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  1. Pretty much what these two said. You did a nice work in recreating the settlement in the editor and all. But this is Haven, the CLF Haven. These were Mod-days, and they're gone now. Haven was glorious, it was fun, but it died. Leave it like that please.
  2. *pokes head in* Oh, well.... isn't that... interesting? Let's give it another try ^^
  3. 2 years here and a year older. Nice how it falls on the same day. Cheers to all the others who joined back then as well ( <3 mardin)
  4. Obviously yes you're allowed to ask, but you have to be prepared to accept a no and the reasoning behind that refusal. The community was allowed to ask here, and the staff apparently decided that the answer is no. Any time that time and money is involved, the decision is going be more calculated than not, even in a passionate community like this. Yet, in what you wrote, you described the actions of the an company, profit > everything and fuck the interests of the customers or the quality, as long as it works and we get more money. Like EA Which doesn't completely applies here i think. Because this isn't a company, it is a community and we can try to discuss, to reason and to convince others. Or at least let them understand what we want and what our problem is. What some people definitly not do if i read statements like "Everyone who wants the mod back just wants an ez game with Shiny gear and tons of PvP, everyone who likes RP loves SA" Who can blame us as a part of the community for not being happy with "reasonings" like that? If people just act like you described then gg, you will be very successful out in the business world but don't ever talk to me about "good RP" or "Immersion" again ^^ @ Likurja, i stopped playing it because the server were empty. Because everyone suddenly went to play SA. Others stopped playing it because they had SA, a new shiny toy they liked to play with. A toy they might not find as awesome as they first thought during that "hype". So that there might actually be a good amount of people who could populate a single server as a side project. Still, please tell em more about the divination power you got. It seems that you can exactly predict the future. We could turn this into money...
  5. It actually does, because now that I think about it that analogy does apply here - the majority of the restaurant's clientele wants sushi, while only a small group of people want the fish and chips. Because of the high demand with sushi, and not enough demand for fish and chips to recoup the cost of purchasing the ingredients, the kitchen staff can no longer afford to divert any time to preparing the batter and cutting the potatoes. So the option is removed, because the management does not want to cost their business money for the convenience of a fraction of the customer base. While their past loyalty is appreciated, there is no obligation on behalf of the restaurant to sacrifice time and money to keep them happy. Does that make sense? Sure, so what? Are we not allowed allowed to ask? Are we not allowed to wish for an alternative? In an community which is about something like good roleplay, i thought there is more passion in it than cold calculation of an company. Or is DayZRP all about getting as much profit out of it as possible? Sure you beat me in this, yet this wasn't even how far i wanted to go with this metapher. I merely corrected/adjusted something of what tam wrote in regard to zhunks post. Because i had the feeling that what tam wrote did not relefected what we were doing here. Everyone here knows that the community is now based on SA, that i cannot live from the Mod alone, as well as that we, who ask for an Mod server, are nothing but a smaller part of the whole community. Which i all said in my analogy But in the end i only described how they go there to humbly ask. I never stated that the Owner said yes. @ Cleric: Sure, i played/play SA from time to time. I am convinced there are people here who are way more active. Does this change ANYTHING? Or did ANYONE here EVER said something about boykotting? About not playing the the game at all? I love it if people write stuff or post pictures, take part in discussion but to not listen/read what others say. How many here stated they played/play SA, yet wish for a Mod server? Because they prefer it? Or dislike SA, but it is the only thing offered here?
  6. As a former server, I wouldn't recommend that you use this analogy. Patrons that couldn't handle menu changes were some of the most entitled and self-righteous people I have ever met. Remembering the look of confusion and anger on their faces while they demanded that you make a dish out of thin air because the restaurant does not carry those ingredients anymore still annoys me. What i wrote haves nothing to do with what you described, you should read it more carefully ^^ Its not about going somewhere to order something that does not exist anymore (That would be like starting Arma2 and trying to connect to the IP), it is about coming as group of customers who have been there since it was small and asking if beside the better running new dishes of the restaurant, at least the one, good old fish&chips could be added back to the list ^^ Also, i merely tried to enhance the analogy which was already given given by zhunk. Because even if it is not perfect, i wanted to transmit what he wanted to express with what he said. Which does have a true point: Not everyone loves the SA that much. Some rather prefer the mod. And there is nothing wrong with both of it. Aren't we allowed to dislike SA and wish for an alternative so we can enjoy RP with the community again? Oh and btw, Terra is right about generalizing. Who did this were persons. Individuals. Not everyone of some sort of faction. As people who complain about this exact thing, you/we should know better
  7. Great! But because you don't doesn't mean that others doesn't. Not everyone get a long with DayzSA. It's like having a different taste in food. Some like it some doesn't. It's not that difficult to accept. If you take that analogy - people wouldn't go to a sushi resturant and demand fish and chips would they? Admittedly it isn't a good analogy for our situation but the core idea is kinda there. If staff doesn't want a mod server then even if you forced them it would be bad. If people want a mod server then people who are passionate about it should make it and maintain it. Clearly staff isn't that It is more like you are a regular at a restaurant who offered fish and chips and then switched to Sushi, in the end completely taking Fish & Chips off the list. You have been there since it first started. And a group of regulars asks the Owner "Greetings mate, We understand you can't just live from fish and Chips, Sushi is going way better now anyways. But would it be possible to get this one option back into the menue? The others can have their Sushi but we don't really like it and no restaurant here can compete with your Fish&Chips" EDIT: Wow i actually wrote something productive :troll:
  8. Regarding that point I completly agree! SA is way more emersive than the mod. But, some people (such as me... and other community members) doesn't always find more "Realism" or "Emersive" as fun. You automaticaly assume that "Emersive" = "Fun". I disagree, I think RP isn't supposed to be realistic other wise it would be boring (Like apple picking). That's the whole point of rp is to be emersive. This is a serious rp community. im shocked to hear this from you because you have always been a phenomenal rper from the times I've met you in game. Which perhaps indicates something? Perhaps it means that even people who apparently are phenomenal RPers simply prefer the mod over SA because the dislike SA or like the mod more? Why does EVERYONE haves to like what you like? Why does EVERYONE needs to have the same opinion about it as the SA-lovers? Immersion is a pretty funny and vague term. Only because something makes RP more immersive for you, it does not mean it does that for everyone or adds to the joy people experience during the game. Some people f.e. say that forced 1st Person makes stuff more immersive. More realistic? Sure. More immersive? Not for me, for me it simply makes everything annoying and restricted and i can have the 3rd person view on the events my character experiences. Others said that OOC-communication should be banned. More realistic? For sure. Fun? Nope There are many people and all define "Immersion" different. And for me, immersion mainly consists out of excellent character/role play. And that is was the point of RP is in my opinion. To play your role, you character. I do not need an super realistic environment for that. I remember situations where i stood on Altar for a whole Ingame night, just talking and discussing, all with excellent Roleplayers. And it was more immersive than anything i have seen in SA so far, despite all the nice realistic features (I still wonder why people both, in the mod and SA need to eat like 200 cans of pasta per day...) As Zhunk said, realism does not mean good RP or fun. It is not real life, characters don't exist 24/7, if we talk about realism then everything in the game makes no sense at all. It will never be "realistic", and it doesn't needs to be for good Roleplay. Maybe the mod was less realistic than SA, yet i the best RP experiences i had came from there. As i mentioned so often before: There is nothing wrong with people playing SA, a lot of people LOVE it and don't want anything else. That does not mean that its perfect and everyone loves it...
  9. if i wanted gear and pvp i could play wasteland instead of running over a field with an AK.... If i want to do that shit, there are enough other, way better alternatives. There are enough Mods&Servers for Arma 2 and especially Arma3 (which i prefer when it comes to PvP itself) Couldn't care less fear, lol. And Dax, don't even try. You stuff about "Everyone who wants the mod back only wants shiny gear and Pvp" as well as "People who are here for RP would love SA" (Which is actually the worse of the two) is as ridiculous, ignorant and illogical as it was 2 hours ago. And i still can't believe an Admin actually said something like this.... that generalization is almost an insult...
  10. Well but there isn't any Arma3 mod. At least not anytime soon. People asked about it. Life mods? "Too shortlived". I personally would love to play some Arma 3 Life with some of the community members but it isn't DayZ. And i would like to play soem good old DayZ because i enjoyed it all the time, even when everyone ran off to play SA or lost motivation. It is just that after weeks of playing alone, with noone who wants to play, even my endurance ended. Pretty much 1 day before everyone started playing again for the last time ^^ I mean we even had MinecraftRP EDIT. And if it fails, then you at least got the Mod-Discussion off the desk forever. Namalsk Epoch was Namalsk Epoch (don't understand why anyone wanted it anyways... or how you compare some S**t like that to the Mod...). This isn't a discussion to move something to ma new fancy map or anything like this, it is about going back to the roots, about reintroducing at least one mod servers so people have an alternative to SA. So people can just play DayZ again...
  11. May I ask why? In general terms it is the exact same game In general terms it is tam, because it is the same setting from the same devs. Yet, i don't enjoy it as much as i did enjoy the Mod. As i said already, only because something is new and specifically developed for this, it does not mean everyone likes it. A shitton of people come here for SA, a shitton of people love SA and there is no problem with it. I don't say that SA is a shit game, i just don't like it. Same as i f.e. don't say that LoL or WoW are shit, i just don't like them. It's not even that i always dislike mechanics, sometimes i simply dislike how it feels. Why is it some dam bad to offer an alternative to people of this community who maybe do not love this wonderful, awesome game like everyone else does? Is it really that bad that there are those who love RP and the community but not SA? How unexpected. New people come for a new game. 2012/13 people also came for something new, for the mod. And guess what, the people who came here for the mod CAME here and are here now. And at least the put some effort into it, getting a mod for a game because the liked the idea, not buying some early access thingy swirling around in the Steam store... Its normal that the new ones are going for the new, shiny steam game instead of the mod, lol. How are people supposed to ask about things they do not know. They buy SA, many are even new to this, and find out about a RP-community for SA. Why should they come here and ask for the mod? It isn't even a own game you can just download from steam. The people who would like a mod alternative are mainly those from the mod days and those who actually still enjoy the mod.
  12. At least something carried over from the mod huh? :troll: I go back to killing my Players in my Self-written Pathfinder Campaign. Might just send a Tarrasque or two. Or Rovagug himself. I mean it's all about the kills isn't it? Ez kills... *facepalm*
  13. Wow... just wow. I'm probably one of the shittiest PvPers you can find out there. You can basically ask every clan i ever played with My characters are always Social characters, focused on RP and interaction with others. To say that people who like RP would love a certain game is just complete bullshit, sorry to say that. Me loving RP, me loving character play and complex stories have NOTHING to do with what i like to play and what not. It is like saying that if you love Pen&Paper-RP, you automatically have to love EVERY system that exists.... guess what, you don't. So if i do not love the SA, i am not here for RP? Because i simply found the Mod way more enjoyable then what i've seen on SA so far, i am not here for RP? This is god damn ridiculous This, pretty much this. He likes it. I never liked it much. Yes i play it now and then i don't even think the new changes are bad, they make sense and actually make the game hard. You actually need to survive... that does not mean that i love SA as a game. Ever thought about the possibility that there are people who simply like the Mod more than SA? But yeah sure, why not. I admit it, i am a PvP-Hungry gear whore who probably even had around 10 kills during the last 2 years... with my Epic AKs... I never Roleplay at all, who needs that, Gear>RP. It's not like the majority of my freetime is all about Roleplay, developing Pen&Paper Campaigns and stories, while the rest are some Anime/manga and going out with friends.... no i just run around and try to get some PvP, lol
  14. 140/240 would join. Seriously, if only 1/3 of the people who voted yes would play on the server, it would be enough. Also, you can't just make SA to what the mod was when it was popular. It's like "Hey, just play SA and everything is going to be alright", no, not everyone likes it. Being new and specifically developed for it does not make it better or enjoyable for everyone. A lot of people joined for SA and not for the mod... still, a lot of us joined for the mod, not for SA. And Burgz.... no KoS plx. Yet, he is right. the RP mod was awesome. A lot of good features, hell, i loved the animations ^^ I haven't played vanilla since 2012 but i guess it should be fine, with some adjusted spawns (i don't know how much clothing exists in vanilla, would be good if there are more than civilian & Camo ^^ ) Would prefer the mod with just a whitelist though. Your are right, the main focus of the community lies on SA now. Everyone lost interest in the mod back then and switched to SA, now a lot of newcomers are here soley for that. But would it be that bad to have 1 server as a side project to offer more variety and an option to players who don't enjoy SA that much. And not only because of the new patch... i never liked it and haven't even played the new version
  15. Main issue with that is most people won't want to download a map for the mod. Personally I would love a new map. Tavi5lyfe Naw, don't use Taviana. Seriously. Just don't. I played it long enough... just.... no. Its not what i want here. I want the mod. The original. Not some weird remake on a new map. I want to hang out on chernaurus, run around and RP. And yes, probably even hang out in the old TP.
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