how I'd have met them without ol' Shark's help. Glad you're still around, man. Real glad.
  13. Defiance

    Battlefield 1 Beta

    I played about 1 game...too many vehicles in my opinion. I could hardly move around without getting shot by a tank or something. That might just be how Battlefield works but I find them very annoying. I also completely suck at the game. Might try it a bit more but I wasn't that impressed with what I saw. The graphics and sound are great though. It's pretty optimized as well. The FOV is also great. Would really like to play the singleplayer campaign but wouldn't want to pay full price. I think the chances of seeing a Team Deathmatch mode without weapons is very high. I agree that vehicles are a pain in the ass to deal with! Fingers crossed for a classic TDM on smaller maps!
  14. Defiance

    Single player games.

    I'll add a +1 to the Dark Souls series. I'm currently playing Dark Souls 3 and it's incredible, but you can pick up the original for pretty cheap. It's fantastic as well, albeit really challenging.
  15. Defiance

    Questions about the PR Manager position

    Because I'm supposed to know that she has a degree? Okay, my bad then. And there it goes again "ur just jelly haha" like no I just have concerns. Thank you very much. I just figured someone would have mentioned that by now. Also, I'm not implying that you're jealous by any means. I was kind of surprised to see her in staff, but it made sense to me after I thought about it for a bit. I think she'll do a good job or we'll quickly realize there isn't any work to be done and that will be that. Well I am about to graduate with a degree in Marketing, Finance, and Business Administration Do I get PR/Admin/Community Accountant? PM Rolle.