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  1. Marek was born to this world completely alone, something that would stick with him through most of his life. Having been orphaned at a very young age, he was immediately placed into a Catholic church that doubled as a home for parentless children. He never took well to the strict religious zealous that his caretakers would always try to force on him, sometimes at the end of a switch or paddle, and he took up a rebellious nature at a young age. Though he would come back to visit his friends at the orphanage from time to time, Marek took to living on the streets rather than being controlled in such a way. He made friends with other younger people of a similar nature, and made his way in life pickpocketing unsuspecting tourists and dodging the police through alleyways or by climbing up gutters and jumping roofs. He would often joke with his friends about how easy it was to evade the fat, slow policemen having basically trained himself to run from problem to problem all of his life. Of course things changed once the infection hit, and while his speed helped him quite a bit early on in the apocalypse, one can only run for so long...
  2. I made the mistake of reading past messages on my feed since I'm like... never on the forums lol) and watched that sword art online video you posted like a year ago. Unexpected feels XD

  3. Was lots of fun, hope to run into you two again!
  4. Michael was born and raised in the city of Aberdeen, California, in a small trailer park in the middle of nowhere. His mother was a waitress at a local restaurant, and his father left the family when he was just a few years old. Being a single working mother, Michael was left alone for most of his life, time which he mainly spent learning to fish and hunt from a next-door neighbor whose son he had made friends with. Michael was never apt when it came to school work, preferring to spend his time learning practical real life skills out in the world instead. This naturally lead into his adult life, where he was able to land a job working maintenance for the nearby national park, Kings Canyon. Once he was old enough, he bought some land nearby and built himself a cabin with the help of his old friend from next door and settled there, putting himself smack dab between his work and his old home. From then on Michael spent much of his life alone, only coming into the small town to eat at the restaurant where his mother worked and spend time with his friends and neighbors. It was at about the age of 21 when he met the love of his life, Elena, who he affectionately called "El". She had just recently moved into the area, though the reason behind this move she kept mainly to herself, and got a job at Michael's mother's restaurant. He fell quickly in love with her, but it took a good amount of time before she felt the same. It wasn't until five years had passed and they had had a daughter together did his wife finally reveal the reason for her moving into the area. Elena had been forced into the drug trade at an early age in her hometown in Russia, and she had been a mule for them a very long time. After years and years of being forced to move drugs into America and cash back out, Elena had finally had enough. After making one final trade, she took off with the money she had earned and ran to the smallest town she could find in the state she had landed, California. Elena planned to use that money to bring back to some family she had that moved to a small country in Europe called Chernarus, and it was this that she told Michael after all these years. Michael wasn't one to leave his home so easily, and was furious that it had taken so long for her to tell him about it. A fight broke out between the two for months, and it wasn't until the death of Michael's mother from lung cancer that he finally gave in and agreed with this plan of Elena's. After making the necessary arrangements, the three of them, their daughter Isabelle whom Michael called "Izzy" headed out of the country to meet up with Elena's family on their farm. Surprised with how easily Elena's family took him in, he showed his thanks by working for them on their land. He was naturally gifted when it came to animals and plants, so he took naturally to the work and didn't mind it at all. This is how things went for months before the events that transpired at an old storage base north of Severograd. Once word had spread of the infection, the family spent time to fortify their house and the surrounding lands, taking in as many other civilians and stocking up on as many weapons as they could. Again, this relative peace spanned for months without too much trouble. Michael would spend his days either tending to the farm or tending to its perimeter, staving of small groups of infected that would get caught on their fence. It wasn't the worst kind of life he could think of, and at the very least his family was safe. They had fresh food and water from the well, and lived in relative safety. But as always, the peace could not last, and in the middle of the night another group of survivors stumbled upon their little safehouse. Seeing an easy target, this new group snuck their way into the little compound incapacitating a few of its residents and killing all else who fled. Michael and his family were among those captured tied up, and lined along the wall of one of the barns. The man who Michael assumed was the leader of the group and who had introduced himself as "Rook", paced back and forth along the line of people questioning them to find any stashed supplies they might have hiding around the area. He went along one by one, executing them in line from first to last, all the while with Michael struggling to release himself from his bonds. Michael was the very last to look down the barrel of the mans gun, intense hatred in his eyes. The man found it funny, and asked him the same question as everyone else, crouching down close to Michael. He answered truthfully, telling him he didn't know of any more stashes. The man believed him, and to Michael's surprise, didn't immediately put a bullet between his eyes. Instead he took a moment to talk to his cohorts, then returned after the brief exchange. The man offered him a deal, he said he would spare his life but in exchange he would have to act as a kind of forced laborer for the men. Michael accepted, thinking it a way to bide his time and take revenge on his deeds. Weeks had passed as Michael continued his servitude to the group. Much of his work involved being a kind of pack mule for the others, carrying as much of their supplies as he could. It also included odd jobs that the others required, such as fixing cars and generators. He also served as a personal "stress reliever" for the man who murdered his family, Rook. It was during this time that Michael accumulated various scars that crisscrossed all up and down his body, including his face. The night he finally escaped wasn't much different than any other. He had been tied down to a post in the house Rook was sleeping in, having been badly beaten the evening before. However, Michael had finally managed to get his hand on a knife, and for once there were no other members of Rooks group spending the night nearby. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity, Michael spent hours freeing himself from his bonds, and making his way into the room where Rook slept. He spent what felt like forever hovering over the mans bed, reveling in the moment he could finally get his revenge. He waited until Rook awoke so that he could see the fear in his eyes as Michael finally closed his hands around his neck, strangling him to death. Having finally bought himself his freedom, Michael used his skills as a woodsman to disappear as best he could, making his way into the densest forest he could find and traveling as far as he could manage. First, however, he made his way back to the farm where his family was slaughtered. After saying his good-byes to the two of them, he took his wife's wedding ring, and his daughters locket before heading out to hide in the woods.
  5. Born in Florida, Adrian had a fairly normal childhood even if his parents weren't around for much of it because of work. He spent much of his time with his twin sister Annabelle, and was pretty much raised by his older sister Kaycee. Once he was a bit older Adrian made sure to keep himself busy, signing up for as many after school programs as possible, with an interest in track and field, surfing, and music. It wasn't until his family took a trip to Chernarus to visit their ill grandmother that things took a turn for the worst, as an extended stay in the country turned into a death trap as the outbreak happened. The siblings stayed at their aunts house while their parents visited their ailing family member. After too much time had passed, Kaycee began to worry about their parents and went out to go find them, while Adrian stayed back to look after Annabelle, though it wasn't long after that Adrian decided to join the hunt. He promised he would return soon, saying it would only take a day or two for him to return, but fate decided otherwise as a few turns of bad luck found him lost somewhere in the country. After that, Adrian spent the next few months looking for the rest of his family, especially his twin sister, picking up survival tactics along the way. Personality wise Adrian is a bit of a smart-ass, though he would never go so far as to be disrespectful. He made sure to keep an active social life, but truthfully he liked spending his time alone or with his sisters. He is brave to a fault, and is very protective of his family members. X X X X X X X X X X X X

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      Whaat it sums up our relationship perfectly <3

      I could of gone all sappy with this xD


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  7. Dorian is the definition of an irresponsible, impulsive, aggressive bastard. His actions and moods are often chaotic, only focusing in a certain direction if he's in trouble or wants something. Otherwise he lets his whims take him wherever he pleases, and could care less who gets hurt in his hunt for gratification. Often, he will verbally cut someone down in conversation or sneak in backhanded jabs at people, often for no other reason than to see their reaction. He enjoys seeing people in pain, drugs, sex and alcohol, more or less all the cardinal sins. On the other hand he isn't stupid, and won't pick a fight with someone if he doesn't feel he can come out on top. After all, he's always looking out for number one. Never having the most functional of families, Dorian never really got along with any of them besides his sister Kaitlyn. His mother ignored most of the goings on in the family, which never bothered Dorian one bit; the less supervision he had the better. His father, however, was often a problem, and he and Dorian butted heads many a time when he was growing up. He did eventually learn how to manipulate him though, and after a while it was mostly Kaitlyn that received the brunt of his abuse while Dorian got away with murder, sometimes quite literally. Isabelle was always the poster child of the family, and Dorian had quite a lot of fun taking the goody-two-shoes down a peg or three whenever he saw the opportunity. It was in Kaitlyn that Dorian saw a piece of himself, and as such he spent most of his later years trying to mold her in his twisted image, taking her out on his midnight romps in the city. Drinking, parties, gambling, whenever the mood struck him she was usually along for the ride, though he always seemed to disappear when the cops started to show up. Kaitlyn Pierce - Sister (Graphics by @Clumsy )
  8. Lots of fun playing with the Black Fangs today. Really wish I had more time to play, love to spend more time with you guys And of course, always fun playing with @Clumsy Just like old times <3
  9. - Personality - Cain has always been the lone wolf type, spending much of his time by himself. As a result he is often seen as distant or out of touch with those around him, not engaging in much conversation unless provoked. He is however fiercely protective of those he does gain a rapport with, since it is such a rare occurrence for him. He will often wander off on his own, most of the time any group he might be with at night will find him missing by morning. - Younger Life - Born and raised in a small rural town in Arkansas to a small family of himself, his sister, and his parents, Cain didn't exactly have the highest expectations put on him when he was younger. Regardless, he spent much of his time studying in the library at his school and hogging the single computer in the lab. In fact, it got to the point where he would often sneak into the school after hours to work on it, given his lack of internet access or electronics at home. This would pave the way for his later life, as he had quite a talent for developing software. Sometimes going into the realm of the less-than-legal, he spent most of his life online. However his father was an avid hunter and survivalist, and would often force his son on expeditions out into the wild. Cain originally hated the outings as it took time away from his other pursuits, but as he spent more and more time in the forests around his childhood home he began to love his time outside. It even made him more efficient on his development, giving him a way to clear his mind and look at things from another angle. He would retain his love for nature well into his adult life. - Adult Life - Wanting to get as far away from his rural upbringing as possible, Cain made his way into the silicon valley as fast as he could, renting a small shoe-box apartment at the age of 18 with what money he had saved busing tables in Arkansas. With his technical knowledge and portfolio of complex software, Cain easily found a job at his new home. However he found he often butted heads with his fellow developers, finding his own upbringing caused him to be quite different from them. Taught to always speak his mind and be honest with others, he hated the way they were so easily offended by his words and how often they gossiped and back-stabbed him as well as each other. Deciding this particular life wasn't for him, he set to find freelance work he might accomplish at home, preferring to only speak to his clients through text or e-mail, never voice. This worked quite well for him, and he continued his ritual of archery practice every week, a hobby he found he quite enjoyed, and his monthly hunting trips way out of state. - The Apocalypse - It wasn't until he was well into his twenty-fifth year of life that he got word from his father whom he managed to stay in contact with about the loss of his grandfather and grandmother. According to the letter, they lived in a little country off of the green sea named Chernarus, and that they would be having a funeral there in their honor. Feeling bound to pay some respects to his grandparents, especially as he hardly knew them, and to reconnect with his parents and sister, he decided to take some time off work to attend. He booked the closest flight he could and made his way there, annoyed he couldn't find any hotel renting online. His father however insisted he stay with his family there, and he finally caved after much deliberation. Cain spent a good few weeks in the country, attending the funeral and meeting another entire branch of his family he had never seen. Apparently his uncle was still here, as his father had decided to leave the country much as Cain had left Arkansas as early as he could, and it was with him and his family that he stayed. Of course that was when things took a turn for the worst, stranding Cain in country and separating him from the rest of his family.
  10. Reading these posts I'm very hopeful for when I return to the servers. I haven't had a whole lot of time to play, but I will admit I had a pretty long hiatus because of how stale the RP was becoming. Seems things have changed for the better
  11. If only it was so easy... I've been in that position before where my group executed someone, they refused to perma, we tried to ignore them, and they STILL tried to force their way back into our RP. Luckily it didn't get to the point where we had to get staff involved, but I wouldn't be surprised if other people might take it even farther. Still, should work in most cases, so that's a good way to handle it.
  12. +1 this. There can't be any in between or arguments will spout and people will disagree. Especially with some people who put months of work into their characters, only for it to be taken away because someone executes them. Basically, salt would ensue, and I think minimizing salt is the best course of action for everyone. I do understand where you're coming from though, it is a pain when someone who's been bothering you and your group suddenly decides they want to come back even after extensive RP and multiple chances and then an execution that should have ended it. But as I said, the other end of the spectrum can be just as bad. Personally I wouldn't mind any death at all causing you to perma-death (minus glitch deaths and whatnot) but I would never force that on anyone else.
  13. Marek was laying down on the couch of a small apartment, some two or three stories off the floor with his legs propped up on the arm rest and his radio in hand, switching idly between frequencies, wasting away the next few hours while he attempted to get some sleep. He clicked the dial around a few more times before settling on the wavering voice of what he assumed to be a teenage boy like himself. Listening in on his plans, a small grin spread across his face. "So you're setting up a daycare, then? Well good luck with that. TOTALLY can't see that going south in any way shape or form." He laughs again, shaking his head and continuing. "But in all seriousness, and I'm not trying to be mean here, you're fighting an uphill battle. And, just as a word of advice... this isn't high school anymore. This isn't home and this isn't a kids world. Any 'youths' you do run into, let them know this. It's time to grow up or end up where the rest of us did. In the ground, or in piles on the streets." Tilting his head to the side, he pushes the transmit button down one more time. "And if you think yourself a leader, you might want to follow that advice too. Oh! And work on the stutter, it's pretty obvious."
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