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  1. Post

    ARMA 3 Discount

    Nice, I bought it.
  2. Post

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    Three days is worth a kill.
  3. Post

    To Mr. Ruslan Nikolaev [PRIVATE FREQUENCY]

    Ruslan listens to the radio resting on an old lopsided wooden desk. He stumbles from the couch, picking up Nona’s shirt, and tossing it back over to her. He takes hold of the radio, and gestures for her to shush while he speaks into the radio. “Sure, sure. No hard feelings, as they said I think we are squared. No need to hunt you all down like foxes. Smart folks, smarter than most with your choice in location. Could be ‘round the area tonight, maybe. I can’t a number or time for certain. Need to lick our wounds a bit.” He sets the radio back down, and looks around for his jacket and bag.
  4. Post

    Rdm s1 prison island

    Hey, that was me! I was Ruslan, I will post my POV later as I am in-game, but if you want you can poke me on TS to talk. My username is Post.
  5. Post

    Character idea your comment and feedback?

    @Covert already does this.
  6. Post

    Important security announcement!

    haha your name is roland
  7. Post

    S1 - KOS Novaya Industrial - 2:10 - 02/20/2017

    Right. The point is that we were all having fun, roleplaying. You log in, and just kick everyone out, and can't wait to blast someone for saying that we were invited in. I didn't refuse to leave, I told you he invited us in. I was informing you because I knew you had just logged in, I figured you were not aware of the situation. You could try to roleplay back, I know this may be a difficult concept for you, but you can roleplay without a gun. We had no hostile intent there, we were all enjoying ourselves, but you literally came along and ruined the roleplay for about 10 people for no reason at all. Dying doesn't bother me, the rulebreaks I don't care about, it's the fact that you logged in just to fuck over the roleplay. Last post, here's the video:
  8. Post

    S1 - KOS Novaya Industrial - 2:10 - 02/20/2017

    I mean I'm just genuinely curious. You just logged in, took absolutely no part in the RP going on at hand, and just tell everyone to get out. You feel that's okay to just gun someone down who has no gun out for saying, "Fuck off, he invited us in."? I really am just trying to understand the reason you felt the need to kill me, or did you do it simply because you have a settlement and believe that trumps actually roleplaying? How am I to know you're apart of the camp? We were invited in and roleplaying. Why were we allowed in, and then removed when we're all just talking?
  9. Post

    S1 - KOS Novaya Industrial - 2:10 - 02/20/2017

    Server and location: S1 Novaya Industrial Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2:10 Your in game name: Ruslan Nikolaev Names of allies involved: Cormac, Johnny Denver, Blitz, Covert Name of suspect/s: BTR? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Yeah, BeanZ will be racked up on this one, trust me. Detailed description of the events: We went to Novaya, we heard some people in the industrial. Darra and Viktor, we were having some fun roleplay. They invited us in, they asked if we wanted to join them at a fire. We agreed, we were just chatting, have a conversation talking about Ronnie. We never made any threats, we never really snooped around, or had a problem. I want to point out again-- we were invited in. We accepted. We are roleplaying, having fun. It seemed some were having some issues with connections, connecting and reconnecting. Suddenly out of nowhere (I assume he just logged in), and comes up. Tells us we can't be in the tent area, I said "Fuck off, he invited us in." I get shot in the face. I had no gun out. I said six words to the man, and get killed for it. Sorry, but that's not how settlement rights work. The need to kill me is not there at all. We were invited in, we had been RPing last 10-15 minutes, enjoying it, and then someone logs in and starts telling us orders. IC I have no idea who this person even is, doesn't address himself as a camp, and I tell him we're invited in. I am not even sure what you thought would happen, you're in an enclosed environment with all my friends who are armed. I won't argue NVFL, but it made no sense. Point and case what's wrong with settlement rights. You even suggest to people in slightest they have some rights to kill, they're going to use it 100%.
  10. Post

    The Lore Wipe

    I don't really believe that fully. I think there are many people that will try something new. I get it though, people have bonds with their characters, they have a story they've worked hard on. It's not our goal to take that away, but it's difficult to find a solution that fits everyone and pleases everyone. Nothing will please everyone. People complain about the quality of roleplay, and boring encounters. People want events, but it's hard to make events for this lore, and the events that really "work" are the throw away ones that are a one-time thing like the Gangs of Chernarus. We can put on those events, but they're very temporary fixes, that aren't really built around RP, more PvP. If people revert back to their old ways, that stinks, I agree it may likely happen, but what is the alternative? The alternative to me is a lot worse.
  11. Post

    The Lore Wipe

    So shut the idea down because you won't change how you roleplay? To me if you are going to revert to your old ways and do the same thing, it speaks more about yourself, not the idea.
  12. Post

    The Lore Wipe

    Well the point of the thread is to determine how close it will be.
  13. Post

    The Lore Wipe

    That is an issue we thought, if people know the end is soon it may drop the population, but truth is people aren't getting in game right now for a lot of reasons. I don't think RP should just end because of an impending change. This isn't a very soon thing.
  14. Post

    The Lore Wipe

    We should note the lore wipe isn't just we throw a new story at you, and shrug. There's to be events with it, forum related content, and a better involvement of the community including shaping the lore.
  15. Post

    The Lore Wipe

    The discussion of wipe already been addressed in several threads.
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